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Finding a sports bra that is flattering rather than flattening persists as a challenge for the petite and those endowed with a delicate décolletage.

Aerie Low Impact Padded Sports Bra


Some months ago I scoured stores for affordable, tiny sports bras (affordable and tiny? Sounds like an oxymoron). I navigated deep waters in Old Navy, Target, T.J. Maxx, and Marshalls, struggling to stay afloat in sports bras cut on a non-petite scale. A bralette/training bra contraption in the children’s section at Walmart hugged my tiny rib cage well; but after examining myself from all possible angles in the fitting room, I left feeling defeated.



During my exodus to the Walmart parking lot, I lamented that I would likely have to succumb to looking like a prepubescent eight year old in my adult ballet class. I experienced an epiphany, however, as the Florida sunshine infused my brain with rays of hope: “Aerie carries sports bras!”

While the smallest band size that Aerie offers in push-up styles is too large for me, I hoped XXS in sports bras might fit. I ordered three of Aerie’s Low Impact Sports Bras, which feature removable padding and adjustable straps.

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I anxiously anticipated their arrival in the mail, and was elated to discover that not only do these sports bras fit, but they provide a very attractive shape and feature breathable side meshing.

I take full advantage of the adjustable straps, which have caused my anxiety levels to decrease dramatically—now as I stretch in the pose of downward facing dog, I do not have to worry about falling out of a poorly fitted sports bra. I sashay and leap across the floor freely, gingerly, and confidently.

It appears that Aerie still offers the Low Impact Padded Sports Bra, but under a different name: Aerie Fit Racerback Bra. But what’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would fit as sweet.

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  1. Hi all! I work for Aerie and I love your blog. I would love to chat further about some opportunities with our brand. Is there an email I can reach you at? Thanks! XX

  2. And, Renee you certainly don’t look like an eight-year-old. I’d say more like twelve. :D

    Kidding… you know I think you are a lovely little butterfly. <3

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