Nov 272012

I know it’s been a while since I posted here. Please don’t ever think it’s because I don’t care about you all, because I absolutely do. The thing is, I’ve had trouble trying to figure out how to present myself since my body has changed. Whoever thought it would be such a difficult thing to explain why I am no longer a 32AA? And yet, it has been quite a struggle for me to get used to my physical self at a different size.

I guess I never imagined that I would ever have issues with my weight, apart from having been aware that most people thought I was too thin. Now, I find myself facing the opposite problem: I am, for the first time in my life, in the higher range of what is considered “average” weight for my height and bone structure.

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It’s hard to get used to having curves. My breasts are still quite small, but below the waist I have filled out significantly. My current bra size is about a 32B, so obviously my 32AA bras no longer fit. It makes me sad sometimes, because I have some beautiful lingerie that is now too small for me to wear. Having said that, I believe I am at a healthy weight now. I think it is quite possible that I was too skinny in my size-zero days.

I’m just going to squeeze my eyes shut and post this, but I know I’ll be worried about what you all think. I don’t know why being thin was such a central component of my identity, but there it is… I’m not proud of it, and I never fully realized how important it was to me until I was ready to give it up.

Please realize that I am not judging any of you, no matter what your size. I know that you are all absolutely gorgeous. I hope you’ll join me and work as hard as you can to love yourself just as you are right now — body, mind and soul.

Much love,

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  18 Responses to “Hello beauties! A quick update.”

  1. Hey Amanda! why would you be worried? I’m actually glad for you: as long as your healthy, everything’s good right? nothing’s wrong with having more curves lol. But do you mind me asking (for reference), what’s your current underbust and bust measurement in inches (while not wearing a bra)?

    Also just curious, how did you get more weight? It seems no matter what I eat I stay skinny! (Which isn’t necessarily a good thing).


  2. Hi Jenna, thanks for the sweet response. :) My measurements in inches: underbust 31, fullest bust 33.5. Hope this is helpful to you.

    I think my weight gain is probably due to a combination of being on birth control, getting older, and living across the street from a fabulous bakery! I was like you for many years, right into my late twenties, so I understand not being able to gain no matter what you eat.

  3. Oh same here almost! My underbust and bust measurements are like 2 inches apart or so…my underbust is only 26 inches though. Yep I have a tiny, almost kiddish, frame.
    oh yeah I wanted to ask, did you ever get the Mia bra from aerie? If so what was ur personal opinion on it? I saw there’s a review, but I think Mallory was reviewing it so I just wanted to hear your view too.
    Also, what size do you think would fit me in it? I have a Hannah bra in 30b but Mia only comes in 32 bands and up. I heard the Mia fits tighter than other bras…that’s an upside for me though lol.


    • I did get the Aerie Mia bra, and I like it. It’s a little awkward as a strapless, but very good as a regular bra. But given how petite you are Jenna, I’m not sure that the 32AA will be small enough. Have you tried The Little Bra Company? I’m thinking their 28B might work on you.

      • No I haven’t, as they’re quite pricey! But maybe one day I will. I’m still pretty young though (only 15), so I’d rather wait a couple years when I should be nearly done growing I hope, and then spend more on those sorts of things.
        I think 28b could be a bit small in the cups because, I do have on bra from aerie (Hannah) in 30b and it fits well. So if I went down to 28 I’d probably need a 28c, as the sister-sizing rule goes :) right?
        But when i was reading the post on the Mia bra, Mallory was saying usually wears a 30a but she sister-sizes and gets 32aa from aerie. But for the Mia bra, 32aa actually happened to not fit in the cups or band (to her surprise), so she got a 32a.
        So she wears a 30a and the 32a Mia fit her. But I wear a 30b…so would the Mia in 32b fit me you think?

  4. We all still love you and I don’t see your membership to the IBBC being revoked – although you may have to be demoted. I think the broader message of this and many other blogs is to be comfortable and confident with what you have. And that is something I think many people (men and women) of all shapes and sizes struggle with.

  5. I’ve had similar “problems”–not with my bust size (unfortunately; I think I’m doomed to remain in the boyish end of the spectrum forever), but with the change in shape and weight. (Hips! Where did you come from?) It’s a weird adjustment, and not one I always like, even though I’ve settled out at a weight only five pounds more than before the whole “Oh, we’re edging towards thirty! Let’s change *all the things!*” stunt my body’s pulled. Changes are hard!

    But I agree with Brendan. I think this blog is all about being comfortable with who you are, regardless of size and shape (and changes thereto). Your attitude about it sounds like an admirably healthy one. And whatever else, you have a wealth of knowledge and an amazing gift for making others feel *good* about themselves that is desperately needed in our sometimes insecure, petite-sized world. In my opinion, you could become a DD and I’d still welcome all your input and advice! ^_^

  6. Hi Amanda! I had one last question; so you said in reply to one of my comments that your current measurements are 31 underbust and 33.5 fullest. Do you mind me asking what were your previous measurements as an 32AA? It’s helpful for reference.
    Btw, does that one rule actually work where you add 4 inches to your ribcage to get your bandsize? I’m 26 inches underbust, so would that make me a 30 band? Is this correct?
    By the way, just wanted to say I’m looking forward to more of your bra reviews especially since I have your same cup size, so now your reviews will be even more helpful for me! :)

    Thank you!

    • Hi Jenna,
      My previous measurements as a size 32AA were around 30 underbust, 31 fullest and 30 overbust.

      Personally I don’t like the “add 4″ rule for bra sizing, mainly because I find that for petites it results in a band size that is too large. Sometimes it can also recommend a too-small cup size.

      For you Jenna, measuring at a 26″ underbust, there are fewer choices available in this size so I automatically size this up to a 30″… but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t get a better fit in a 28″ band. The Little Bra Company carries size 28 and is very much in tune with the unique requirements of the very petite figure, so I would highly recommend checking out some of their bras in a 28B-C.

    • As I’m sure you’ve noticed, it’s not easy to find a 28. That’s probably your ideal size though, so definitely check out TLBC — it sounds like their 28C should fit great on you.

  7. Hi Amanda,
    Once I asked about an Aerie model and then you said something about elsa hosk being a small b cup. What’s the difference between a small b cup and a fuller b cup? Is it a measurement difference? like, a 2 inch underbust/bust difference is a small b cup, and a 2.5 inch difference would be a fuller b? Is that correct, or does it have to do more with shape?

    By the way…this may be a weird question, but how will a girl know when she’s done growing (bust-wise)? Let me just be straight-forward – I’m 15, and I have a real hard time finding a well fitting bra. I know my size is 30b (or 28c), but my problem is that every bra I have is too wide in the cups and the cups aren’t close enough together. I’m almost certain that the TLBC bras from the little bra company will solve my problem, since they are designed for frames like mine, but I don’t know if its worth investing in at the moment. I want to buy a bra that’ll last me years and fit me well for a long time, and the problem is that I don’t know if I should expect to grow more or not…if so then I’d rather wait until I reach my steady size. Is there a way for me to know if I’m done growing, and if/if not i will stay at a 30b?

    Thank you!

    • Hey Jenna,

      A B-cup bra can have anywhere between a 1.5 and 3 inch difference between the band and fullest bust. On the smaller end of that, you have some of the petite bra styles that run shallow like TLBC Mercedes (one of my favorites). I think if you’re finding that your bras fit too wide across the front, you should definitely try something just for petites like TLBC or the Wacoal Petite line. Both are excellent quality and will last for years. I understand not wanting to spend this much if you’re not done growing, so if you think your size might change try Aerie or Affinitas Intimates — these are priced lower.

      Whether your bust size continues to increase depends on a few different things so it’s hard to know for sure, but I can tell you that some girls reach their adult size by age 12-13 while others develop later and keep growing until age 18 or so. One thing that might provide a hint is how old you were when you got your first period; I was 11 and after that my breasts didn’t grow much more, maybe half a cup size. Also some girls find it helpful to look at their mothers, though that didn’t do much for me (my mom is a C-D cup, so go figure!). Everyone is different, obviously. Hope this helps!

      • Thank you for the advice! Ill probably just go with cheaper ones for now, maybe in a couple years ill invest more.
        Since you’ve tried some of the aerie bras, could you tell me how they fit in general? Particularly, are the cups wider/placed further apart? Are there any of their bras that have closer-set or narrower cups?

        Thanks again!

        • Sure sweetie, there are a few posts we’ve written on Aerie bras; just put “aerie” in the search engine on the home page and you’ll find them. The ones that have closer-set cups are Emma, Abigail, Brooke and Mia.

          For anybody that is looking for a wider fit, try Paige, Hannah, Scarlet and/or Maddie.

          Also, you said your B-cup Hannah bra fit well. Hannah is fairly true to size, in my experience, but when you’re trying them on you may want to get both a 30B and a 30C in the various styles just to see which fits better.

  8. Hi Amanda! I’m so sorry I have been so out of touch since the summer. I have been so busy, but happy! How are you doing? I think it’s great that you are a 32B. With my training schedule constantly evolving, I feel like my body is also changing. I still have a tiny chest, but my upper body is getting stronger and more developed as a result of all the aerial work I’ve been doing. That’s one thing about bra sizing, it’s always changing! Hope you are doing well:)

    • Hey girl! I’ve been good, just moved yet again to Burlingame… so things are hectic, as usual! :)

      I would so love to do what you’re doing, that’s amazing! Aerial takes serious guts. Take care!
      <3 Amanda

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