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This is a directory of small-cup and petite bras by size. Use the menu above to find your fit, and you will see a list of links to pages featuring product listings of bras in that size. The directory is not complete, so please check back often as I continue to add to it. B-cups coming soon!


figleaves: 2 for $26.50 (sold in two-packs)


figleaves: prices from $20

Linda’s Online, aka Linda The Bra Lady: prices vary. Excellent customer service; if you aren’t sure of your fit, try the live chat service.

Lula Lu Petites: prices from $38 (as of May 17, 2011). A fantastic resource for beautiful, adult bras in very small cup sizes.

Lula Lu now carries size AAA, but all of these are priced at $56 and higher.

Most flat-chested women are able to find a great fit in an AA-cup. Not all AAs are the same; some run much smaller in the cup than others.

Please contact me if you think you may need an AAA bra. I will be happy to help you figure out your correct size.


HerRoom: prices from $12. Recommended brands: Affinitas Intimates, The Little Bra Company (for small A or nearly A cups), Natori, Huit.

Lula Lu Petites: a good place to look if you are a 30 band and between an AA and A cup size. Prices vary.


figleaves: prices from $20

Linda the Bra Lady: Great selection in this size! Prices from $24.


HerRoom: prices from $11.25. Excellent selection; I especially recommend the Timpa collection, Blush, and The Little Bra Company for petite/small cup sizes.


figleaves: prices from $20

HerRoom: prices from $15

Linda the Bra Lady: prices from $24


figleaves: prices from $20

HerRoom: prices from $15

Linda the Bra Lady: prices from $29.99 (as of May 11, 2011)


Lula Lu Petite Lingerie: prices from $18 (as of May 17, 2011)

  2 Responses to “Bras by Size”

  1. Used to wear Playtex TGIF 38NA, can wear 38A depends on brand (like anyone makes them). Any suggestions?
    Thanks–Mary, Phoenix

    • Hi Mary,
      I recommend trying a Warner’s bra in 36A or 38A. These run a bit looser in the band than Playtex TGIF which is why you may be able to wear a 36. They also tend to fit small and shallow in the cup.

      You can find out more about the brand at

      Best regards,

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