Apr 112011

Not me.

What is a man doing writing for a lingerie blog? The simple answer is that I am a fan of the product. I love almost every facet of the stuff. I love the way it looks on a woman as well as the way it can make a woman look. Furthermore, I like the way it feels on a woman and I like the way it can make a woman feel. I’d rather see a woman in a more conservatively cut silky bra and cute boy-shorts than in the skimpiest swimsuit. I’m not sure exactly why, but seeing a woman’s intimate apparel or unmentionables gives me such a thrill.

So why is a man writing for this lingerie blog? Having fallen in love with a petite woman more than ten years ago has given me a new appreciation for lingerie that fits and flatters. When we first starting dating (at ages 17 and 19 respectively), I did not understand that what looked good on Rebecca Romijn in a catalog might not look the same on my girlfriend. Many, many, many lingerie-buying mishaps later, I now understand that my wife will likely never be on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, but that does not mean she can’t be sexy.

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I had given up on trying to find complicated corsets and tantalizing teddies. I realize that no matter how pretty the pattern, if the cups become concave, the bustier I bought her will have the opposite of the intended effect. She’ll look silly rather than sexy and feel uncomfortable, rather than seductive. So as the years progressed, it became more and more difficult to find even basic underwear that fit. After breastfeeding two children and several fluctuations in weight, sizes changed. My already petite wife now measures in at a 34AA. Good luck finding that size in Target. Then, Playtex acknowledged the petite. Enter the Thank Goodness it Fits line of bras with sizes Nearly A and Nearly B. While not particularly sexy, the relative low price and easy availability of this utilitarian t-shirt bra was a God-send. A few years later, however, Playtex abandoned its smaller demographic and the choirs of angels fell silent.

Frustrated with being forced to choose between $50 online-only designer bras or taking our six year old daughter along to lend implicit credibility to shopping the tween section, my wife granted me carte blanche for bra shopping. I turned to the net. This was quite a challenge. My goal was to find a regular bra – not a “break glass in case of emergency” bra that would add three cup sizes and not a bandeau or bralette. I wanted to find her a bra that adds just enough shape and coverage to flatter but not flatten. I made a few purchases via eBay and Amazon but to no avail” they gap or wrinkle or (as another blogger here wrote) were made for a different species.


So I wrote to our fair webmistress seeking help. I had no idea that sizes varied so much by manufacturer. Based solely on my declaration of Allison’s love for the TGIF (RIP), the IBBC chairwoman recommended five brands, and seven sizes (only two of which are 34AA). After a few emailed conversations, the lovely AAmanda asked that I provide a man’s perspective on the world of tiny little bits of satin and lace. So here I am and here we are. She asked that I be a guest blogger but (if she’ll have me) I’d like to contribute more than one simple story of one man’s search for the perfect bra. I have recruited my wife and together we’ll offer rants, raves, reviews, and maybe even remedies for all (ok some of) your not so top-heavy needs. Since writing is my strength, you’ll mostly hear my voice. Rest assured, however, behind this humble writer is a great little woman with great big opinions.

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  6 Responses to “Hello ladies.”

  1. that first picture made me spit out my drink. still giggling.

    Everyone please welcome Brendan and Allison, because they are adorable and rad.

  2. aww, shucks. You’re pretty cute yourself. Thanks for having us.

  3. What an adorable post, you really have put a lot of thought and consideration in to your wife’s needs, its refreshing to hear a man actually say (write) that they notice the effects lingerie has on how it makes women feel rather than just LOOK, :)

  4. You are definitely one of a kind, helping your wife find bras like that! Great writing, welcome to the team. :-)

    • Thank you very much Renee. I’ve always thought of (well-fitted) lingerie as a gift for both of us – she gets to feel sexy and I get to see her feel sexy. Our deal is this: She buys the boring nude-colored emphasis on “under”wear while I get to buy the shiny, lacy, not-necessarily-practical stuff. She gets veto power, but it usually becomes a win-win situation – especially after the kids go to bed. ;)

  5. Hi Brendan, or actually hi everyone who is browsing through this blog.

    Its like first time in my life(Im nearly 32) that I feel Im not alone! Not alone in this proclaimed “the bigger boobs the better” world.
    I have a wonderfull boyfriend who loves me loves my petite breast(34AA) and after many years of being totally down due to a lack of cleavage I feel loved, I feel sexy and I start to feel confident in my own body. It makes a big difference, when you see there is someone so thoughfull beside your side. Not just someone who says “what are you worried about, you look just fine”. I never felt confident going swimming and revealing my flat chest(acutally there is almost nothing to be revealed:) ) to the bright, unmerciful daylight. Since I met my boyfriend not only I gained the confidence, but I am also proud of my body, even if it is not perfect. I slowly started to love myself the way I am and it is true that great deal of how you feel is up in your head. Nevertheless, when it comes to swimming pool for example, I never seen girls doing the IQ test before guys approach them. To be smart is not really needed … for that moment. So if you find a nice bikini that fit you well and are not from a teenage department it is great base to build on. To build on confidence, self-esteem.
    Living in CZ I dont have so much choices where to shop for petite lingerie and mostly e-shops are my only option. I´m happy to learn there are many women who are struggling with finding AA bras, bikini etc. like myself. I will look forward to you further post because it helps me realise, life is too short to cry over something what is not likelly to happen(e. g. going from AA to A overnight), but rather celebrate what we have and help each other in finding ways how to make it easier and sexier when it comes to lingerie. ;)

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