May 102011
Sheer white lace "Adorable" petite bra

Sheer silk and lace perfection.

I am in a state of Ultimate Bra Bliss right now. This does not happen often, which makes it all the more thrilling.

After several tries (and plenty of much-appreciated advice from Wesley), I’ve found the perfect Mimi Holliday bra from A Little Something Fit: the lightweight and lovely Adorable, in a size 32A/AA.

So, once again I end up with something “adorable” rather than sexy… but this gorgeous piece is far more elegant.

It’s made of sheer white lace with unstructured, unlined stretch demi cups. The sizing is a bit more generous than petite bras, but it runs small enough in the cup to fit most size AAs.

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Close-up of center gore. Shaping and structure come from the under-wires, which are lightweight and do not dig into my ribs at all. It is an absolutely perfect fit for my small A-cup breasts… and the silk/nylon fabric blend feels like heaven.

If you prefer push-up bras, the Adorable is probably not for you. There’s very little coverage, so it’s not for the modest either… but if you’re into sensual, sophisticated luxury lingerie, give this one a try.

In chillier weather I’d probably wear it with stick-on nipple covers underneath. Right now, though, I don’t feel the need for any extra accessories to hide the headlights. I’ve got teeny tiny nipples and I’ve never been terribly self-conscious about them.

One of my favorite things about the Adorable: it doesn’t hide my true figure. It looks beautiful on, and that makes me feel fantastic about my small bust. Seeing myself in the mirror, I wonder why I ever felt the need for push-up padding.

My one complaint is that it is only available in white, which is my least favorite color for petite lingerie. If I could find one in black, I’d snap it up in a second, regardless of the price.

The Adorable is not a bra for a little girl; it’s sexy as hell. It is a strong affirmation that bigger is not always better. Thank you, Mimi Holliday… and of course, many thanks to Wesley and A Little Something Fit, LLC for introducing me to this petite lingerie masterpiece.

Other bras I tried from this label: Allure (left) and Mon Belle. Click on the thumbnails for more details.

Very demi, perfect for petites! Silk demi-cup bra fits A and AA cups.

Note from Wesley:

The Damaris / Mimi Holliday products change every season and are offered only as a single individual design / color. Most are not repeated by color; we carry the Bisou Bisou in both “Noir” and “Rouge,” but typically products are produced as a single offering.

32 AA

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  6 Responses to “Mimi Holliday Bra Review: “Adorable””

  1. This bra really is “adorable” – so glad you’re so happy with it! :-) xoxo

  2. It’s never coming back, though. No more colors to collect! Damaris bras are different each year… so the Adorable might be my first and last of these. Which reminds me, i can get more 30AA La Senzas but they are the same one you got, with the lace. Different colors, same bra… still cute.

  3. I’ve found that my favorite bras are size 34A in the little girls section in target!!! They are so cute and comfy!!! lol. I used to get the 32A womens sizes and they are all way too big! I love how the little girls bras fit me. And luckily my hubby finds cute very attractive. XD I used to wear push up bras and such, but now I like how I look as I am and don’t try to reshape myself into something else. :D

  4. Does that mean all Mimi Holliday lingerie are basically limited edition?

    • Um. Good question! Some of them definitely are limited, but it seems to me that they also make similar styles each season with slight differences in color and minor details. I’ll email Wesley and get back to you on this.

  5. Aria: that’s great! I’m so glad you have been able to find bras that fit the way you want them to. I’m sure that is what your husband finds most attractive: your confidence and the quality of being at ease in your clothing, and your skin. I only wish girls’ bras worked for the rest of us as well as they do on you!

    Wendy: So, not sure if I ended up talking to Wesley about this but as far as I can tell it is just the red and black Bisou Bisou, which is the one with the really elaborate lace trim, that they have in stock every year. Other styles will change from one season to the next.

    I’d try the Bisou Bisou except I’m afraid it would come up too far on me to fit properly, but it might work better on you. I’m thinking this bra probably needs to be at least a full A/small B in order to be really flattering.

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