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Wacoal Petite Underwire Contour Bandeau BraHi beauties. I hate to say this, but I am honestly somewhat disappointed with the latest Wacoal Petite bra. I saw the Wacoal 75316 for the first time in a photo on the Wacoal America website, and found myself distinctly underwhelmed. Still, I’m not one to judge a bra by its cover (or its internet image), so I decided to wait to pass judgment until I had seen it and tried it on in real life.

Nice of me, right? Only problem is, in real life it wasn’t much better.

I should clarify: there wasn’t anything horribly wrong with the fit. If you like the look of this bra and want to try it, by all means do that, and please let me know what you think. Maybe it’s amazing and I just haven’t given it the chance it deserves.

It worked fine on me, really, and the sizing was accurate enough. But I still felt let down when I looked in the mirror. This is an unusual thing for me with Wacoal, as typically I love how their bras look and am only disappointed when I can’t get the right fit.

In case you didn’t notice, it’s hard for me to say anything against the style of any bra spawned by my beloved Wacoal… but…

(Gulp.) All right, here it is: I think the Wacoal Petite 75316 bandeau bra is kind of ugly.

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I don’t get what’s going on with the ribbons on the straps, for one thing. It’s possible to make a little bow look pretty, obviously, but in this case it just didn’t happen. The shirring at the center is a great idea and I would love to see this done in a way that truly flatters the petite bust, but this look isn’t up to my standards.

The center seam on the bra appeared crooked and somehow unfinished, which left the shirred fabric looking strangely twisted, as if I’d put it on half-inside-out. I don’t believe this is due to my physical anomalies either. Odd as my body may be, there are bras that look beautiful on me — and on most other women as well. Some such bras have underwires and are therefore somewhat less comfortable, but sometimes they can be more supportive and create an attractively perky, rounded silhouette. This one looked and felt wrong no matter what I did to adjust it.

It’s almost tempting to think I must be the problem here. Perhaps everyone else who ever tries the Wacoal Petite 75316 will go wild for it, and I am the single lonely exception. Wait… really? Okay, but even if I’m the only woman who ever dislikes this bra, I think that means something important. So let this be a lesson to you, my lovely readers: the problem isn’t you, it’s your lingerie. Which might be ugly. The truth hurts; deal with it.

I still love you, Wacoal, because I am rising above this one unfortunate product and striving for forgiveness right now. Please don’t do this kind of thing ever again. Thanks.

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  7 Responses to “Wacoal Petite Bandeau Bra 75316”

  1. Ok, I agree it looks kind of ugly but I have been looking for a replacement for my beloved Wacoal Women’s B0012J074C – love that style bra so much because it stays in place and doesn’t ride up like to many other of my bras. So I can maybe live with some ugliness if the fit is similar, I might just try it….the bandeau style might be what I need.

  2. I hear that Debbie! If you do try it, I’d love to hear what you think.

  3. Hi Amanda!
    Speaking of bandeaus…I saw that aerie has a new one, the “hidden wire festival bandeau”. Do you think Mallory could give a review on the fit of that one since she works there??

    There’s so many bras I like from aerie but if only they carried smaller band sizes! I’m sure it would get them more buyers :) one of them being myself of course.

    • Hi Jenna,

      Mallory donates her time to this blog when she has a chance, so I can’t say for sure if she will be able to review this bandeau from Aerie. But I’ll certainly ask if she’d like to share her opinion on it.


  4. Hm, that’s disappointing. I was looking at this bra and thought about purchasing it. Though I was afraid that the style of it would overwhelm my modest bustline. Is there any lining or padding in this bra?

    • Hey Katrina, yes — it is not a push-up bra but has a foam lining built in, which is the same width over the whole cup. I’d call it somewhere between a light and medium level of padding, similar to what you get in a bathing suit.

  5. I just got this bra and I like it. I find it to be really flattering on my specific petite body shape. But to each their own. :)

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