Nov 182010

Why don’t they make these? I’m totally serious. I was thinking that the only push-up bra I can really stand is the Timpa Duet Lace, and then I remembered that it is not a push-up at all. It is not even recommended for women who actually need to wear a bra. Basically, it’s an underwire with a tiny bit of lace attached… and I paid over $30 each to own multiples of these in several colors, because I am kind of an idiot like that.

Except my precious 32A Timpas are now dangerously close to being too small in the cups. I’m kind of in denial about it because they never go on sale, and I am not exactly in serious need of new ones in a not-quite-as-teeny size.

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Yes, the fact is I’ve gotten a bit fuller in the chest lately… size AA is no longer possible without the underwires trying to kill me. Partly this is because when my breasts get bigger, it’s like what happens when you pump up an air mattress. The damn things won’t go down. They mainly seem to grow sideways, without ever settling into a teardrop shape like normal boobs.

I’ve got the same thing going on with my hair, which is looking very Dirty Dancing at the moment. I recently cut it myself. This is never a good idea, but since it completely defies gravity I doubt anyone can tell it’s uneven.

If I were the kind of person who writes confessional blog posts, I might have to admit that none of this really bothers me. But that wouldn’t make a very good confessional blog topic anyway.

Note to self: hey great, another idea for something that wouldn’t work! You’re still useless… now go back to discussing your body parts before everyone gets bored and goes off somewhere else.

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  2 Responses to “I need a push-down bra.”

  1. Indeed, I went recently to find a soft cup bra. No such thing, in La Senza, all padded and pre shaped. Never tried the Timpas though but buying online seems like the only place 36AA is available.

    By the way, when is your 36aa guide available?

  2. Hi there. I’m still working out how to present my shop-by-size pages, as they will have to take into account individual differences in band measurement, breast shape, and other factors. The best way to get custom recommendations from me is to email your bust measurements (underbust and fullest bust — overbust optional), height, and dress size. Also, please feel free to include any information you think may be relevant about your body type. The more you give me to work with, the better! Send to

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