Apr 142012
Aerie Mia lace trim braThe lovely Mallory K. is with us once again to review the latest bra from American Eagle Aerie: the Mia, a convertible push-up style. Those of you who have been looking for a strapless bra with some padding should certainly give Mia a try. If you wear a size AA, you may need to order it from the company website, as many Aerie stores don’t carry anything under an A cup. Fortunately, the Mia is currently 40% off with free shipping! Have fun. And now, over to Mallory.

I am very excited to tell you a bit about Aerie’s new bra from firsthand experience.

The Mia is a multi-way push-up bra that mixes all the best elements of the Emma and Abigail. Mia features convertible straps that can go 8 different ways: classic, strapless, racer back, halter, v-front halter, v-front classic, 1 cross-strap, and 1 shoulder. Like the Emma, Mia also has removable air pads which give you a “Whoa” level of push (the second-heaviest level of padding that Aerie offers).

My previous favorite bra at Aerie – and the only one I used to be able to wear – was the Abigail. Then we launched the Mia a couple weeks ago. I didn’t think I was going to like it because of the air pads. But I tried it on so I would be able to give customers a good idea of how it fits. This bra fits snug. When I tried on the 32AA (the sister size to my ideal 30A), I actually got that dreaded double-bubble I constantly warn customers about! I don’t think I can accurately convey the ecstasy I felt. I haven’t spilled out of a cup my entire life!

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I purchased a 32A for myself. The band is still a bit looser than I prefer, so I wear it as a racer back to help keep it in place. The cups are rounded and provide a bit more coverage than the Abigail. Some bras create problems with the edge of the cup creating a line under t-shirts, but you aren’t likely to have this issue with Mia.

So, in summary: this is an amazing bra. Seriously, my new favorite. In my experience, smaller busts don’t do so well with a bunch of padding. But with the option of removing the air pads and converting the straps, the Mia will look great on many body types.

I recommend stopping by your nearest Aerie store to try on this new stunner. The nude color runs a little tighter than the others, so try it on in nude and a fashion color for comparison.

Main text and image copyright 2012 by Mallory Kundl. All rights reserved; used with permission.

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  19 Responses to “Aerie Mia Strapless Bra Review”

  1. Hi!

    I’m thinking of buying this bra in the nude or maybe another coloured one too but I was wondering whether you could tell me how much tighter you think it would run? I’m a 32AA normally and I can’t come into an Aerie store to try it on since I’m not from America… so I’m not sure whether I should just purchase some in 32AA or bigger?
    Thank you!!

    • Hi Tessa,
      You could certainly try ordering one. What are your measurements (underbust and fullest)? If your underbust measures less than 28″, Mia in 32AA might be a little loose around the ribs, but you can wear it as a racerback to make it fit better.


  2. Ooh… also to add, are there any other 32AA bras from Aerie you would recommend? My only preference really is it being a push up bra! Thank you so much for your help

    • It depends how much push-up you want, how you like bras to fit, and how you’re shaped. Mallory likes the 32AA Abigail, which is a push-up strapless, but I hate it. My favorites among the Aerie push-ups are Brooke and Maddie.

      • Racerback will definitely be your way to go if you measure about 28/29 inches underbust. I measure about 28 inches around and wear all of my bras racerback. Brooke racerback and the Mia are my new favorites. They are both so comfortable and flattering.

        Amanda — Abigail (the bra) and I broke up.

        • Aww… poor Abigail. Nobody loves her anymore.

        • Thank you both for the help! I did try order the Mia and the Maddie but AE had some errors with receiving my order I’m still figuring out…. not good. But I’m definitely a 32aa after doing all those measurements time and time again!!

        • I checked out the Aerie site myself tonight and it was down. I think they are doing some maintenance, but things should be working again tomorrow morning.

        • Oh no, it wasn’t that! I ordered when the website was working but there was an error window that popped up. AE didn’t receive my order but it went through on my paypal. However, after about a week of emailing with the AE customer service, they cancelled the paypal payment.. so basically I missed out on some discount codes and I have no order :( Terrible as international shipping is USD50 and so I was trying to save as much money as possible.. maybe I’ll wait until theres more codes out before trying to buy again from them. Not too happy

        • Whaaat! I’d definitely contact customer service and explain the situation fully — they should absolutely honor the previous coupons/discounts because it was a fault with their site, not your end. Call and complain – seriously! And keep me updated on it.

  3. hi,
    I haven’t tried this Mia yet and would love to but it’s impossible because I do not live in the US so obviously cannot go to their stores and try it on. :(
    and the problem is I’m in between sizes (hovering between 32 and 34 band size – aerie 32 band size fits a little too snug and their 34 band size is sadly a little too loose on me as I’ve ordered a 32B and a 34B bra from aerie online), I’m a B cup (I think a 33B would fit me perfectly but there’s no such size at aerie). I’m just a little desperate about which is the perfect aerie bra size for me because I love aerie bras so much. so any advice for me? :(
    thanks a lot! :)

    • I have the exact same problem with Aerie. I’m totally convinced that I need a 33 band in their bras, but I make do with their 32B. I add a band extender sometimes, which is something you might want to try. It’s easier to lengthen a 32 band than it is to make a 34 shorter.

      Here’s one option for where to purchase band extenders: http://www.amazon.com/Dritz-Hook-Back-Extender–Beige/dp/B000XZVXQM/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1341192813&sr=8-4&tag=smallbras

      • yes, I think that’s a great idea! thank you!
        But is Mia really that small and is it just small on the cups or the band or maybe both?
        My underbust measures around 27.5- 28 inch (31.5 inch fullest) but their 32 band always fits me snugly, I usually make do with a 32C at aerie (but sometimes the C cup is a little too big). Do you think a Mia 32C would be just fine for me? (yes with the band extender added of course!)

  4. I was looking around doing some research on smaller busted brands (I’m looking at opening a shop catering to all ends of the spectrum), and I stumbled across your blog. I have trouble believing you are, as you say, a 30A, or a 32AA. While your sister sizing is correct, you label youself ‘tiny’ and ‘petite’. I am in no way trying to criticize and offend, but please, let me point something out.

    I wear a 28JJ, and I am by no means small. I measure 27.5″ under my bust, and most fitters will place me in the 38D/DD range, because this is what they stock. Most places don’t stock under a 32 band, or over a DD cup. While I have trouble at the large busted end of the spectrum, I also have issues at the small band, which it appears you do as well.

    If the above photo is of yourself, you are most definitely in the wrong size bra. I have seen women your size fitting into 26 bands, and yes, even 24 bands. Let me point out how I know the above photos is a poorly fit bra:

    A) The underwires are sitting on top of your breast tissue in the middle, clearly indicating a too small cup.
    B) you have tissue migration near the top of your cups, where the strap meets. This is usually due to poorly fit bras (too small a cup, and too large a band – things slide around and the straps end up pushing part of your migrated tissue into your armpit, causing “bra fat”.
    C) You are clearly bulging out of the cups.

    Now I cannot see how the band fits you, but in a 32A, I can almost assure you it would be too loose. Put your fingers under the band and pull as hard as you can. If it comes away from your body more than an inch, you’re in too loose of a band. The best way to get a proper sized band is to measure around your ribs and take that as your band measurement. Full bust and plus size women tend to round their numbers down to the nearest inch (nearest even number), whilst skinny or muscular women tend to round up. You don’t need to add four inches, and a 30 band is not the smallest avialable.

    I understand skinny and muscular girls prefer looser bands as it puts less pressure on their ribs, but at the same time, 4 band sizes up is a bit extreme. I would guess you are around a 26C. For your sake, here are some photos of women wearing 26 and under bands: http://www.flickr.com/photos/76304212@N06/sets/72157629283396906/ .

    Let me know if you need more help, and please get yourself some well-fit bras! Your breasts are likely larger than you think they are! The ladies over at http://www.reddit.com/r/ABraThatFits/ will be more than happy to assist you, so please stop by and say hello!

    • Hi, thanks very much for taking the time to offer suggestions. That’s not actually me in the photo. I’ve tried on many bras in various sizes, so I know that a 28 band is way too tight to even reach all the way around my back. I can just about fasten a size 30 on the loosest hook, but it’s uncomfortable and rather difficult to breathe. I am currently wearing a 32B and this fits pretty well. I have never added four inches to my band measurement to get my size, nor have I recommended that other women do this. Best regards, Amanda

  5. By the way, I have the hannah bra in 30b which is nice and seems to fit okay – the cup “volume” itself is fine. – except I don’t quite fill in the very tops of the cups…there’s a little space, so I put it on racerback which helps. Just saying this as a reference so it might help to suggest the right size in the Mia bra for me :)

  6. My mistake: no it does not have gaps. The 30b hannah fits me nicely (in the cups at least).
    Can you suggest what size I should order in Mia?

    My underbust is like 26″ and bust is like 28″ or maybe 28.5 (but leaning more towards 28.0).
    I’m not super concerned about the band as much as I am about the cup size, because I can always shorten the band if needed.

  7. My mistake: no it does not have gaps. The 30b hannah fits me nicely (in the cups at least).
    Can you suggest what size I should order in Mia?

    My underbust is like 26″ and bust is like 28″ or maybe 28.5 (but leaning more towards 28.0).
    I’m not super concerned about the band as much as I am about the cup size, because I can always shorten the band if needed.

    Mallory, can you tell me what your underbust/bust measurements are (and same for you amanda). Just for reference :)

  8. Hey Jane, sorry it took so long for me to reply to this. My underbust measurement is currently 31″, and my fullest bust measures 33.5″.

    Based on your measurements, I would suggest trying a 30B in Mia — same size as you are wearing in the Hannah bra from Aerie. Unfortunately they do not carry band sizes smaller than 30, otherwise I would put you in a 28C. Mia does run small in both the band and cups, so you may find that this bra fits you better than others in a size 30 band.

    You can find size 28 B-C bras on Figleaves.com and also at thelittlebracompany.com. It’s worth trying a couple of those if you haven’t found the fit you need from Aerie.

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