Mar 262013

Wacoal Petite Underwire Contour Bandeau BraHi beauties. I hate to say this, but I am honestly somewhat disappointed with the latest Wacoal Petite bra. I saw the Wacoal 75316 for the first time in a photo on the Wacoal America website, and found myself distinctly underwhelmed. Still, I’m not one to judge a bra by its cover (or its internet image), so I decided to wait to pass judgment until I had seen it and tried it on in real life.

Nice of me, right? Only problem is, in real life it wasn’t much better.

I should clarify: there wasn’t anything horribly wrong with the fit. If you like the look of this bra and want to try it, by all means do that, and please let me know what you think. Maybe it’s amazing and I just haven’t given it the chance it deserves.

It worked fine on me, really, and the sizing was accurate enough. But I still felt let down when I looked in the mirror. This is an unusual thing for me with Wacoal, as typically I love how their bras look and am only disappointed when I can’t get the right fit.

In case you didn’t notice, it’s hard for me to say anything against the style of any bra spawned by my beloved Wacoal… but…

(Gulp.) All right, here it is: I think the Wacoal Petite 75316 bandeau bra is kind of ugly.

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May 182012

Wacoal 75830 push-up bra, black.

Wacoal 75830: yay or no way?

I’m always excited when Wacoal introduces a new bra to their excellent Petites line. It was pretty much the highlight of my week when I discovered I could wear a 32B in these!

However, their latest mini boulder-holder looks quite different from the other bras in the petite collection. I haven’t ordered one yet because I’m not sure what’s going on with this thing.

Like most of the Wacoal petite bras, it’s a push-up. The cups resemble Mickey Mouse ears, and that center gore looks like it would sit right on top of my jutting breastbone.

I’d end up with a big old blue-violet bruise in the middle of my chest by the end of the day… not so pretty.

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Apr 042012

Wacoal petite contour push-up bra in nude.So, I felt the need to update my Wacoal Petites bra size and fit tips since I discovered that I and one of my recent small-busted clients can both wear a larger cup in these bras than we usually take.

I came to this realization after my client, Karen, measured at a 32B but felt that this size might fit too large in the cups on her. I sent her two styles from the Wacoal Petites line: one 32A and one 32B. It was a pleasant surprise for me to hear Karen was happy with the fit of both bras.

I couldn’t help noticing that Karen’s measurements and my own are quite similar, give or take half an inch. I had been wearing a 32A in one of my favorite Wacoal Petite bras, but it was feeling a little tight even without the removable push-up pads. I decided to go ahead and plunge into a B cup… and I’m glad I did.

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Jun 182011

Wacoal Petite Bra 75823 Lace Back

The latest petite bra by Wacoal.

With the introduction of their new convertible lace T-back petite bra, Wacoal has won back my undying love. Not that they ever really lost it, but I was a bit put off when they discontinued my beloved 75317 petite padded t-back. Why am I so quick to forgive? Because this new t-back bra is very similar to my old favorite, only better!

As my regular readers know (thanks for listening to me complain about this yet again!), I’m terminally cursed with uneven shoulders due to scoliosis. The classic bra strap style causes me no end of problems: either the straps won’t stay up, or they are too tight and I can’t raise my arms without the band of the bra riding up.

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Oct 202010

I got a handful of emails after my last post about the latest bra from the Wacoal Petites collection. You know, the beautiful one that comes in ivory and purple? I’ve yet to try it, but I know several of the other styles in this line very well. They don’t all fit exactly the same, so I figured maybe it would be helpful to provide some information about each of the individual Wacoal Petite bras I’m familiar with.

All of these are current styles, available as of October 2010 in the Itty Bitty AA-List store. I’ll update this post in the future if any are discontinued, but hopefully I won’t need to (hear that, Wacoal? No more getting rid of our favorites, please).

Wacoal Embrace Lace Petite, sizes from 30 AA Delicate embroidered lace flowers at the center gore and sides make the Wacoal Petites 75891 a sexy, sophisticated choice for special occasions.

This is an underwire push-up bra with removable cotton pads. Sizing is about average for the collection, meaning it runs smaller in both the band and cups like most petite bras. I take a 32AA in this style.

The cups are molded with significant padding already built in, so if you prefer non-padded styles you will certainly want to take out the cotton push-up pads.

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Oct 052010

Wacoal 73562 Petite Contour BraThe latest from Wacoal’s collection of bras for petites is a demi plunge contour bra. The structure of this style is simple: it is not a push-up. The cups are lightly padded with a single layer of stretch foam.

This lovely Wacoal petite bra flatters small breasts (cup size AA – B) instead of hiding them beneath bulky mounds of padding. The molded contour cups feature a delicate sheer lace overlay with floral embroidery… so so pretty.

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Jan 102010

Wacoal Petite Push-Up Convertible Bra size AAI’m still mad at Wacoal for discontinuing the best little bra ever (see earlier posts). But I must say, this convertible style with optional lace straps and flattering details is a serious contender for my new favorite.

I got it in black as a Christmas gift from my boy. After the disappointment of the Isabel balconette from AE Aerie, I am thrilled to have such a lovely consolation prize. Continue reading »

Dec 142009

My favorite padded T-back bra from Wacoal Petites has been discontinued. However, it’s still available for purchase online at many lingerie stores. And if you’re a size 36 B, buy Wacoal #75317 in black on sale for 25% off on Amazon until stock runs out. That’s the best price I’ve been able to find online, outside of auctions… you B-cup women sure are lucky.

Dec 122009

For some reason, the petite padded T-back bra from Wacoal is not listed on their company website. I really hope it isn’t being discontinued, because I only have two of this style and I wear them all the time. They’ve already lasted several years, but at some point I expect I will need replacements. This is my ideal bra, an intimate essential as important as a great pair of undies: simple and streamlined — I don’t like a lot of fussy details, little bows and other such nonsense — but still beautiful… and somehow really comfortable. I even wrote an Amazon review of my beloved Wacoal #75317.

Front Close Racerback Padded Bra by Wacoal

If you’re a size AA or even an A cup, you may have noticed (as I have) that the “support” issue doesn’t really apply to you. I have no idea what it feels like to have a big old pair of bouncy, floppy, heavy, damn sexy breasts that require harnessing. To me, a bra is mostly about nipple coverage. Wires and hooks are generally a real pain in my skinny ribcage… so when I find an exception, something with pads and contouring and a convenient front clasp — in other words, the sort of thing a real woman with curves might wear — it’s a pretty itty bitty big deal.