Dec 122010

Thank Goodness It Fits half-size 34AA/Nearly A

Available in white only.

As you probably know if you used to wear the Playtex Thank Goodness it Fits line of bras in half sizes, they are no longer making these. However, I’ve just discovered one for sale on Amazon in size 34AA. It is featured in my Itty Bitty AA-List store.

I probably won’t be quick enough to get it out of there before they are all sold out, so I apologize in advance to anyone who finds this post too late.

Wacoal Official Site! Free Ship Over $70

I’m a little confused because I’m not sure whether Playtex ever made a size AA bra. I’ve only seen TGIF bras in “Nearly” sizes: NA, NB and NC.

There is a difference between NA and AA. They are very close, but the NA cup is a little bigger. And when you’re looking for a small-cup bra that will fit without gaps, that difference matters.

If you can wear a 34A in some brands but need a 34AA in others, give this bra a try. It’s a wire-free style with foam-padded stretch cups.

I found the 32NA to be quite comfortable, if somewhat lacking in style. It is a practical, wearable bra that works well under t-shirts. I wouldn’t wear it in warm weather because of the foam padding, but during the colder months it feels cozy and provides great nipple coverage.

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  1. There is a black 32 Nearly A Playtex bra on auction at ebay right now.

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