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Wacoal petite contour push-up bra in nude.So, I felt the need to update my Wacoal Petites bra size and fit tips since I discovered that I and one of my recent small-busted clients can both wear a larger cup in these bras than we usually take.

I came to this realization after my client, Karen, measured at a 32B but felt that this size might fit too large in the cups on her. I sent her two styles from the Wacoal Petites line: one 32A and one 32B. It was a pleasant surprise for me to hear Karen was happy with the fit of both bras.

I couldn’t help noticing that Karen’s measurements and my own are quite similar, give or take half an inch. I had been wearing a 32A in one of my favorite Wacoal Petite bras, but it was feeling a little tight even without the removable push-up pads. I decided to go ahead and plunge into a B cup… and I’m glad I did.

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Like Karen, I discovered that the 32B fits very similar to the 32A in this brand — at least in the style I tried (#75627, photo top left). The only difference is a little more room in the cups.

It fits perfectly. With the pads in, there’s a hint of what Mallory K. once called “pseudo-cleavage,” but that scares me so I leave them out.

This bra has some padding already, so I really wanted to be able to wear it without the extra stuffing. The 32B still fits small enough in the band, obviously, and the wires don’t come up too high under the arms or too far out at the sides.

Now, get this: I wasn’t exactly spilling out of my 32A in this bra. It didn’t cut in at the tops of the cups, nor did it create the dreaded “quad-boob” effect that most women look for when evaluating whether they might need a bigger bra. I don’t think I’ve ever spilled out of anything in my life… I’m sure many of you can relate.

What I did notice was simply that it felt kind of tight, particularly at the bottoms of the cups where I have more volume. Going up a cup size didn’t cause any visible difference in the fit, but the 32B feels better on.

If you’re like me and Karen, you might be very hesitant to go up in the cup size in Wacoal Petites. I know all about those horrible gaps that standard-size bras cause, believe me… especially in size AA. In this style in particular, you are very unlikely to have this happen because it is designed to fit well on smaller breasts. Hence, less of that not-so-hot Grand Canyon effect.

One final word, in case you need additional convincing: I’ve also tried a 34AA in this same style, and I think it actually may have more room in the cups than the 32B.

You can purchase the Wacoal Women’s Petites Lace Front Contour Pushup Bra #75627 online through Amazon, or contact me for a complimentary fitting consultation and special discount pricing.

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  6 Responses to “Wacoal Petite Bra Sizing Guide, Part Two”

  1. Hi, Amanda! I couldn’t help commenting after I saw my name in you post. I love both my wacoal bras. It still amazes me how two different size bras can be right, but these certainly are. I can’t thank you enough for all your help with fitting!

  2. My wife would always envy those women with large bra sizes everytime we go to mall for shopping in a lingerie section. So I guess this idea would be perfect for her. Thanks!

  3. my problem with bras lies in the shaping-i have not bought a bra for over six years.my current and only bra is held together by 6 saftey pins-stretched out of shape and material is now intatters.they dont sell the bras i use to buy anymore. over the years i have ordered and shopped just about everywhere for a bra-they all give me a perky pointed effect. does not matter how much padding or pushup effect-the bra im currently wearing(WELL WHATS LEFT OF IT) use to give me a nice natural uplifted effect.ROUND AND NATURAL-not darts.every women is different in shape-so will be the effect she gets with shaping from her bra.

  4. purchased and just received today the above pictured bra but in black. oh it fit me perfect.same ole same ole-it created a horrible shape on me just like every bra out there. i actually laughed at myself.it created the pointiest boobs ive had from a bra yet-darts .i have tried every bra on this earth i can possibly try. ive wasted hundreds of dollars in returning them.(unless i bought at a store). i have no trouble finding bras my size-32a-just finding a bra that creates a nice shape-not the bullet/dart look-sharp points.lol.so ill continue to wear my 6 year old one and only bra,held together by six saftey pins with the material on parts of whats left falling off.ps. my siter a 32 a tried this bra and it gave her a nice natural shape-most bras that she tries in 32 a give her a nice shape-why is it i do not get this shape-oh and i added more padding(as if there was not enough) to see if it would give a good shape-but no.

  5. I have worn this bra for years. When I recently ordered a new one in my regular 32AA size to replace one that was getting worn out, I noticed the cups are significantly smaller. The wires and everything are just cut differently.
    I definitely need some new bras. Would you suggest trying this bra in a different size or maybe trying something from The Little Bra Company or Pink?
    I re-measured myself and a 32AA should still be my correct size.


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