Oct 282011
Barely AA? IBB to the rescue!

Not Charis. :)

Editor’s note: Charis contacted me for advice on sizing. According to her measurements she needs a 34AA, but is on the smaller end of an AA cup; as a result, she’d had trouble finding bras in this size that did not gap. I suggested Itty Bitty Bra in a 34A, because this brand runs very shallow in the cup and relatively true to size in the band compared to more exclusively petite labels like The Little Bra Company. Here’s what Charis has to say about the Itty Bitty Signature Bra and its sister style, which features removable inserts for optional enhancement.

I could hug Jane Hodgdon. Hodgdon is the creator and lead designer of the Itty Bitty Bra – which has changed my life. That might sound hyperbolic, but it’s coming from roughly 15 years of frustrated bra shopping. Before I tried the IBB, I settled on ill-fitting bras (ranging from not quite fitting properly to really not fitting at all) as I didn’t think there was any alternative. And shopping for specialty bras (like strapless, etc.)? Forget about it. As I’m sure Hodgdon (and her IBB customers) will tell you, the market is not a kind place for us small girls. Even with my better-fitting bras (and I’ve tried on many), I’m tugging and adjusting throughout the day.

But no more! I feel like the Itty Bitty Bra was custom-made for me. It fits. The most amazing part is the cup fit: the cups lay flat against my chest (yay!). There is absolutely no gapping and no weird puckering (yay again!). The 2-hook back closure secures the fit, and the shoulder straps are sturdy, adjustable, and very comfortable.

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When I received the Itty Bitty Bra, at first glance the cups looked like they were spaced a little too close together for me (I should mention that I’m extremely small in the chest but about average everywhere else. My band size is usually a 34. This doesn’t make bra shopping any easier). And though the cups fit the tiniest bit too close together (though I believe IBB isn’t a petites company, it caters to less endowed women, period, i.e., women of all builds… which is why I love the company!), it doesn’t detract from the perfect fit everywhere else.

The cups are demi plunge style, so the bra works well under v-necks (a huge plus for me since I love v-necks). I find the padding without the inserts to be just right for everyday wear – there’s already substantial padding but not a ridiculous amount. It looks great under fitted tops – adds a little lift but really just accentuates the wearer’s natural shape. (Note: Shortly after I got this first IBB, I bought the other style w/the built-in pads and that one is great too… it has a bit more oomph).

And best of all, not once throughout the day did I tug. Actually, I may have tugged once, but that was sadly out of habit and not necessity. I don’t think I ever had a bra not ride up at some point during the day.

This IBB is a simple, no-frills bra. It’s high quality and well-constructed. For everyday wear, it’s perfect. I can’t recommend it enough. Thank you Jane (and Amanda)!

Indented text copyright October 2011 by Charis. Used with permission; all rights reserved.

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  2 Responses to “Itty Bitty Bra Review, by Charis (size 34 AA/AAA)”

  1. Thank you, Charis! I’m sure Jane will be thrilled to read this.

    Note to petite women: IBB actually does work for petites as well; it’s all about finding the right fit for you. The collection is not available in band sizes below 32, so if you need a size 30 or smaller (band measurement approx. 27 inches or less), I would recommend The Little Bra Company as an alternative.

  2. Thanks Amanda! This was so fun :)

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