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Honeydew Intimates Ruffle Mesh Bra, size 28-30 AAYikes. I’d never tried a Honeydew bralette before, but had heard good things… so I was pleased when I managed to get one new with tags at an online sample sale for a fraction of the retail price. Well, girls, to be perfectly honest: this bra does not travel well.

I had high hopes, but it arrived all mashed up in a tiny plastic bag. Total nightmare! It should have been sent in a box with tissue paper, attached to a hanger. The tag says “do not iron,” so all I can do is wait for it to sort itself out in the closet… but until then, I think I have at least a tentative sense of the correct size (after spending about twenty minutes coaxing the unfinished edges and vertical seams into place).

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It doesn’t fit me. Too tight in both the band and cups, so it’s got to be a 30AA or smaller. The tag size is a small, so I’m assuming this style doesn’t come in x-small… I can’t think who it would possibly fit if it did. But for the tiniest upper bodies out there, I suppose this could be the bra you’ve been waiting for.

I call it a bralette because it’s unstructured and wire-free with triangle-shaped cups. It has a back closure with two rows of hooks, but I’m not sure why they even bothered! Only, I know some women do prefer a back close style to one that pulls on over the head. It’s also got adjustable straps which are not as thin as they look in the picture.

Now, for the good news: this does indeed look like the designer bra that it is. Stylish, and made of good materials. It could be a great find for someone tiny enough. The rows of lace ruffles across the band are not scratchy or stiff, nor is the mesh nylon beneath. It’s all very soft and sheer. And, clearly it has never been worn or tried on (except by me, of course). If you wear a 28-30 AA, I would love to have you try on this bra for me; if it fits, it’s yours. I’d have you pay just a few dollars for shipping.

Interested? Leave a comment below or contact me at info@32aabra.

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  5 Responses to “Honeydew Intimates Mesh Ruffle Bralette Bra size 28A, 30AA”

  1. I fit a 30AA, are you willing to sell it to me?(:

  2. Hey Sheryl, sure — send me an email at info@32aabra.com and we’ll talk.

  3. Do you know if this is still being sold? If not have you sold yours yet? I would love it!!

    [Edit: email link removed to protect user's privacy. To respond to Amanda, please reply to her comment here in this thread. She and other readers who have expressed interest in this Honeydew bra will also hear from me individually.]

    • I haven’t sold mine, but I was wrong about the size — it may fit a 30AA, but not a 28. It will also fit sizes 32AA, 32A and 30B.

      The confusion was due to the way the bra was packaged; see my related posts on Honeydew Intimates for more information.

  4. Is this still being sold, I would love a sample
    Please email me at

    [Edit: address omitted to protect user's privacy. To respond to Samantha, please reply to her comment in this thread. Thanks! Amanda]

    Or if anyone on here knows where to get one, or anything in this around the 30aa size.
    Thanks all, please email me I hope there still samples left

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