Apr 302011

It seems that if you are smaller than a B cup and breastfeeding a baby, you are out of luck when it comes to bras. Allison (size 34AA) has two kids, so she knows this firsthand.

What follows is Allison’s account of Mission: Size Impossible.

I went into all the specialty maternity stores to find nursing bras, and they ALL started at B. They went up to ridiculous sizes like DDD and G, even a K, for goodness sake.

But really, they couldn’t carry an A? I asked the saleslady, and she said she had never seen one anywhere, and my best bet would be to check online. I went to the department stores; same dilemma.

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Then I went online to see what they had on there, and the best I could find were some sports-bra-esque things by Motherhood Maternity, in a size small. They came in an exciting spectrum of tan, black and white, and were so high cut that unless you wanted to wear a t-shirt or a turtleneck, the world would see your bra.

But they did have the clip down style that I wanted, as opposed to the useless “wrap sleep bra”, which you simply push to the side off your boob to nurse. The nursing pads would always slide and I’d end up with a wet shirt. Yuck.

Another brand I found that was a little less boring, coming in 2 more colors than the Motherhood ones, was Bravado. Their current model of this type is called the Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra. But even those were just size S sports bra types. I could not find an actual A-cup nursing bra anywhere.

I did just go to Bravado’s website and they have in the clearance area, a bra called Lifestyle Microfiber Nursing Bra Petite, and it comes in 34A. Huzzah! Oh well, it’s 5 years too late and on clearance.

In response to Allison’s rant, I did my own search and found two nursing bras online in 34A.

Yes, you read that right: two A-cup breastfeeding bras on the entire internet. This may be the biggest challenge I’ve encountered in my entire history as an itty bitty bra committee activist.

It is simply unacceptable that there are so few choices in nursing bras for women like us. Because guess what: we all do, in fact, have breasts. Many of us even use them to feed our kids.

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  26 Responses to “Needed: Nursing Bras for Small Breasts!”

  1. Forgot to link to the bras I found. This one is sort of boring and only comes in one color, but it looks comfy: http://www.herroom.com/qt-381-molded-cotton-blend-nursing-bra.shtml

    Somewhat less boring, because there are several color choices. Oh, and stripes…. yay. http://www.herroom.com/barely-there-4742-customflex-fit-lightly-lined-stripe-wirefree-bra.shtml

  2. We need to start our own bra company!!!!!

  3. Oh, sorry, the sizes left on sale are actually 30B,C,D,DD and 32B

  4. Yikes! This made me scared to get pregnant, so I did a little bit of preemptive googling and found this– it comes in A and AA sizes! It’s also available in multiple fabrics.

  5. Thanks May! Actually I think it’s worth keeping this going, because you guys are always introducing me to stuff I’ve never even heard of. So please, IBBC members who are reading this: keep an eye out for size A nursing bras, and add any you find in a comment on this post. thank you, lovelies.

  6. I’m so glad to come across your post! i’m exactly in the same predicament & I’m due in a month’s time & I’ve resigned myself to wearing normal detachable A cup bras…

  7. Di, hopefully your bras will work all right with nursing pads. When you said they are “detachable,” did you mean convertible bras — the kind with straps that can be unhooked in front?

  8. Hi Amanda, that’s right, I’m referring to those bras where the straps can be removed & worn as strapless bras.

    I came across La Leche’s webby that carries other models in smaller sizes, besides those in your links to Her Room (I’ve ordered some fr Her Room by the way, thanks very much).


  9. that’s right!

  10. opps typo above. have received the 2 bras in the same size, but the fit is not so gd. one of the bands is too tight, whereas the other cup size doesn’t fit very well :(

  11. Sorry to hear that. I’m thinking maybe a convertible bra might be another option — make sure the straps can be unhooked in front. It’s not ideal because you’ll have to pull the strap back over your shoulder when you finish nursing in order to fasten the hook again, but perhaps it’s better than nothing… and at least you could find one that fit properly.

  12. Hey everyone, I’ve just discovered this site: http://www.mommygear.com/abc-nursing-bras.htm

    It specializes in nursing bras, and several of the ones they have in stock are sized to fit A-cup breasts. There are, of course, many more options for B cups. I’ll get back to you soon with more information on how to find your correct fit.

  13. I’m a 32AA and have had three kids now, each of which I have breastfed. This was my solution: I always found some nice bras that fit a little loose (because I “ballooned up” to a wonderful 32A when my milk came in), made sure they weren’t underwire (or at least not all of them) and that they DID have a front closure, instead of a back one. It was semi-annoying, but much better than any other solution I could think up.

    Every time I asked about nursing bras my size in stores, they asked if it was even POSSIBLE for me to breastfeed at my size!

  14. What an excellent thread. It can be a real challenge to find a nursing bra for petite women, but it’s not impossible. We have several terrific options at http://www.mommygear.com and we appreciate you mentioning Mommy Gear. Our sizing page can help you measure and find your size during and after pregnancy at http://www.mommygear.com/FAQs.htm

    Admin. Edit: please see my post about Mommy Gear’s small-cup options for more information on Mommy Gear’s A-cup bras — and a special discount just for 32aaBra readers.

  15. You can always try converting a regular bra into a nursing bra.


    Also, I did want to mention that wearing a DDD, G, or K cup is no more “ridiculous” than wearing an A–they’re all perfectly normal and natural sizes.

    • Thanks K, excellent points. I agree that large cup sizes are not “ridiculous,” and I doubt very much that Allison meant to imply anything like that. I think she was only pointing out how
      frustrating and senseless it is that there are so few nursing bras available in her size.

  16. This was ‘refreshing’ to find. :-) I’ve breastfed 2, and am still barely an 34A… I love my VS bras, but for nursing, I’m still looking! I’ve tried the seamless silk Bravados… worked better to just pop the band up than let the flap down… and they were still way roomy. The Lifestyle just didn’t fit me AT ALL. (It’s made for a cute round A I guess and I’m more a flat C in shape). It’s nice to know I’m not the only one.. I might try converting some of my favorites next baby… sounds like the best hope yet. Maybe I could come up with a REALLY NICE nursing bra for us flatter gals and make money! ;-) Oh, and did I mention my sister is a 34H or I and has just as much trouble as me finding a bra? We should have got together and shared genes! ;-)

  17. Thank goodness I’m not the only one out there. Everyone was like oh you’ll see you’ll be surprised how big you get. I felt so uncomfortable like some kind of weirdo when I barely got bigger. I felt like everyone was shocked and some rude sister in laws even made comments on how odd it was. I knew I had plenty of milk, although the comments wondering if I had enough came! I was no where near the nursing bra sizes out there. Now about to have my third child, I wish there was a nursing bra out there that made me feel feminine and beautiful.

    • Beth,
      I can’t believe how rude some people can be. Just because you don’t grow two cup sizes during your pregnancy, doesn’t mean you can’t feed your babies just fine! Those sister-in-laws of yours could really use some education on this. And, even more important, you absolutely deserve an attractive nursing bra that fits well and gives you the convenience you need for breast-feeding. I’m still searching for these, and I may also look into having a few custom-made just for my readers who need them. Congratulations on your third child, and please feel free to get in touch with me anytime via the contact page at http://32aabra.com/contact.


  18. About to have second baby and after searching high and low just found excellent 34A nursing bra. I am usually barely a 34A and a full A when nursing. I feel it is my duty to spread the word about this one….

    QT inmates http://www.qtbras.com/Bras/nursing/381-Molded-Cotton-Nursing-Bra.html

    Good luck!

    • Thanks so much, Helen! Congratulations on your new baby. :) We really appreciate your taking the time to share this information.


  19. I think part of the challenge is finding something that not only fits well, but looks good too. For non nursing bras, I always wear padded, so I won’t look awfully flat. But padded nursing bras (if you can even find them, or if you convert your non nursing to nursing) just get in the way of the baby nursing.

    I finally found a nursing bra that I think might fit (sports type, like bravado but less expensive), but it does nothing to flatter my figure!

    If anyone has a solution to this problem, it would certainly be appreciated!!

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