Jan 042013

I’m totally excited right now because Mallory K., our petite contact at Aerie, has just shared some very helpful information on which of the newest Aerie bras are likely to fit best on us Itty Bitty Bra Committee members.

Both the Aerie Scarlet and Harper bras run small in the cups, I’ve found.

I prefer the Scarlet. She has the adjustable front cleavage, and the shape of the cup is actually a lot like the Emma – only not nearly as pointy! It gives a nice roundish shape.

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Mal suggested a 32B for me in the Aerie Scarlet, but she thinks I may need a 32A in Harper:

The Harper bra is very cushy and comfy, but the cups do run a bit deeper.

The Reese definitely runs big. I think it fits similarly to the Ella Gel. A lot of the Aerie bras you need to be a fuller cup size (or more full throughout the entire breast) to fit into. The best for smaller/not as full would be the Mia, Hailey, Scarlet, Brooke, and Hannah bras.

Thanks Mallory! You’re the best.

I also really like the Aerie Maddie, but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for women who are built very tiny because it seems to fit looser in the band than Hannah or Brooke. I’ve heard from several 34AAs who have found their ultimate bra bliss with Maddie.

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  2 Responses to “Aerie Scarlet, Harper & Reese Bras”

  1. I’m a small (not full!) 32A, petite but with wide-set breasts, and I can only fit the Hannah and Scarlet styles. Scarlet is my preference for more structured microfiber cups; I LOVE the adjustable front clasp because on the widest setting it fits my wide-set chest perfectly while remaining properly proportioned otherwise for my small frame.

    • Thanks! Hannah fits me well too. Can’t wait to try the Scarlet, as I’ve got somewhat wide-set breasts also. Have you ever tried Maddie? I really like how the cups aren’t too close together on that one. It does seem to run a little bigger than Hannah though, especially in the band. Just edited the post to add this info.

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