May 102010

Update: As of 5/18, I have sold all of the IBBs I had available. More coming soon, I hope — stay tuned. Thanks everyone!

If you wear a 32AA or 32 nearly A in US standard sizing, it might make sense to size up. The Signature bra in a 32AA is very tight on me in the band and definitely too small in the cups… but the 34 fits well. My dress size is 0-2, which should give you a sense of how very tiny these bras really are.

If you want the last itty bitty bra, please contact me before you pay for it. Send an email to with “Gimme Last IBB” in the subject line.

Oddly enough, nobody has jumped on the size 32AA mesh dot Itty Bitty Couture Bra yet. It’s a little retro, and a lot sexy.

The fit is the same as the Signature Bra in cup and band size, but it shows off a little more skin at the sides. The fabric is a soft, sleek mesh — but not sheer. Tell your nipples not to worry, they won’t show in this bra.

And, aside from the one currently listed on eBay, I have a nude IBB Signature Bra still available in size 34AA.

You can snag either of these little beauties right here, and get free shipping. They are priced at $19.99 each — a savings of $30 off retail. Email me for updates on availability.

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