Nov 282012

Model featured in the A-B cup section of Women's Health bra article.

I do not look like this.

Recently I discovered that one of the first web pages returned in a search for “32B” was an article from Women’s Health Magazine called The Best Bras for Your Size. The piece claims to offer information on the best-fitting bras for women across the spectrum, from size AA to DD+.

I have no doubt that author Kara Wahlgren means well, but her advice has obvious limitations: she mentions only one style that comes in cup sizes above G (the beautiful Arabella plunge bra by Freya). The vast majority of the bras Wahlgren recommends won’t fit anyone larger than a DD cup. Since the article fails to meet the needs of hard-to-fit women on the curvy end of the spectrum, I was skeptical about how useful Wahlgren’s suggestions would be for those of us seeking petite lingerie and/or small cup sizes.

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I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that this guide could be a lot worse. Several of the smaller bras that Wahlgren suggests are excellent. She mentions Lula Lu Petites, Huit and Eberjey as brands that fit well on A-B cups. I also approve of her endorsement of Calvin Klein’s CK One bras; these tend to fit especially well on tall slender women who are at least a 32A.

However, sizes AA and A are grouped together under the “A-cup” heading, which is not all that helpful for smaller AA-cup women who find they can rarely fill out a full 32A or 34A bra. I’m also disappointed that Wahlgren seems to think that “sexy” bras for a small bust are ones that add significant size and/or boost cleavage. And I’m sure nobody here will be shocked to learn that the photos featured in the article (such as the one shown here, top right) are mainly of C-D cup ladies.

If she were to ask our boyfriends and husbands, I suspect Wahlgren might come away with a different notion of what “sexy” means for petite/small-cup lingerie. How is it sexy to “fake it?” Granted, sometimes a bra that adds a cup size is helpful with certain types of clothing… but our significant others already know what our breasts look like, so it’s not all that hot to see them plumped up with foam padding.

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