Jan 162012

Felina Bra, Style 4975 I got the Felina Victoria balconette contour bra from my boyfriend for Christmas, and it’s a winner. Unfortunately, it also seems to have been discontinued… that figures. Why must this happen with so many of the bras I love? Can’t a curve-challenged chick get a break? The good news: I did find this bra still available and on sale in sizes 32A and 32B.

It’s a lovely, elegant demi-cup style with lightweight underwires that don’t come up too far at the sides — perfect if you’ve got a short torso and perky, high-set breasts. (Yes, that would be me). The balcony cut means the cups are set a bit farther apart than they are on other Felina bras, which I like; it makes for a much more comfortable fit.

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This bra runs true to size, but even if you are between cup sizes (nearly A or nearly B), the removable push-up pads will help fill any space in the cups you might have without them. The pads are thinner and more flexible than they tend to be in other brands I’ve written about (i.e. Wacoal Petites), so you can leave them in without feeling like an overstuffed turkey.

Another advantage: if you need to add additional padding, the little pockets in the cup linings make it easy to do so. The pockets are quite close to the tops of the cups, so you won’t get that awkward gap that can happen at the top edges of other push-up bras with more coverage.

The straps are plenty long enough for me, but they are set a bit wide and tend to slip if I don’t adjust them to the shortest setting I can tolerate. I worried about this at first, but I was able to wear the bra all day without feeling any desire to rip it off. When I did slip out of it, I looked carefully in the mirror for tell-tale strap marks on my shoulders; to my happy surprise, there were none.

I’ve tried other Felina bras, but never had one that fit this well. I’m planning to get in touch with a representative for the company to see if I can get some advice on a similar style that is still on the market; check back for updates on this.

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