Jan 232011

Petite / teen girls pink balconet bra, by Gilly Hicks. Update, 01/28/2011

I still need reviewers for the following GH bras: Caitlyn, 34AA (pushup plunge) and Maren, 34AA (balconette – shown in photo). All bras in size 32AA are covered. See the end of this post for available colors.

Readers of 32aabra have brought my attention to Gilly Hicks, a brand that carries AA-cup bras. So far I have only seen these in band sizes 32 and 34… but if you wear a 36AA, it’s worth trying the 34AA with a band extender.

Want to write a review of a Gilly Hicks bra for this blog? If you wear a 32AA or 34AA and are a fan of the Aerie collection, the fit of GH is similar. Check them out at gillyhicks.com.

Here’s the deal…

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Jan 142011

New Aerie Bra, 2011: Katie with Cherries I adore cherry prints. Unfortunately, cherries seem to show up mostly on dresses that are cut in the classic 1940s hourglass shape… not such a flattering style on petite slender women.

What’s a flat-chested wannabe pin-up girl to do?

So as soon as I saw this new version of the Aerie Katie bra, I pounced. It’s definitely more sweet than sexy, and I’ll never be mistaken for a ’40s vixen wearing this. My boyfriend laughed when he saw it, actually… and then he went “awww.”

Not quite the reaction you want from a guy when he sees your bra, right? “Aww” is what people say when they see pictures of kittens and baby ducks.

Oh well. I’ll settle for cute when I have to, especially when there is lace trim involved. But the matching bikini seems like overkill. I’ll wear it with my sheer black OnGossamer tanga instead, just to remind myself (and my boyfriend) how old I really am.

Jan 062011

I hate all these “new year, new you” marketing campaigns. I guess they must work, or else I wouldn’t keep seeing them every single year. If you’re an American female, whether petite or plus-sized or somewhere in between, there’s nothing quite like the style and beauty industry in this country to make you feel ashamed of where you come from. I know I am. When I look at how little regard corporate America has for us and our bodies, it makes me want to sabotage all the work I’ve done helping small women find good bras.

Reality check number one: the market does not care if you go broke trying to change your body; it does not care whether you are healthy or not; and it does not care how you feel about yourself.

In fact, the more you hate how you look, the more likely you are to continue to spend your money on products that keep this insanity going.

But, wait a second. Aren’t I part of the problem? Doesn’t a fashion blog about petite lingerie enourage women to believe they need to buy things — in this case, bras — in order to be beautiful and feminine?

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