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TLBC Mercedes bra, pinkWendy and I each tried on a different size in The Little Bra Company’s Mercedes bra, so we decided to review it together.

Wendy: I really love the overall style and color of the bra, even before I put it on. I got size 30B in the gorgeous dusty pink. It’s a great color! But I’m partial to pink.

Amanda: I got a 32A in the slate gray, and it’s really beautiful. And I feel the same way about the style… elegant, well-made, high-quality fabrics.

Wendy: How did you do size-wise?

Amanda: It seems to run smaller in the cup than I expected. The fit in the band is great. In the cups, it almost works but I notice a slight quad-boob thing going on. Also, I am spilling out the sides a little. Not sure if I’ll find the B cup too large, though. I may be between cup sizes in this brand.

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Wendy: The 30B fits me very nicely in this style. I’m actually a little fuller on one side, so if I want to be super picky about the fit, I would say my fuller side might fit into a 30C if they start making that size in the Mercedes bra. TLBC recently began carrying C cups in select styles, but I believe it isn’t available for the Mercedes yet.

Amanda: What do you think of the push-up effect?

Wendy: For me, the amount of padding works really well for my body. The placement of the padding and the low cut of the demi cups give me a nice push up effect.

Amanda: I like the amount of padding, too. I can see that it would be very flattering if I had the right size. Not too much… just enough for a nicely rounded silhouette.

I also like the fact that the Mercedes cups are not spaced quite as close together as they are on The Little Bra Company Lucia. And they definitely don’t gap, which is great.

Wendy: I agree, definitely no gaps!

Amanda: That’s something this brand has really mastered. I think TLBC bras do a great job of shifting breast tissue from under the arms, inward — that’s what makes their push-up design so effective.

Wendy: True! I fit a size 30C in Lucia and there are no gaps. And I really am small-chested!
One more thing about the padding too, I love how nice and soft it is.

Amanda: Yes! It’s really smooth and soft on the skin.

Do you have any problems with getting the band to stay anchored when you lift your arms?

Wendy: Not with this bra. You?

Amanda: It stays put on me better than Lucia, but I think it would be more secure with two rows of hooks… or maybe just a little more width at the back.
I really love the side boning! That goes a long way towards keeping the bra in place.

Wendy: Me too! And on me the side boning sits at just the right place. Are you going to try the Mercedes in another size?

Amanda: Yeah, I definitely feel like it’s worth doing that. Really hope the 32B fits!

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  6 Responses to “Review: The Little Bra Company Mercedes”

  1. It’s a great bra! Thanks Amanda for the fun chat:)

  2. It was totally fun. I hope Renee can join us next time. :)

    Also… I’m now all conflicted about whether I really need the 32B or not. When I first tried on the 32A I was about to get my period, so my breasts were larger than usual (due to water retention and increased estrogen levels). Now, though, the 32A seems to fit much better — if not quite perfect. It is still a little small, but I feel like the B cup would almost certainly be too big.

    Anyone have thoughts on this? I’d love to hear whatever ideas people have on how to get the right bra size when each month I am consistently going up half a cup and then back down again!

  3. Just keep the 32A, and wear the stretchy Timpas during that time of month, lol! I personally wouldn’t go by the slightly bloated size, since that’s temporary… This is why I keep the stretchy bras, they are more forgiving!

    Yes, we missed Renee! I really wanted to know how her Mercedes bra worked out.

  4. Yeah, I think you’re right. The 32A is fitting much better now. Wore it today, and I barely felt it.

    Mercedes is definitely one of my new faves! Nice to have something from The Little Bra Company that fits so well in the frame and doesn’t make me feel all squished.

  5. Amanda and Wendy, I’m so sorry I missed this chat. I’ve been spending these past few weeks recuperating from a finals week from hell, migraines/ER visit, blah.

    Amanda, I just sent you an e-mail with my input on the Mercedes. :-)

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