Hello, dear Reader! I am so glad that you've discovered 32aabra. I remember how excited I was when I first happened upon this blog. After perusing the posts and getting to know Amanda through email, I learned that there were options for petites who struggle to find properly fitting bras--it just takes some searching, patience, and perseverance. I am 5 feet tall, weigh about 90 pounds (give or take), and overall have a very small bone structure. I have found a home in the Little Bra Company bras, which I wear in size 28A or 30A. My most recent reviews, however, are of Aerie bras, and I am hoping that Aerie eventually sells bands smaller than size 32. I've struggled my entire adult life to find not only bras that fit me, but also clothing, shoes, hats, belts; so I hope and pray that by sharing some of my personal experience, I can help others petites facing the same struggles. I am honored to be a part of this petite person niche, and look forward to seeing how it evolves with time. <3 Renee

Oct 092013

This past holiday season, American Eagle Outfitters Inc.’s Marketing Coordinator for Social Media contacted me after finding my 32aabra review of Aerie sports bras. She told me that they are fans of 32aabra at the American Eagle headquarters, and graciously sent me merchandise from Aerie’s limited edition holiday line to review. Incidentally, I have not been able to complete the review until now due to personal reasons. I am nevertheless honored to publish my review of the beautiful merchandise that I received from my Aerie (Faerie) Godmother.

I received four bra and panty sets, as well as additional panties that I will also review. The particular bra styles that I received are Emma and Maddie, both classified as “Woah” according to the Aerie push-up scale. I received two Emmas and two Maddies, but as all of the bras look very different from one another in spite of sharing the same fit prototypes, I have given them additional titles for clarity. I received all bras in size 32AA, and all underwear in size XS. (For reference, my go-to bra is the Little Bra Company’s Angela in size 30A.)

As you will see, I fully unleashed my creative juices in this review, which I prelude with a Spenserian sonnet (rhyme scheme abab bcbc cdcd ee, iambic pentameter). I really had fun writing this sonnet, and if you’re a literary nerd like me, feel free to dissect my verse form (I went a little rogue with the iambic pentameter in some lines).

And for those of you who just want to get on to the review already—I’m warning you, it is rather long by virtue of my having so much cool merchandise to review, so if you’re a tl;dr sort of reader, you can also scroll down to read the recap at the end of the review.

Without further ado, I introduce you to my sonnet about Aerie Godmother and the Aerie Faeries. Aerie Godmother, seeing that I have not bought myself anything pretty in a very long time, compassionately commissioned the Aerie Faeries to create these brilliant limited edition bra and panty sets and to deliver them to little me.

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Sep 212012

Finding a sports bra that is flattering rather than flattening persists as a challenge for the petite and those endowed with a delicate décolletage.

Aerie Low Impact Padded Sports Bra


Some months ago I scoured stores for affordable, tiny sports bras (affordable and tiny? Sounds like an oxymoron). I navigated deep waters in Old Navy, Target, T.J. Maxx, and Marshalls, struggling to stay afloat in sports bras cut on a non-petite scale. A bralette/training bra contraption in the children’s section at Walmart hugged my tiny rib cage well; but after examining myself from all possible angles in the fitting room, I left feeling defeated.



During my exodus to the Walmart parking lot, I lamented that I would likely have to succumb to looking like a prepubescent eight year old in my adult ballet class. I experienced an epiphany, however, as the Florida sunshine infused my brain with rays of hope: “Aerie carries sports bras!”

While the smallest band size that Aerie offers in push-up styles is too large for me, I hoped XXS in sports bras might fit. I ordered three of Aerie’s Low Impact Sports Bras, which feature removable padding and adjustable straps.

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Oct 112011

I am so thankful for the Little Bra Company. Finally, there is a brand that actually fits my petite frame!

I wear the Ethel in size 28 A. The band (set of 3 double hook & eye closures) runs larger than the Angela, and the straps are longer (I wear size 30 A in the Angela).

I’m partial to the Ethel not only because it’s purple, has lace, and has a pearl in the middle. It’s also very comfortable and provides nice lift and shape.

The demi cups have convenient removable pads. I always wear it with the extra padding.

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Jun 262011

In this post I will be reviewing a beautiful purple nightgown by Honeydew Intimates.

Size Small, 95% Rayon, 5% Spandex

This nightgown is absolutely beautiful.

Yes, I am partial to purple, as it has been my favorite color since I was 7 years old and realized that pink was overrated.

But this nightgown truly exudes royalty and sophistication.

It hits right above my knee. The fabric is very soft and perfect for  summer nights (which is nearly every night as I live in Florida!)

With its lace straps and cute bow in the middle, I feel so feminine when wearing it.

It has adjustable straps which I wear on the smallest option–being so small-chested, it supports me perfectly and provides a very nice shape.

It’s vital that I mention the hook and eye closure feature of this nightgown. I wear it on the smallest hook and it is very comfortable.

I am so grateful that the nightgown has this option! My petite frame normally drowns in anything that is labeled size “small,” and many times even “extra small.”

This nightgown, however, was made for me. (That’s how I feel when I wear it!)

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Apr 272011

So I received yet another Victoria’s Secret e-mail today, advertising the new cute PINK Lace Racerback Push-up. I click to look, thinking to myself: “yet another Victoria’s Secret product I would like but wouldn’t fit in.”

Then…I was shocked! They now carry size 30 A.

Ok, they’re getting there, but they still don’t have size 30 AA. All they have available in size 30 band is A or B cup. I have a hunch that their 30 A would still be too large in the cups.

Anyway, I’m set for awhile with my Little Bra Company Angela bras (which are size 30 A, but cut on a very petite scale). But maybe come the time that I need new bras…Victoria’s Secret will finally carry size 30 AA.

At least there’s hope.

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Mar 272011

Watch it here on

Scary image.

Ok, firstly I agree that this is totally messed up.

Secondly, I am tempted to order one of their bikini tops because I bet it would fit me just as well or better than those of the “adult” counterpart Abercrombie & Fitch in XS, plus they are cheaper. They are cute too: abercrombie kids Push-up Bikini Tops

Thirdly, why can’t A&F just make smaller bikini tops for small adult women to make it even? I don’t know if I should be happy or angry that they are making push-ups for girls. Good for us small petite women, but entirely unnecessary for young girls. Wouldn’t it make sense to just not make push-ups for girls and then make available some smaller sizes for adult women in general?

Our society is so messed up.

Mar 192011

So I received an e-mail from Victoria’s Secret  this week advertising their “Body By Victoria” bras. Their slogan is that “there really is a Body for everybody.”

We don't <3 this.

Yet the “Body By Victoria” line doesn’t offer any sizes smaller than 32 A, and many of their styles don’t even have that option available (the smallest offered being a B cup).

So do I not have a “body” since it doesn’t fit into their standards of what a “body” or “Body” is?

 Sorry Victoria’s Secret, but you are not my authority when it comes to defining my worth.

Mar 042011

The Little Bra Company Angela vs. Brand X

More cleavage for less! Save 15% on TLBC

Hi everyone,

So Emily Lau of the The Little Bra Company was gracious enough to offer us a 15% discount after I sent her a link of my recent review of the LBC Angela.

The code is 32AABRA15 for 15% off any online purchase from now until April 5, 2011.


Mar 032011

The Aerie Hierarchy of Push-Up Bras

Aerie Bras: Levels of Pushup PaddingI stumbled on this photo while lurking on Facebook. It inspired me to make a post about all of the above listed Aerie push-up bras, because it just so happens that I have tried all of the above listed (except for the Ella Gel).

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Feb 282011

I started a quest to find a bra that properly fit (I am size 28 A/30 AA) a couple of months ago. I have tried Victoria’s Secret Pink, Gilly Hicks, and Aerie. I was unsatisfied with all of these, so I decided to try The Little Bra Company.

The Little Bra Company bras are more expensive than the other “everyday” brands that I listed above, but it is entirely worth it to try them. I ordered the “Angela” in black (they are currently out of stock of it in my size in nude).

The Little Bra Company Angela Deep Plunge Push-Up Bra

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