Feb 212012

IBB strapless sequin bra, black.

Haute couture for itty bitties.

For small-busted size AA and A-cup women, a truly glamorous bra is a rare find. There’s nothing wrong with sheer lace bralettes, but when you want to hide the headlights you need something with a bit more substance.

Fortunately, Itty Bitty Bra has come up with an ideal solution for the petite style-obsessed and curve-challenged among us: a stunning sequined strapless number, shown here in black.

This on-trend, high-style piece by Itty Bitty Bra designer Jane Hodgdon is built from the same prototype as her original strapless bra, which has been widely praised for its excellent fit. This innovative design features a U-shaped wire at the center gore. The contour cups are lightly padded for structure, coverage and support.

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The frame of the Itty Bitty Strapless Sequin bra is anchored by durable elastic sewn into the edges at both top and bottom, and a thin strip of silicone lining against the skin all the way around provides additional security. It closes in back with a sturdy two-column set of hooks. There are no underwires, but the band doesn’t ride up when I lift my arms (major points!).

All of that is great, but what’s really got me excited are the sequins. By some miracle of sophisticated sewing, they lie flat and don’t pop off or poke into the skin — and believe me, I did everything I could think of to test this while trying it on. I did handstands, yoga poses, and special moves from my personal brand of made-up karate (patent pending).

And yet: no matter how I contorted myself or what I managed to bump into while conducting my somewhat bizarre field study on this bra, the sequins remained undisturbed. Of course, it must be hand-washed… and you probably shouldn’t get too crazy on the dance floor. Whatever I did, don’t try this at home.

Sizing: best for petite AA/A/B cups. Band runs snug. XS =30-32; S = 34; M = 36; L = 38.

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