Jan 152013

“If you don’t like what is being said, then change the conversation.”
–Don Draper

UK designer Megan Leung does’t like what is being said to women, so she is changing the conversation with her new label Meg at Midnight. Inspired by a friend who felt it was “embarrassing wearing a training bra and frustrating wearing an adult bra,” Ms. Leung saw a niche that was not properly being filled. Where other brands pack on the padding to disguise an inadequacy, Meg at Midnight celebrates the small with sexy, sheer, and pad-free pieces specifically designed to accentuate the slight figure.

Ms. Leung says: “Meg at Midnight is a designer intimatewear specializing in, but not limited to, the smaller busted woman. Our garments are carefully structured to fit and flatter rather than enhance small breasts. This is done by using a specific underwire (which makes the bras look more “grown up” as compared to a soft bra that often looks like a training bra). The materials as we use at the moment are delicate, which would not be ideal for supporting bigger and heavier busts.”

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Via email, Meg told me the current Else collection has a jazz age feel, drawing inspiration from the Roaring Twenties – a time when sleek silhouettes were the rage.  ”At the time of its conception,” she said, “everyone seemed to be channeling that vibe. Films like Midnight in Paris and The Artist were being made and couture houses were also being inspired by the Gatsby Girl. It’s a timeless style and we wanted our first intimatewear collection to be just that – memorable.”

Meg at Midnight offers a modest range of immodest pieces. How immodest? These are not your daily drivers. No, these are your Sunday bests. In the range of sexy between Fruit of the Loom and LaPerla, these bras, basques, and bustiers definitely fall close to the latter. Prices seem to be in-line with the Italians as well. Currently available only in select UK retailers and directly through the label’s website, the Frances balconette bra will run you £95 (about $150 USD) and the Alice body (basque) costs £150 (about $240 USD). International shipping is available and payments are securely processed via PayPal.

When asked what the foreseeable future holds for the label, Meg said she has “a very clear plan for the brand but…  We do not want to create unnecessary hype and create too much noise. We want to reach out to the right people and become a trusted product that our customers buy because it’s something that makes them feel genuinely good, and not just because it’s the latest in lingerie.”

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  5 Responses to “A Sexy New Player for the Petite Market”

  1. I love it. I’m in my mid thirties and have decided to stop wearing the super padded bras that don’t fit. I love this and hope more follow.

  2. Really beautiful designs and a stunning fit – would definitely recommend :-)

  3. Yes! No more padding! haha I find it so hard to find bras that don’t have 4 inches of foam attached to the cup! Woo Meg at Midnight! Amanda, good find!

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