Dec 192012

Bra and Cheeky Boyshort Set, by Honeydew Intimates

Hate ruffles? These are soft, sleek and barely there.

I love rich, opulent colors for winter lingerie. My favorite recent purchase in this category is from the petite-friendly brand Honeydew Intimates.

This tutu mesh cheeky panty and ruffled bralette set is delicate and romantic, but not too sweet in the sophisticated and luscious plum/gray/black option. I love how the layers lie flat enough so that I don’t look too much like a cupcake. Best of all, it’s incredibly soft and lightweight.

Matching lingerie sets are the perfect thing to add to your wish list, and this one boasts sex appeal, quality and comfort all in one beautiful little package.

Honeydew has always been great at combining great style, flattering fit and dreamy-comfy fabrics. What’s not to love?

Jul 142012

Breathable lace bralette by Cosabella.

I do not like to wear underwire bras during the summer. In cooler weather, I like the support and shaping that wires provide, but when it’s ninety degrees in the shade… no thanks.

What is it, exactly, that the world fears will happen if our breasts are left to their own devices… without a harness or a gag? Are our womanly parts really so threatening that the lingerie market can’t even stand to acknowledge us? How sad. They’d profit more if they could adopt a more open-minded perspective.

I think my top choice for staying cool and dry is cotton. However, there are drawbacks to this sturdy natural fabric. For one thing, it doesn’t stretch or flex very well.

A bra made of rayon or nylon/spandex microfiber can be just as comfortable and cool, as long as it is lightweight and free of foam lining. One example is the Cosabella “Never Say Never Sweetie” lace bralette, shown at top left.

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Jan 292012
Editor’s note: I am pleased to bring you this update on American Eagle Aerie bras, written by guest author Mallory K. She found our page on Facebook, and it only took one conversation with Mallory for me to recognize how well she was going to fit in (literally; she’s a 30A) with our itty bitty tribe here at 32aa Bra. Aerie fans, this one’s for you; enjoy. –Amanda

I work for American Eagle Aerie, and I wanted to update you guys on some of the new Aerie bras that have been released over the past year. Finding bras online that fit just right is tough, and sometimes bras even vary in size within the same brand — so we’d love to have you stop by an Aerie store for a personalized fitting. Check our website to find one in your area.

Drew: “The Party Girl”

American Eagle Aerie Bras: Drew

Double Whoa!

Coming in as a Double Whoa, Drew is the most push up that Aerie offers in a bra. She adds two cup sizes! Drew is very similar to the VS Miraculous bra, but in my experience it’s a lot softer and more comfortable to wear.

Drew does start at a 32AA; however, like the Aerie Emma bra, this one can be an awkward fit in the smaller cup sizes. There is so much padding that even on full A-cup breasts, it tends to gap at the tops of the cups.

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Nov 172011

Adore Me While I am (arguably) adorable, that is not a command. Adore Me is the latest website to toss its hat garter into the ring of private sale sites. It’s not a flash- or sample-sale site, though, where you have to jump on the deal right away or you lose it. Rather, they offer a personalized selection of bra/panty sets, tights and stockings, and an “accessory” section which consists of less-than-practical evening wear. Overall, the site has a lot of potential. There are some great features, but there are also plenty of pitfalls. We’ll nit-pick the hell out the site but first let’s take a look at how it works. Continue reading »

Aug 152011

French Lace Bra In Violet & Turquoise available today for $34.99Just a quick note: You know how much I love those sample sale sites. Well, today Beyond the Rack has La Fee Verte on sale. Featured are some super-sexy, luxurious triangle bras, matching bottoms (different styles) and some beautiful sleepwear.

Remember, this is a members-only site, so you’ll have to join, but it doesn’t cost anything to browse. And, as always, check sizing charts and return policies before buying.


Jun 262011

In this post I will be reviewing a beautiful purple nightgown by Honeydew Intimates.

Size Small, 95% Rayon, 5% Spandex

This nightgown is absolutely beautiful.

Yes, I am partial to purple, as it has been my favorite color since I was 7 years old and realized that pink was overrated.

But this nightgown truly exudes royalty and sophistication.

It hits right above my knee. The fabric is very soft and perfect for  summer nights (which is nearly every night as I live in Florida!)

With its lace straps and cute bow in the middle, I feel so feminine when wearing it.

It has adjustable straps which I wear on the smallest option–being so small-chested, it supports me perfectly and provides a very nice shape.

It’s vital that I mention the hook and eye closure feature of this nightgown. I wear it on the smallest hook and it is very comfortable.

I am so grateful that the nightgown has this option! My petite frame normally drowns in anything that is labeled size “small,” and many times even “extra small.”

This nightgown, however, was made for me. (That’s how I feel when I wear it!)

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Jun 052011

After reading through a few older articles here a while back, I discovered that members-only sites like Ideeli are great resources for saving money on high-end stuff. I immediately sought out and signed up for as many of these sites as I could. (I even found some clothes for myself.) So when I wrote that I was looking for summer birthday gift ideas, Amanda suggested Between the Sheets. Lo and behold, in today’s email, Zulilly, which typically features 90% baby/kids stuff has Between the Sheets lingerie on sale in their Womens section. If you’re not familiar with Between the Sheets, check out Amanda’s article here.

It is worth noting: Registration is required to take advantage of these sites, but registration is free and they don’t ask for any credit card info until you actually buy something.

Sep 082010

Stay cool during the final days of summer in my top recommendations for lightweight, breathable stretch comfort bras and bralettes. I personally select and comment on each product in the Itty Bitty AA-List store, so you can trust that these really are the best-fitting bras Amazon has to offer for petite small-busted women.

You’ll see some great prices here, especially on the excellent everyday Barely There Breathe bralette (pictured below) — an underwear essential for petite size AA and A-cup women. Normally $18, it is now on sale starting at $10.59.

Barely There Breathe Bralette, BlackIt’s like a sports bra, only it doesn’t flatten you out. The cups provide nice separation and definition (just say no to uni-boob), and the lining inside is just substantial enough to cover your nipples.

Jul 252010

Flower Child Mesh Bra - Fits PetitesOn sale at ideeli right now: Lucky Brand bras, panties, camisoles, lingerie and loungewear in playful, pretty colors and prints.

I’ve always liked Lucky jeans for their laid-back, straightforward styles and a fit that actually accommodates real women’s curves (like many of us, I’ve got a bit more going on in the back than up top).

I have not tried their bras or panties, but the camis fit true to size. Since these are lightweight bralettes, I’m guessing they will fit petite A-B cups…. not sure about size AA.

Anyone who buys one of the bras, please report back to let us know how it fits? Thanks! I’m going for a pair of $7 panties, myself.

If you aren’t a member of ideeli, you can join from the link in this post.

Jun 072010

zee bra by Lynn SaussyHere it is, finally: my review of the Zee Bra, Lynn Saussy’s new product for small-busted women. Apologies to Lynn for the delay.

Review summary: highly recommended wire-free bra, especially for band sizes 34 and larger. If you are a petite AA, order one band size smaller than your usual.

I’ve rated the Zee Bra on a five-star scale in three key criteria: fit, comfort, and style. Read my full written review after the jump.

  • Fit:
    Rating = 3 out of 5 stars.
  • Comfort:
    Rating = 5 out of 5 stars.
  • Style:
    Rating = 4 out of 5 stars

I received this exciting new small-cup bra in a 32AA/A (all Zee Bras are designed to fit size AA through A cups). It pulls on over the head like a bralette… but that’s pretty much where the similarities end.

Unlike most bralettes, this product has removable pads, adjustable straps and a wide band (it comes down about an inch below the sternum on me). Above the band and just below the bustline, there is a seam that adds a bit of structure and helps keep the pads in place inside the bra cups.

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