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I started a quest to find a bra that properly fit (I am size 28 A/30 AA) a couple of months ago. I have tried Victoria’s Secret Pink, Gilly Hicks, and Aerie. I was unsatisfied with all of these, so I decided to try The Little Bra Company.

The Little Bra Company bras are more expensive than the other “everyday” brands that I listed above, but it is entirely worth it to try them. I ordered the “Angela” in black (they are currently out of stock of it in my size in nude).

The Little Bra Company Angela Deep Plunge Push-Up Bra

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The band and cups fit perfect! For the first time, I have “cleavage” and when I bend down my bra actually supports me and doesn’t show everything. The material is high quality and comfortable and the straps are convertible. There is little padding but it still provides a nice, natural shape – I love it because I look neither flat nor fake. I know that this bra will last me a long time – so the price is worth it!

I am beyond ecstatic to have found the Little Bra Company, and am so grateful that someone out there endeavored to help small girls have nice bras that fit! I hope to try some of their other styles soon – the first on my list is the Isis! (For those times that I would like just a bit more padding to help me fill out some of my tops/achieve a bit of a different silhouette). Update: I tried the Isis and it was unfortunately a bit too large in the cups. It is  definitely very well-made, however, with a comfortable “ballerina” back and very soft, delicately padded cups. I would recommend the Isis if you are at least an A cup.

The Little Bra Company Isis Contoured Push-Up Bra

The Lucia is beautiful too! (Almost too pretty to wear lol…lavender is my favorite color, I think I would just want to stare at it…)

The Little Bra Company Lucia Signature Lace Plunge Push-Up Bra

So if you are disgusted :-| because society doesn’t seem to care that small girls want bras that fit too – I recommend that you try the Little Bra Company! As I try more of their styles I will write more reviews. :-) For the Angela, the LBC recommends to order up a band size more than you would normally wear (I wear the 30 A) – listen to them – the Angela bra is cut on a VERY petite scale (God Bless Them)!

Check it all out here: The Little Bra Company

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  13 Responses to “Review: The Little Bra Company’s “Angela””

  1. I love TLBC. I wanted to order the “Angela” as well, but ended up with Lucia. AMAZING. I’ll be ordering the Angela when they are back in stock the end of this month.

  2. Does the Lucia show though clothing (the lace)? And have you tried the Isis?

  3. I haven’t tried the Isis bra, but based on these reviews I’d say it’s less of a sure thing. http://www.herroom.com/the-little-bra-company-e007-isis-contoured-push-up-bra.shtml

  4. Hm – seems like cups might be too big huh?

  5. I’ve been reluctant to try TLBC because of the pricing, but it sounds like we’re about the same size and I’m a sucker for endorsements.

    Btw, if you’re still on the look-out for comfortable 30A/AA-ish bras, I’d recommend Maidenform’s One Fabulous Fit. The quality isn’t ideal, but the cups are very shallow and they’re the most painless underwires I’ve found to date (which is saying something – I’ve come away with bruises from even high quality brands).

  6. I was very reluctant to try LBC as well. I only did after trying cheaper brands and being unsatisfied with the fit…the Angela is the least expensive of the LBC bras and soon I will be posting a 15% discount (stay tuned! just waiting to hear back from the LBC representative). So at least that will cover tax and shipping. And they are good quality so they should last a long time. And thanks for the advice on the Maidenform, no underwire sounds appealing, I will check it out. :-)

  7. Just made a new post with the discount code – check it out!

  8. I own an Angela and a Lucia, both. I am not a petite person overall (I’m 5’7″), and I believe TLBC bras are designed for women who are genuinely petite, not just small-busted. The Lucia works fairly well on me (I measure out as a 34AA but need a 36A in both the Lucia and Angela) and it does manage to give me a bit of cleavage. The Angela fits, but only with a lot of leaning over and rearranging. The straps are very short and I had to swap them out with a different bra so it would stay put and not pull up. The Lucia creeps up on me a little, so I usually wear it with tanks that are fairly snug and keep it in place. I have always wanted to love TLBC, but their bras just aren’t fabulous on me. I would say they’re designed with smaller-framed women in mind.

  9. I agree, Jackie, that they are definitely made for petite proportions. Wearing the Angela, for the first time in my life my bra strap doesn’t have to be on the smallest setting possible…which means yes, they are very short straps. I wish they made bras of different proportions with the same aim toward small cup sizes, so that we could each find a great fit. One day I would love to start my own bra line and address all of these needs!

  10. The Lucia bra straps are a bit short on me too, and I’m not nearly as tall as Jackie. They fit but only barely, and I have to use the longest setting. See my review here: http://www.herroom.com/The-Little-Bra-Company-E004-Lucia-Lace-Plunge-Push-Up-Bra.shtml#2

  11. The Angela bra in 32a fits me exactly and the straps fit perfectly… However, I’m 4ft 11 and very petite (90 lbs) and small boned everywhere…

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