Feb 232011

Reviewer: Anh-Dai
Age: 20s
Bra size: 32AA

This review is for the Gilly Hicks Maren bra, a push up balconet in size 34AA. I chose the light gray color.

I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the package because I didn’t realize that there would be some mesh type of covering on the bra with discreet gray polka-dots. Already, I liked the appearance of this bra a lot!

Editor’s note: I know I’ve already posted about this bra, but I couldn’t resist publishing Ahn-Dai’s glowing review here.

I still have one 34AA Maren left. If you want it, speak now!

Of all the Gilly Hicks bras I sent out to my test-drivers, this balconette style has been the biggest hit.

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This bra has a bow in the front between the two cups which is just like the Aerie Hannah bra style. Looking back at the website, I didn’t pay enough attention to the description because it clearly says “mesh” on it ^^;

At first, I thought the cups looked too wide but after putting on the bra, I was pleasantly surprised how well it fit me!

I’m not a fan of push-up bras or heavy padding at all. I prefer getting a bra that shows my true size so knowing that this bra is a push up one, I immediately thought that I would remove the push up inserts (they are removable).

However, after trying on the bra w/ inserts and without, I have decided to keep the inserts in the bra!!

I am normally a 32AA and I generally don’t fill the cups of those bras completely. The bra I received is actually a 34AA because Amanda assured me that the cups ran small and that it should fit me.

With the inserts, my (bigger) boob filled the cup perfectly, while my (smaller) boob didn’t quite fill the cup (a bit of “space” at the top) but it’s alright. I’m kinda used to it.

Overall, I really like the look it gives me! The push-up isn’t obnoxious and it’s actually very natural looking; it doesn’t enhance my boobs to the point that you can tell it’s a push up.

Removing the inserts made a huge difference (obviously). My boobs didn’t fill the cups at all and there was too much “space” at the top of the cups.

It may be that the bra without push-up inserts will fit a true 34AA?? I’m not quite sure how my 32AA compares to a 34AA.

Overall, I’m very happy with this bra! For the price, design, and fit, it’s definitively worth it and a great addition to my small collection!

Review text copyright Ahn-Dai Nguyen, February 2011. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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  3 Responses to “Gilly Hicks Bra Review: Maren, part 2”

  1. Ahn-Dai, I’m kind of amazed at your tolerance of the push-up pads. Who would have thought… the girl who hates padding likes the Marin bra! ;)

  2. Wish I could buy the Gilly Hicks bras… but their website doesn’t seem to have anything in 32AA ( I checked about a week or so ago). I hope they add a search-by-size function. I had to click on every bra to check stock in my unusual size … no luck. Please post if you find out they are actually selling 32AA.

  3. Carol,
    I’ve got the Gilly Hicks Logan wire-free bra and Jordan push-up balconette bra in size 32AA. Please call 831-BRA-BLOG or email using the contact form if you’re interested. I would also suggest trying American Eagle Aerie bras in 32AA.
    Amanda :)

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