Jan 142011

New Aerie Bra, 2011: Katie with Cherries I adore cherry prints. Unfortunately, cherries seem to show up mostly on dresses that are cut in the classic 1940s hourglass shape… not such a flattering style on petite slender women.

What’s a flat-chested wannabe pin-up girl to do?

So as soon as I saw this new version of the Aerie Katie bra, I pounced. It’s definitely more sweet than sexy, and I’ll never be mistaken for a ’40s vixen wearing this. My boyfriend laughed when he saw it, actually… and then he went “awww.”

Not quite the reaction you want from a guy when he sees your bra, right? “Aww” is what people say when they see pictures of kittens and baby ducks.

Oh well. I’ll settle for cute when I have to, especially when there is lace trim involved. But the matching bikini seems like overkill. I’ll wear it with my sheer black OnGossamer tanga instead, just to remind myself (and my boyfriend) how old I really am.

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  4 Responses to “Aerie Katie with Cherries”

  1. Thanks for the rec. I came across this site somehow while shopping for my 32aa wife for valentine’s day. She loves it! This goes a long way toward convincing her I actually have taste (although not all the way).

  2. I love this bra! My favorite pattern at Aerie (so far!) is the Dragonfly one. I’m going to brave the mall this morning and exchange the one I ordered online for something that fits (my usual size is too small, which is a GOOD thing, since going UP is much easier than going DOWN in size). I plan to also get the matching panties. BTW I am a grown woman, but I adore the girly prints! Stuff like this makes me feel OK about having a small chest. After all, who would look good in a cute cherries print in a full-figure bra? I also get to shop at Forever 21, probably for the rest of my life, so hey, I’m not complaining!

  3. Thank you for posting about Aerie bras – I would never have found them except for your website! I’m a 32AA and am so thrilled to find that the Katie and the Hannah not only fit perfectly but look beautiful too! Until this discovery, all of my bras came from the Target little girls section.

  4. You’re welcome, Carol. Glad we could help! Katie and Hannah are my favorites too… and it turns out I like the Brooke plunge push-up bra more each time I wear it. It takes a bit of getting used to if you normally don’t wear push-ups.

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