Jun 022010

T-Box is a line of simple, summery beach wear in bright colors and happy prints. I get all bouncy just looking at their pretty little bikinis, cover-ups and skinny-strap bralettes. All of these are very reasonably priced already, and right now they are on sale for 50% off at ideeli. The bras are just $7 each! It’s only on for one more day, but there’s still plenty left as I’m writing this.

T-Box Beach Cover-upI’ve got more bras and bikini tops than I know what to do with already, so I decided to go for the strapless swim cover-up in white (pictured at left) with butterflies and berries on it. Delicious.

T-Box sizing is quite small, and their triangle bikini tops will fit just about anyone (among the itty bitty titty committee, anyway — I wouldn’t recommend these for curvy girls). Same deal with the bra tops. Haven’t tried their undies so I don’t know how those fit, but they come in 3-packs with several different styles included… so keep whatever fits and give the rest to your sister.

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  2 Responses to “T-Box Sale: Cute Little Bikinis and Bra Tops”

  1. How do you find these sale on ideeli? I can never seem to find what you post here.

    • Hey Nicole! You need to be a member of ideeli in order to view their current sales. Join from the link in my post and then once you are a member, you’ll be able to find the featured brand on their home page for as long as the sale is still on. Once it ends, the link will no longer appear on ideeli… but if you have questions about t-box or any other brand, feel free to email me.

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