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Editor’s note: I am pleased to bring you this update on American Eagle Aerie bras, written by guest author Mallory K. She found our page on Facebook, and it only took one conversation with Mallory for me to recognize how well she was going to fit in (literally; she’s a 30A) with our itty bitty tribe here at 32aa Bra. Aerie fans, this one’s for you; enjoy. –Amanda

I work for American Eagle Aerie, and I wanted to update you guys on some of the new Aerie bras that have been released over the past year. Finding bras online that fit just right is tough, and sometimes bras even vary in size within the same brand — so we’d love to have you stop by an Aerie store for a personalized fitting. Check our website to find one in your area.

Drew: “The Party Girl”

American Eagle Aerie Bras: Drew

Double Whoa!

Coming in as a Double Whoa, Drew is the most push up that Aerie offers in a bra. She adds two cup sizes! Drew is very similar to the VS Miraculous bra, but in my experience it’s a lot softer and more comfortable to wear.

Drew does start at a 32AA; however, like the Aerie Emma bra, this one can be an awkward fit in the smaller cup sizes. There is so much padding that even on full A-cup breasts, it tends to gap at the tops of the cups.

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For the best fit in Aerie Drew, you need to scoop your breasts up into the cups and let them sit on top of the bump pads for it to really sit correctly. This works best for larger cup sizes. If it were properly proportioned for petites, this bra could be outstanding.

Sofie: “The Softest”

As Aerie’s newest full-coverage bra, Sofie offers more coverage than Aerie’s original t-shirt bra (the Katie). No padding or push-up for this bra! She’s just lightly lined with an underwire. Sofie has a ballet back and wider, double-bagged wings so it lies smoothly against your skin. No sign of a bra at all under a t-shirt. It does tend to run big in the cups and the band, however. I don’t generally recommend this one for size AA/A cups.

Also, an update on the Brooke plunge push-up and the lightly lined Ella: both are now offered in racerback! These are Aerie’s first front-closure bras. This style always offers a little extra lift, which will be nice.

We are also now carrying soft-cup underwire bustiers and wire-free bralettes. The bustiers range in size from 32B-36C, but the cups are pretty shallow. A full 32A may be able to wear the 32B.

My personal favorite among the bralettes is the Vintage Lace. It has a wide band, which gives me a little more perk than going without a bra. It’s very flattering on a smaller chest, and when paired with the Aerie Vintage Lace tanga or thong it can be very sexy.

This bralette is still very comfortable to wear all day (it has a soft inner lining, so you don’t feel the lace). I even sleep in mine sometimes. These run in sizes XXS – XL. As a 30A, I wear an XS.

Hope this helped, ladies! If you still have any questions about these bras, talk to an Aerie girl in store or call our customer service line (you can find this number at Aerie.com).

Indented text and photo copyright Mallory Kundl, January 2012. All rights reserved; used with permission.

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  26 Responses to “Aerie Bras: 2012 Update”

  1. Mallory, I wish Aerie carried band sizes 28 and 30! I think it would do really well for them.

  2. I totally agree. Yesterday I sized three 30A girls, and had to put them in a 32AA. Granted, they still have a couple more years of growing to do, but still.. ;) The need is definitely out there. I would prefer to help out a brand that i love and respect rather than one that tries to be overly sexy.

    • Mallory, you’re so right! I find it so strange that Victoria’s Secret PINK offers band size 30 but Aerie doesn’t. Can we start a petition? :-) Do you know anyone in corporate? lol!

    • Oh Mallory, another question too – whatever happened to the Aerie Medium Impact sports bra? I’ve seen reviews on it and it looks really good. But it’s discontinued I guess… :-(

      • I just saw this! Weeks – a month even! – after the conversation has been dead, haha! We actually don’t carry our medium-impact sports bras anymore. :( Sad. But our low-impact sports bras are still a great fit for smaller busts. I wear an XS and the girls stay put — and, if I pull them up and in a little bit, it creates a tiny bit of pseudo-cleavage that stays put pretty well when I’m using the elliptical! :D

        • Hah, pseudo-cleavage…love it! I have the low-impact Aerie sports bra in size XS as well. I got the one with the t-back. Fits well enough, and it’s comfy. I wouldn’t use it for anything really intense, but it works fine when I’m playing basketball. It’s a good price too. I’m thinking about getting a couple more of these.

    • Hi Mallory!
      I’m quite petite myself and since you work at aerie I was wondering if you could help me find my right size…my underbust is 26 inches and actual bust is 29 inches. What size from aerie would you suggest?

      • You sound identical to me! I’m not sure how you like your bras to fit but I like to fill out my bras all the way so I feel perky regardless of the amount of padding. (I say this because I know some of my friends wear bras that their boobs dont fill al the way) But I wear a 32a and just twist the middle a once so the band fits tight. According to the website I think I should wear a 30b or c though I own a 32b from aerie but it just doesn’t fit anything about me

        • Hey Clara! Twisting the center of your bras is a great way to make them fit better. According to your measurements, I’d recommend that you try a 30C. With an underbust measurement of 26, I don’t think anything from Aerie is going to fit you without alterations. Let me know if you need suggestions on where to shop for your size.

  3. I’m psyched to hear that Brooke is now available in a racerback. The more I wear that bra, the more I like it… but the straps still fall off my shoulders.

  4. I’m surprised you didn’t mention or give a sneak preview of the new Maddie that is out today. It sounds like it might be great for the smaller sizes, and I am just waiting to see some online reviews!

  5. The Drew was RIDICULOUS on me. So glad I could return it. Way, way too much padding actually hurt my breasts. It didn’t look at all normal/natural.

    • Thanks for the feedback. I can’t say I’m surprised, as I don’t care for the look of this bra at all.

    • @Lux — Agreed! Drew was definitely not made for petites or smaller busts. My sister is a 34B and she wears it pretty well. We carry it up to a 36D, and I think it looks best and most natural on larger cup sizes since it doesn’t add 2 cup sizes for them; it gives more shape and lift/cleavage for larger cup sizes.

  6. Hi Mallory! I had a question. I was looking on the aerie website, and of course, the models are what is considered “ideal” size. Do you happen to know what bra size (cup size) the models are? (in particular that one blonde model that models many of the aerie bras). Just good for reference.


  7. Her name is Nina Agdal. I hope this helps. :)

  8. Hi Amanda,
    Do you mind me asking (even though it may be kinda weird), where does the top picture come from?

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