May 302011

My Natori Feathers bra from Avec L’Amour has arrived. I ordered this in a size 32A, and it turns out to be very similar to the Little Bra Company Signature Lucia push-up. Except for two things.

Warning: here comes a stupid list.
  1. Natori Feathers is a contour bra, not a push-up, so it has much less padding than Lucia.
  2. It is not a petite bra, so as you’d expect, the Natori Feathers fit is roomier – but the A cup will fit most size AA women.

The Little Bra Company tends to run very small, and I always have to go up to a 34. Size 34A in their Lucia bra fits a little tight in the cups, but that is acceptable in a bra designed to create cleavage. My boobs feel squeezed inwards because (guess what?) they are. Lucia is beautiful, but she can be oh so cruel!
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May 292011

So the little woman has a summer birthday coming up and I was thinking of an intimate gift that balances sexy, practical, and luxurious. Since she works mostly outdoors in a job that does not allow shorts and makes skirts simply impractical, I was thinking silk undies. So, ladies, what kind of silky treasures would you want for your summer birthday? Leave your suggestions in the comments section. Keep in mind two things: a swimming pool is out of the question and I’m working on a tight budget.

May 122011

Natori Feathers Bra

10% off petite bras at Avec L'amour with coupon.

Our latest exclusive small bra savings offer is a discount code for 10% off online at Avec L’amour. This is a beautifully designed, stylish boutique with a great selection of bras in small cup sizes.

Use coupon code Lamour32AA at checkout.

I exchanged several emails with Avec L’amour owner Lisa Rozycki. She’s extremely articulate, enthusiastic, and skilled at communicating with customers. But what really makes Lisa stand out is her extensive knowledge of bra fitting, styles and brands.

Based on my underbust and fullest bust measurements, Lisa estimated my bra size at 32A (right on!) and recommended several of her favorites. One was the Natori Feathers bra (photo above), which I’d already had my eye on and wondered about.

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May 102011
Sheer white lace "Adorable" petite bra

Sheer silk and lace perfection.

I am in a state of Ultimate Bra Bliss right now. This does not happen often, which makes it all the more thrilling.

After several tries (and plenty of much-appreciated advice from Wesley), I’ve found the perfect Mimi Holliday bra from A Little Something Fit: the lightweight and lovely Adorable, in a size 32A/AA.

So, once again I end up with something “adorable” rather than sexy… but this gorgeous piece is far more elegant.

It’s made of sheer white lace with unstructured, unlined stretch demi cups. The sizing is a bit more generous than petite bras, but it runs small enough in the cup to fit most size AAs.

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May 072011

Did you know that Victoria’s Secret was founded by a man? The guy wanted a place where men could feel comfortable shopping with their wives for lingerie. Years later, he sold the franchise rights and then jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge. Today there are over 1,000 stores and after more than 30 years, I still don’t feel comfortable walking into one of their stores (let alone walking around the mall with one of those bags). And thanks to the internet, I don’t have to.

The problem, however,  with online shopping is that you never really know what you’re going to get until it arrives and due to the “intimate nature” of intimate apparel, many online retailers (or eBay sellers) don’t take returns. As a result, I have a few small things for sale.

Check out the listings here: Photos after the jump.

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