Apr 162010
Timpa Duet Lace Demi Bra

A cup also fits bra size AA.

Now featured on my Itty Bitty Bra Guide: the Timpa Duet Lace demi, a sexy underwire half-cup style with sheer mesh lace cups that will keep you cool from now through the hot summer months to come.

No padding, no contouring, no sweaty foam lining… just a simple, stylish bra that enhances cleavage and can be worn with snug-fitting deep V-neck tees, tanks and tops.

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Timpa demi bras run small in both the band and cup, so if you like a looser fit you may want to order one band size larger than your usual. The A cup also fits AA.

I have the Duet Lace Demi in two sizes: 32A and 34A. The 32A fits very snug, as it was meant to. I wear that one with my most revealing dress (an extremely low-cut style from French Connection).

The 34A is a bit more relaxed. It has more breathing room, but doesn’t really do much as a push-up bra. On hot days, I wear it around the house with nothing on top.

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  6 Responses to “Sexy Demi Push-Up Bras”

  1. Hi Amanda,
    Could you explain to me how it enhances cleavage? You said it has no padding, no contouring, and no lining…so how does it enhance? I’ve always thought that padding/contouring is necessary for enhancement but I’m sure you know much more than me about those kinds of things :)


    • Hi Jane,

      The way this bra enhances cleavage has to do with the shape of the underwire, mostly. It gathers breast tissue from under the arms and pushes it gently inward. I also love how the mesh fabric gives a rounded look without distorting the natural breast shape too much.

      Another thing about the Timpa bra is, it fits snug in the band which makes it that much sleeker and more flattering. This is especially true for petite women who often can’t find a bra that fits properly on a small rib cage.


  2. I see, that makes sense! I really like the sound of this bra (enhancing and flattering without pushup and even no lining). My ribcage is 26 inches though…do you think I could fit intoa 32 band with this bra or would it be too big?
    If it would not be the right fit, do you know of any other bras that are similar to this that would fit my ribcage?
    what i’m after is a demi or balconette bra that fits and flatters/enhances without pushup and without foam lining. Got any ideas?

    • Unfortunately I don’t think any 32 band is going to fit you properly. I’d put you in a 28, and there could be size 30s out there that fit if they run small. Check out Nicole and Georgette from The Little Bra Company — these both come in size 28 and have no foam lining. Nicole comes with pads that you can remove.

  3. The georgette looks like a similar fit to the timpa, only it’s not as pretty :( oh well… if only the timpa carried smaller band sizes.
    But thank you for the suggestion, I appreciate it!

  4. Hey actually could you do me a favor? Could you pull out of one of these 32a timpa bras that you have and tell me the measurement from edge of one cup to the edge of the other cup? As well as how big (in inches) the gap is between the cups?
    Whenever you have time, I’d really appreciate if you could let me know!

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