Jun 262011

In this post I will be reviewing a beautiful purple nightgown by Honeydew Intimates.

Size Small, 95% Rayon, 5% Spandex

This nightgown is absolutely beautiful.

Yes, I am partial to purple, as it has been my favorite color since I was 7 years old and realized that pink was overrated.

But this nightgown truly exudes royalty and sophistication.

It hits right above my knee. The fabric is very soft and perfect for  summer nights (which is nearly every night as I live in Florida!)

With its lace straps and cute bow in the middle, I feel so feminine when wearing it.

It has adjustable straps which I wear on the smallest option–being so small-chested, it supports me perfectly and provides a very nice shape.

It’s vital that I mention the hook and eye closure feature of this nightgown. I wear it on the smallest hook and it is very comfortable.

I am so grateful that the nightgown has this option! My petite frame normally drowns in anything that is labeled size “small,” and many times even “extra small.”

This nightgown, however, was made for me. (That’s how I feel when I wear it!)

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Jun 242011

Powerless over lingerie.

This week I’m honored to be talking to Treacle, the charismatic author of one of the best lingerie blogs in the world: The Lingerie Addict.

If you have yet to experience The Lingerie Addiction Phenomenon, be warned: Treacle’s giddy obsession with lingerie, while tongue-in-cheek, is contagious. I think I might have no choice but to give the Cosabella giraffe-print bra another chance.

Interview text (C) by Treacle and Amanda, June 2011. All rights reserved.

Let’s talk about your obsession with leopard print lingerie. What do you love about it?

I love that it’s such a fun and classic print, but just a little bit naughty at the same time. Anne Bancroft and Vanity Fair made leopard print lingerie famous in the 60′s, and it hasn’t really gone out of style since.

What’s your current favorite leopard piece?

My favorite leopard print piece is a vintage Vanity Fair catsuit I bought just a few weeks ago. I don’t have any pictures of it yet, but I’m hoping to get a few during my next photo shoot.

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Jun 212011

So… remember yesterday when I said these deals don’t happen every day? As fate would have it, the universe is messing with me again and I was apparently mistaken. Here are today’s members-only deals…

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Jun 202011
Libertine Bra In Black on sale for 54.99

This Libertine Bra, normally $75, is on sale for $54.99 at Beyond The Rack

I’m poor but I still love to shower my wife with lavish gifts, so I’m always on the lookout for a great deal. I’d like to do a regular Deal of the Day type thing, but these deals don’t happen every day. Instead, I’ll post them as soon as I see them and hopefully you can take advantage. Also, I’ll try to focus on good stuff – not “Buy one get one free Hanes bra at Kmart!” You can find that stuff on your own. Rather, I’ll put up the stuff you might miss.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned a deal on Between the Sheets at Zulily. That deal is unfortunately gone, but Zulily has come through again with up to 60% off Sophie B and while they don’t go smaller than a full A-cup bra, they do have some nice cute-sexy chemises and undies.

The other tiny deal today is at Beyond the Rack with bras and panties sets by Chantelle and Passionata. Bra sizes range from 32AA to 36H and undies stretch from XS to 5XL! The discount range varies from product to product but panties are less than $35 (normally $50) and the most expensive bra is $65 (usually $90). I’m kind of partial to the stripey bra to the left, but that’s just me.

Admin edit: Here's my favorite. --Amanda

Again, please note that both of these sites are members-only, but registration is free and no real personal information is collected until checkout. Also, these sales are VERY limited time only or until stock runs out.

Jun 182011

Wacoal Petite Bra 75823 Lace Back

The latest petite bra by Wacoal.

With the introduction of their new convertible lace T-back petite bra, Wacoal has won back my undying love. Not that they ever really lost it, but I was a bit put off when they discontinued my beloved 75317 petite padded t-back. Why am I so quick to forgive? Because this new t-back bra is very similar to my old favorite, only better!

As my regular readers know (thanks for listening to me complain about this yet again!), I’m terminally cursed with uneven shoulders due to scoliosis. The classic bra strap style causes me no end of problems: either the straps won’t stay up, or they are too tight and I can’t raise my arms without the band of the bra riding up.

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Jun 162011
Undercover LingeristaWhen I met Kitty (aka Undercover Lingerista), I thought: here is someone who isn’t afraid to show herself to the world. Kitty is vivacious and warm, but never self-compromising. She never lacks for ideas or opinions, and is eager to share them in conversation with others in the lingerie community. That’s why I thought she’d make a great choice for our “Getting Intimate” series. Visit Kitty on the web at Undercover Lingerista. –Amanda, site admin

In a world obsessed with body image, it comes as no surprise that women are extremely self-critical when it comes to the way that they look. Breast size is one of the recurrent themes that we are confronted with on a daily basis. When Kate Moss is held up as an icon and replaced in a moment by Kelly Brook, women are left confused and unable to appreciate their own figures.

When Amanda first contacted me about guest blogging, she suggested I discuss my thoughts and feelings about my own bra size. As a lingerie blogger with a bust size of 28FF, I jumped at the chance to portray a different perspective towards bra size.

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Jun 112011

N12 Custom Fit BikiniMass-produced and custom-made are no longer mutually exclusive. Using 3-D printing technology (think of printing up, rather than flatly across), Continuum Fashion now offers what they call the “first completely 3D-printed, ready-to-wear item of clothing.”

Right now the N12 bikini is only available in standard bra sizes (34-36 A, B and C); however, as Gizmodo points out, the technology could easily be adapted to create custom-fit swim tops for any and every figure — including petite and small-cup bikini bras in sizes 28 – 32 AA, nearly A and nearly B.

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Jun 052011

After reading through a few older articles here a while back, I discovered that members-only sites like Ideeli are great resources for saving money on high-end stuff. I immediately sought out and signed up for as many of these sites as I could. (I even found some clothes for myself.) So when I wrote that I was looking for summer birthday gift ideas, Amanda suggested Between the Sheets. Lo and behold, in today’s email, Zulilly, which typically features 90% baby/kids stuff has Between the Sheets lingerie on sale in their Womens section. If you’re not familiar with Between the Sheets, check out Amanda’s article here.

It is worth noting: Registration is required to take advantage of these sites, but registration is free and they don’t ask for any credit card info until you actually buy something.