Apr 302011

It seems that if you are smaller than a B cup and breastfeeding a baby, you are out of luck when it comes to bras. Allison (size 34AA) has two kids, so she knows this firsthand.

What follows is Allison’s account of Mission: Size Impossible.

I went into all the specialty maternity stores to find nursing bras, and they ALL started at B. They went up to ridiculous sizes like DDD and G, even a K, for goodness sake.

But really, they couldn’t carry an A? I asked the saleslady, and she said she had never seen one anywhere, and my best bet would be to check online. I went to the department stores; same dilemma.

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Apr 272011

So I received yet another Victoria’s Secret e-mail today, advertising the new cute PINK Lace Racerback Push-up. I click to look, thinking to myself: “yet another Victoria’s Secret product I would like but wouldn’t fit in.”

Then…I was shocked! They now carry size 30 A.

Ok, they’re getting there, but they still don’t have size 30 AA. All they have available in size 30 band is A or B cup. I have a hunch that their 30 A would still be too large in the cups.

Anyway, I’m set for awhile with my Little Bra Company Angela bras (which are size 30 A, but cut on a very petite scale). But maybe come the time that I need new bras…Victoria’s Secret will finally carry size 30 AA.

At least there’s hope.

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Apr 202011

Bullet-proof sensuality.

Not to get too graphic, but one of the things I like about lingerie is how it feels to me on her. And I’d like her to be able to feel me feeling her. While comic book proportioned padding  which adds two cup sizes may serve a purpose (to stop a bullet?), for me, it takes away from the sensuality of the piece.

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Apr 192011

Wick' em Bra LinerI discovered Donna Frye’s “Wick ‘em” Bra Liner online and thought it might help me feel more comfortable in under-wired bras.

I also wondered if the Wick ‘em could mitigate the hot, sweaty hellishness of silicone bra inserts (pads you shove underneath your boobs, inside your bra). Also known as “fillets,” “chiclets,” or “breast enhancers,” these are meant to help fill out your bra cups and create the illusion of cleavage when you haven’t got it.

I hate bra inserts (does anyone really call them “chiclets?” I may have made this up), but they’re not a bad fix if you’re flat-chested and don’t want to look ridiculous in a suit jacket. I figured it would be nice to have a layer of soft, absorbent fabric between my skin and the sweaty silicone.

The Wick ‘em Bra Liner comes in two versions: soft bamboo for sensitive skin, and the original “moisture-management” fabric liner which is designed to wick away sweat. Both are lined with cotton on the inside. These bra liners are perhaps not as useful for women with small breasts who are less prone to rashes and chafing, but there is an A/B cup size available.

I couldn’t find a description on the Wick ‘em web site of the specific fabric blend used in the “moisture management” liner, so I decided to try the bamboo bra liner just to be safe (my skin is quite sensitive to certain materials).

Just a note about my issue with wires: they often dig in under my breasts, sometimes to the point of bruising. My favorite bras don’t cause this kind of pain, but unfortunately with some styles it is unavoidable.

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Apr 122011

In my quest to find my wife the perfect a comfortable bra, I usually stay away from Victoria’s Secret eBay items because they typically don’t offer the best deals and why should I pay almost full-price for a knock-off that probably wouldn’t fit right anyway? Recently, though, a 34AA leopard print wire-free bra blipped on my Under $10 Radar. For this price, i’ll take a shot. That shot seems to have paid off.

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Apr 112011

Not me.

What is a man doing writing for a lingerie blog? The simple answer is that I am a fan of the product. I love almost every facet of the stuff. I love the way it looks on a woman as well as the way it can make a woman look. Furthermore, I like the way it feels on a woman and I like the way it can make a woman feel. I’d rather see a woman in a more conservatively cut silky bra and cute boy-shorts than in the skimpiest swimsuit. I’m not sure exactly why, but seeing a woman’s intimate apparel or unmentionables gives me such a thrill.

So why is a man writing for this lingerie blog? Having fallen in love with a petite woman more than ten years ago has given me a new appreciation for lingerie that fits and flatters. When we first starting dating (at ages 17 and 19 respectively), I did not understand that what looked good on Rebecca Romijn in a catalog might not look the same on my girlfriend. Many, many, many lingerie-buying mishaps later, I now understand that my wife will likely never be on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, but that does not mean she can’t be sexy.

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Apr 112011

Push-up bra by Felina, in "french cat."

Size on the tag: 32A. The tag lied.

I’m not very photogenic, unless you think ghouls are attractive. There are maybe three pictures of me on the internet in which I don’t look dead.

In this case, the leopard print bra wasn’t helping.

I was mostly wearing 32AAs at the time, but a representative of the Felina and Jezebel lingerie brands assured me that this bra “fits very nice on skinny girls who don’t have much to work with.”

Uh huh…. no it doesn’t. Huge gaps in the cups, and the band gave me bruises.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: ow. my ribs.

Don’t write off Felina completely, though, because they do have some halfway decent bras that are not padded up to your neck and will not try to suffocate you.

But if you come across a pink leopard Felina push-up, keep your distance. Walk away. Do not mess with dangerous animals.