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Adore Me While I am (arguably) adorable, that is not a command. Adore Me is the latest website to toss its hat garter into the ring of private sale sites. It’s not a flash- or sample-sale site, though, where you have to jump on the deal right away or you lose it. Rather, they offer a personalized selection of bra/panty sets, tights and stockings, and an “accessory” section which consists of less-than-practical evening wear. Overall, the site has a lot of potential. There are some great features, but there are also plenty of pitfalls. We’ll nit-pick the hell out the site but first let’s take a look at how it works.

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On the surface, Adore Me seems like a dream. Imagine a showroom of lingerie specifically chosen for you based on your personal style, size, and age. Upon registering, you take a “fashion quiz” to assess your personal tastes. After that select your bra size, bottom size and age range. Submit your quiz and you get placed into a personalized showroom with a choice of up to 10 sets of bras/undies, hosiery, and some sexy lingerie.  Click on any of your choices for more information and you get three views of your choice. Also on the product detail screen, you get the stylists’ sales pitch, tips on how to wear it, and product details such as material, brand name, etc. In addition, the detail screen has a nifty Facebook plug-in which allows you to leave comments as well as share via twitter. Toward the bottom of the screen is a review section in which you pick up to five stars and leave a detailed review. This is also where you will choose your size and add to your cart. When done with that, you can check out or return to shop for more. And if you don’t like what you see, you can choose to see more choices or retake the quiz.  The detail screen is where I first noticed something shady.

The Adore Me style quiz

The site just opened this past Monday evening (Nov. 14) – about two weeks past the intended grand opening. Reviews and customer testimonials were posted immediately and some were dated a week prior to launch. Also, a lot of the testimonials laud the company’s concept rather than practices. While this isn’t necessarily deceiving, it is a bit misleading and not very helpful. Further shadiness is found in the Terms and Conditions. Proceed with caution here. While registration and membership are free, once you make your first purchase, you will be charged every month unless you specifically tell them you want to skip that month. They will hold that $39.95 credit for you (and accumulate more) for a year. This is why it’s important to read the fine print. A lot of membership websites automatically charge, but this detail seems buried here. Back to the showroom. I noticed the URL ended with /classic-a.html. This is the title of the showroom. Besides Classic, other showrooms are Sexy and Fashion. Beyond that, they are subdivided by cup size (A-E+), so you may be placed in Sexy-B or Fashion-D. Here’s a hint: the quiz, in which you pick your favorite Sex in the City character, your favorite Kate Moss and Nicole Richie styles, and in which you choose to identify with Catherine Zeta Jones, Julia Roberts, or Scarlett Johannsen, means very little. I compared the showrooms and the only thing that made a single difference was bra size. In fact, you can even skip all the choices and hit the “continue” button until it asks for your sizes and you’ll be placed into a showroom. Don’t be concerned about your fashion sense, though. Regardless of whether you are Sexy, Fashion, or Classic, if your bra size is A, you get the same eight bra/panty choices. Step up to a B or C and you lose one choice but gain three more. If you’re a D, you lose five and gain five. If you’re an E or above, you only get five choices. The hosiery and accessories sections do not change.

While your fashion sense doesn’t make a bit of difference, your size makes exactly a bit of difference – not enough, though. I entered 32A at the end of the quiz and was placed into the “Classic A” showroom. My first choice was the polka-dot/cheetah print lace Alexis set, available in sizes 34B-36D.  To confuse things even more, the Alexis is not offered in any of thelarger-cup showrooms. The Paige, Paris, and Payton lace bralette sets, which are identical except in color, are offered in S/M/L, but there is no size chart on the site for cross reference.The hosiery section, despite style names lifted straight from DC Comics (Silk Spectre, Hawkgirl), offers nothing exciting.  The inaccurately-titled Accessories section does not change by showroom, so, once again, size has no bearing. The Juliet bustier set is available in 32-38 B-D, while the other four styles are S/M/L. Some products are made by Rampage, others by Oh La La Cheri.
Paris / Paige
Paris is actually Paige’s evil twin.

In a nutshell, there are some great and some potentially great features. I like the social networking aspect. Not only can you share your thoughts on Facebook, you can build and share your own showroom of favorites.  I also like the idea of Style points which is currently not available, but will eventually somehow let you accumulate points towards some kind of credit. Furthermore, the “How to wear it” feature can be very helpful. However, as I stated earlier, the site opened approximately two weeks past its original target date and it feels rushed. The organization is sloppy; the quiz has no effect. Some more transparency regarding billing practices would also have gone a long way in my book. I see a lot of potential and I want to like the site, but it’s just not there yet. In two weeks, it will be a new month and supposedly that means a new selection. Some improvements have been made already; hopefully more changes will be made in time for the new selections.

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  1. Thanks for this. It’s especially helpful to know the brands they carry; I couldn’t find that information anywhere. Oh La La Cheri lingerie is cute, and the quality is fairly good for the price. I’ve only tried Rampage swimwear so I don’t know for sure about their intimates, but I didn’t care for their bikini separates at all — seemed as if these were not made to fit an adult woman’s body. They might have worked on me when I was eleven.

  2. Thanks for covering this. I think the idea of this site sounds great, but the whole membership thing seems more trouble than it’s worth. Not crazy about getting automatically charged every month, as much as I love lingerie.

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