May 182012

Wacoal 75830 push-up bra, black.

Wacoal 75830: yay or no way?

I’m always excited when Wacoal introduces a new bra to their excellent Petites line. It was pretty much the highlight of my week when I discovered I could wear a 32B in these!

However, their latest mini boulder-holder looks quite different from the other bras in the petite collection. I haven’t ordered one yet because I’m not sure what’s going on with this thing.

Like most of the Wacoal petite bras, it’s a push-up. The cups resemble Mickey Mouse ears, and that center gore looks like it would sit right on top of my jutting breastbone.

I’d end up with a big old blue-violet bruise in the middle of my chest by the end of the day… not so pretty.

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I own a Calvin Klein scoop-neck bra with this same type of center gore (size 32A), and it seemed to fit nicely at first. Three hours later, I felt like I was encased in an iron lung.

Obviously this meant I could not stay in a long-term relationship with the CK scoop-neck unless we made some major changes.

On the advice of Lin E., I decided to take out the underwires. With the wires removed, there is a slight gap between the middle piece and my Skeletor chest. It feels much better this way. Please don’t send the bra-fitting police after me.

Anyone else have thoughts on the Wacoal 75830? Maybe I just need to suck it up and take the pain. Bras that don’t kill us make us stronger… or something.

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  10 Responses to “Latest Wacoal Petite bra… I don’t know about this one.”

  1. Wow, that bra does NOT fit the model at all! Look how the wires–not just the gore–hang out far away from her chest! I’m pretty dubious when the bras fit the models so poorly, though I recognize that the bra manufacturer doesn’t always have a finger in the photoshoots. (Figleaves, for example, routinely photographs their models with horrible fit.)

    Have you ever tried the iBra? That whole styling and cut–all laser-cut and seamless–looks fabulous, but they don’t come in my size. It looks like it might be super comfortable if jutting, poking wires are an issue.

  2. It looks like a plunge bra… is that what they consider it?

    • Yes it is. Not sure why I didn’t specify that in the post, thanks for the clarification!

      • Oh, no worries. I was just going to add that I have a hard time with plunge bras, they almost never fit the way they should.

        • That’s interesting Mals… could it be because plunge bras are too long for your upper torso and shoulders? That’s a common problem for women built like you are, with a classically petite frame — bras always need to be shorter in the straps, cup and base, and/or narrower across the front, with less vertical coverage in the cup and usually a shorter underwire as well.

          Plunge bras tend to work best for average to tall women with a small to average bust size (32A, 32B, 32C, 34A, 34B, 34C). If you can find one that fits properly, the plunge bra cup structure gives really nice lift. You can wear a plunge bra under low-cut and v-neck tops without having to look down at your neckline every ten minutes. :) But obviously you can’t get any of these benefits if it’s the wrong size or the dimensions are not cut right for your shape.

        • That could very well be it. I always tighten my straps all the way, and usually stick with demi cups because fuller coverage almost never works.

          I have yet to find a good plunge bra. The Brooke racerback from Aerie *almost* does it, but I have to tighten the straps so tight, and the 32 band is still too big.

          Maybe TLBC will come out with a plunge bra soon.

  3. Hey Mals! Have you tried the TLBC Lucia? It’s a plunge for sure, with plenty of push-up — but it also has a really pretty lace overlay that minimizes gapping in the cups. I just bought a second one on eBay in 34B… so yeah, it runs wicked small! I’d put you in a 32A.

    xoxo Amanda

    • Oh, I forgot about the Lucia! I haven’t tried it yet. Are the straps and upper part of the cup as wide as they look in the pictures? That’s what’s been turning me off about it. I usually tend to lean more demi styles. The Bijou is my kind of bra.

      • It’s not wide anywhere, actually. Most women complain that the cups are too narrow throughout, but I think they would work really well on you.

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