Oct 112011

I am so thankful for the Little Bra Company. Finally, there is a brand that actually fits my petite frame!

I wear the Ethel in size 28 A. The band (set of 3 double hook & eye closures) runs larger than the Angela, and the straps are longer (I wear size 30 A in the Angela).

I’m partial to the Ethel not only because it’s purple, has lace, and has a pearl in the middle. It’s also very comfortable and provides nice lift and shape.

The demi cups have convenient removable pads. I always wear it with the extra padding.

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The Ethel has a ballet-style (also known as leotard) back, so it stays in place better than the Angela. I am very impressed with how comfortable it is. I can wear it all day and forget that I have it on–that’s quite the miracle!

Overall, my only complaint about the Ethel is that the boning sometimes shows through shirts. That is to be expected with the lace though. I tend to be hypersensitive to small details.

The Mercedes bra is supposed to have a very similar fit as the Ethel, so I am yearning to try that. It’s a smooth-cup bra with a bit of lace. However, being a poor college student, it’s going to be awhile until I am able to afford it!

I’m also anticipating the LBC’s introduction of their new sports bra and another smooth-cup bra in Spring 2012! Check it out here.

The Little Bra Company proves that good things DO come in small packages. ;-)

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  9 Responses to “Review: The Little Bra Company’s “Ethel””

  1. I’ve had my eyes on this style for a while and I’m glad to see this review! It is such a beautiful bra. I’m a huge fan of the Lucia myself:)

  2. Lovely photos… thanks sweetie <3

    Renee or Wendy — do either of you know if the Mercedes has removable padding like the Ethel?

  3. Amanda, I don’t believe that it does. I just looked at the website and they specify that the Ethel has removable pads. They don’t say anything amount removable pads for the Mercedes, just: “FEATURES: demi-cup bra, contoured bra, push-up bra, small bra, petite bra, smooth-cup bra, lace bra.”

    If you watch the video of the 2 new upcoming Spring 2012 styles, the Julia is going to have removable pads!

  4. They’re coming out with other new styles that I haven’t mentioned as well — a bandeau bra and a bra very similar to the Ethel.

  5. If you want, I can go to a store and check it out for you and let you know by early next week. I’ve been wanting to try Mercedes as well!

  6. That would be awesome, I’m so curious to know how the Mercedes is!

  7. Can’t find the Mercedes in stock anywhere! However, I fell in love with the Ethel at first try, and bought it. I am surprised at how comfy it is!

  8. Bummer about the Mercedes :-( But yay about the Ethel – it really is incredibly comfortable!

  9. I’ve not been able to find the LBC Mercedes in stock anywhere in my area, either. It is available online, though. You pretties be sure to remind me: I do intend to be sure I find a way for all three of us to try this bra at a very deep discount. <3

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