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Dolce & Gabbana Petite Bra

Amber thinks it looks black; I think it looks purple. It's dark brown.

I’m excited to introduce Amber M., our guest author this month. She discovered this Dolce & Gabbana bra with no help whatsoever from me, and she’s been kind enough to review it so that all of you looking for bras on the small side of an AA cup can check out this brand.
-Amanda, Editor


I have never in my life had an easy time finding clothes that fit properly. I’m built…I don’t really want to say “weird,” because I like how I’m built, it’s just that clothing stores don’t seem to like how I’m built. I’m too tall and gangly, too short in the torso, too long in the arm, and so on. Mostly, through a lot of trial and error, I’ve been able to negotiate truces with several stores that seem to carry at least a few things that fit me well despite my proportional oddities, but not a single truce has been made when it comes to covering my practically non-existent bust.

Which brings me to the crux of the matter. I am not really a petite woman, but my breasts certainly are. I measure at a perfectly comfortable 34 band size, but the “AA” part of my measurement often leads me astray as I’m not actually quite that big. I’ve tried a lot of cup sizes: 34AA, 34A, 32A, 32AA. Some of these work…mostly. But far more often than not, they are not-quite-right: they gap, they slide up, they hang open, they don’t fit. So when I find a bra that fits in the cups and fits perfectly…well, I don’t even know how to react because really, it’s never happened before. Until now.

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I recently found a brand new Dolce & Gabbana bra on eBay from their D&G line that I have fallen in love with. It’s a gorgeous chocolate brown, with lightly lined cups accentuated by a (not too frilly) lace trim and a pretty bow on the center gore. It’s made of a very soft fabric, and while embellished enough to make me feel pretty when I wear it, it’s not too pretty to actually, you know, wear day-to-day.

…And it’s a 32A. Normally, I’m wary of 32As. They tend to be too big in the cups and too small in the band, and that mostly makes me think they’re not worth my time. But I fell in love with this particular model’s simple look, so I ordered it even though I never really expected it to fit.

Best. Decision. Ever.

It fits in the cups. Oh. My. Gosh. I nearly had a heart attack when I tried it on. This thing…it doesn’t gap, it doesn’t shift, it doesn’t move, it doesn’t slide up. It is the perfect bra!!!

But there is a downside. European bras tend to run smaller than American bras, which I love as far as cup size goes, but is a problem when it comes to band size. After a little research, I’ve learned that the D&G line of the Dolce & Gabbana brand tends to run especially small—it’s designed for very slender, very petite women. It’s no surprise then that this particular bra is a bit snug (to a slightly uncomfortable degree) on my 34 frame, so I will likely be wearing this chocolate perfection with an extender.

If you’re a 34 band size and a not-quite-AA cup — say, if AAA over at Lula Lu fits you pretty well (*whistles innocently as though not talking about myself*), then this particular model will be perfect for you too (so long as you don’t mind extenders). I suspect it might be a bit small for a true 32A, but it will likely fit a 32AA perfectly in every way — no extender needed.

If you’re interested in ordering the same model I purchased, it can be bought for just under $18 here on eBay(Yes, I know it looks black but it’s actually dark brown).

The advantage to D&G’s teensy sizing is that it is perfectly tailored for petites. Therefore, outside of this particular model (which is only available in a 32A), I would suggest going up a size when ordering D&G bras, or maybe even two if you aren’t between cup sizes already. This is just based on how well the A cup in this bra fits me—someone who measures in at less than AA. And because it is Dolce & Gabbana’s second line, not their primary line, their bras aren’t any more expensive than most American petite brands: the bras currently listed on the Dolce & Gabbana website are running between $60-70.

Thanks so much, Amber! I'll be looking more closely into D&G intimates to find out what other styles they have that may fit well on small-busted women. -Amanda

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  12 Responses to “Dolce & Gabbana Bra Review – Fits Size AA, AAA”

  1. I bought the bra and it also fit me perfectly~ :)
    I have to say though, this bra has straps that are wider than your typical bra straps. It is 15mm wide compared to my Aerie 8mm wide strap. I don’t see the purpose in having such thick straps but I’m not going to complain when the cups fit me really well!
    Thanks a lot for finding this bra!!!! :)

    • Sweetie, you will always find something to complain about. :P

      • It’s true! I’m very picky when picking my bras…. That’s why I’m so thankful you tolerate me! haha Plus, you find such good fitting bras that I’ve been a very happy person ^_^

        • You are one of my first and most loyal bra fitting guinea pigs… um, I mean clients! I’ll always be fond of you for that reason, girl. <3

  2. I spoke to the seller of this model, since she’s now out of stock, about where else this bra might be available. Unfortunately she did not know. She also did not know what other D&G models might fit similarly. Sadness! On the other hand, I guess this means I will * have* to buy more D&G bras in future to figure it out for myself. (And it’s always SO SAD when one must purchase items from Italian designers… ^_^)

    • Hahahah… yeah, that often happens on eBay. Which I think is weird, because like, why don’t you know more about your merchandise? But whatever.

  3. So I got this also, it’s the smallest 32A i’ve ever seen! It fits pretty much just like my Aerie 32AA bras. A little too tight in the band for me, but perfect in the cups (my measurements say i’m a 32 band, but I tend to be more comfortable in 34 bands). The straps are thick, which I like, not a fan of dinky little straps that look like they could break any second. But the straps are also short (clearly designed for petite women!), anyone who needs longer than average straps won’t like this. They’re way shorter than Aerie straps, I have to wear it all the way loosened.
    But anyways, love the bra, might get an extender, but otherwise pretty darn awesome

  4. Happy that you managed to find a bra like this that fits you so well as I know personally that a decent fitting bra in that size is very hard to come by. I just don’t understand why, in a time where the issue of wrong size bras and getting professionally fitted is spoken about more and more, companies don’t bring out a larger range of smaller sizes.

    • Thanks Abby! I think the lingerie market is always a bit slower than it should be to adapt to the needs of the actual women who are interested in its products… don’t get me started on why. :P

  5. Does anybody know where I could buy this online? I can’t find it anywhere. And when I looked for the Calvin Klein ones they didn’t have any that were a 32AA.

    • Unfortunately these are hard to find at this point. If you’re a fuller AA cup you may be able to wear a Calvin Klein bra in a 32A, especially in one of their level-one coverage styles.

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