Jul 142012

Breathable lace bralette by Cosabella.

I do not like to wear underwire bras during the summer. In cooler weather, I like the support and shaping that wires provide, but when it’s ninety degrees in the shade… no thanks.

What is it, exactly, that the world fears will happen if our breasts are left to their own devices… without a harness or a gag? Are our womanly parts really so threatening that the lingerie market can’t even stand to acknowledge us? How sad. They’d profit more if they could adopt a more open-minded perspective.

I think my top choice for staying cool and dry is cotton. However, there are drawbacks to this sturdy natural fabric. For one thing, it doesn’t stretch or flex very well.

A bra made of rayon or nylon/spandex microfiber can be just as comfortable and cool, as long as it is lightweight and free of foam lining. One example is the Cosabella “Never Say Never Sweetie” lace bralette, shown at top left.

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Aerie Bra, Summer 2012Foam is your enemy in hot weather. Trust me on this!

If you’re concerned about not having enough nipple coverage with an unlined bra or bralette and you must wear a contour style, at least try something in cotton; for example, the Aerie Bridget cotton push-up (shown at right).

Bridget is a new style from American Eagle Aerie, and it appears to be similar to the Paige bra. It has subtle, light push-up padding and is available in cotton (actually a cotton/spandex blend).

Also in cotton, and now in a size 30 band: the Aerie Hannah multi-way demi (below). It runs on the small side in both the band and cup, and starts at size 30A.

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  1. Great post, thanks for sharing these hot weather bra suggestions. A breathable bra in this heat is a must have but the options are limited. You’d think the big labels would of cottoned (no pun intended) onto this as I’m sure there are some big bucks to be made by those who come up with a light and airy summer collection.

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