Jan 152013

“If you don’t like what is being said, then change the conversation.”
–Don Draper

UK designer Megan Leung does’t like what is being said to women, so she is changing the conversation with her new label Meg at Midnight. Inspired by a friend who felt it was “embarrassing wearing a training bra and frustrating wearing an adult bra,” Ms. Leung saw a niche that was not properly being filled. Where other brands pack on the padding to disguise an inadequacy, Meg at Midnight celebrates the small with sexy, sheer, and pad-free pieces specifically designed to accentuate the slight figure.

Ms. Leung says: “Meg at Midnight is a designer intimatewear specializing in, but not limited to, the smaller busted woman. Our garments are carefully structured to fit and flatter rather than enhance small breasts. This is done by using a specific underwire (which makes the bras look more “grown up” as compared to a soft bra that often looks like a training bra). The materials as we use at the moment are delicate, which would not be ideal for supporting bigger and heavier busts.”

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Dec 162012

If your breasts are set wide apart, you may find that the cups of many bras are too close together to fit you properly even when you have the correct size. This is especially true for those of us who wear an AA, A or B-cup bra. If the cup is too narrow at the sides, it won’t be a good choice even though your measurements may indicate that it should fit.

I hear this complaint often from the women I work with as a fitter, so every now and then I like to offer suggestions on brands and styles for this type of figure. But how do you know if you fall into this category? Wide-set breasts are more than two finger-widths apart, according to lingerie expert Tomima Edmark. You may have noticed that you are cleavage-challenged (don’t worry, I’m in the same boat), or that you can’t find an underwired bra that feels comfortable.

If that sounds familiar, check out the following resource (after the jump) for a better fit.

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Dec 032011

Blush Lingerie - Dreamgirl push-up bra set

Pure romance.

This is a review of the Dreamgirl push-up bra, by Blush Lingerie. I learned about this company from Avec L’amour, an online intimates boutique with a special category for bras that fit well on small-breasted women. The owner, Lisa, is one of my best resources for information about size and fit — especially for AA and nearly A bras.

She’s the one who recommended I try the Natori Feathers, to which I am now completely addicted. An elegant, sophisticated piece, the Feathers bra fits me perfectly in a 32A — with no gaps in the cups. The Dreamgirl push-up, another of Lisa’s favorites (available for purchase at aveclamour.com), has a similar fit: perfect for the nearly A or fuller AA woman who tends to have trouble filling out standard A-cup bras.

In fact, I would even say this style runs a bit smaller in the cups than the Natori Feathers — but perhaps this is because I’m not used to push-ups. It certainly does its job, as far as providing lift and a bit of a boost in size.

The padding is substantial, but when I’m wearing the bra it does not look fake and does not create a significant change in the lines of my natural silhouette. I think that’s because the cups are spaced fairly wide, so you don’t look or feel squeezed (the all-too-common phenomenon I like to call “boob-smash”).

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Oct 202011

Citing major interest and ‘fantastic success’ at the CurveNY and CurveNV trade shows, UK intimate apparel maker Royce Lingerie is exploring the American market. If things pan out and their American presence reflects that of their British market, this will be great news for the stateside petite population. Continue reading »

Sep 032011

Exclusive offer: free shipping!

Get free shipping on Lilly Wiggler!

Lingerie brand Lilly Wiggler features old-school sensuality in the full range of sizes, including petite AA & A cups.

The Lilly Wiggler collections of bras, knickers, and corsets embody a unique vintage aesthetic — one that could not possibly have come from any other label. The look is not easily classified and seems to flirt with contradiction (deliberately? Perhaps…).

Black lace contour bra by Lilly Wiggler.

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Jul 112011

New from Itty Bitty Bra: Flatter Me, 40 - 48 AA - B

Finally, a size AA bra for larger women!

Jane Hodgdon, designer of Itty Bitty Bra, has a new bra collection featuring larger band sizes and wide-set, shallow cups. The line is called Flatter Me, and the bras are now available for purchase online. Sizes range from 40AA – 48B.

I was excited to share this news with you guys, but first I had a few questions for Jane about the design behind Flatter Me. As usual, her answers were very helpful and thorough.

Got an athletic build, with a wide back and small breasts? Read on to find out whether Flatter Me could be THE bra you’ve been searching for!

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Jun 262011

In this post I will be reviewing a beautiful purple nightgown by Honeydew Intimates.

Size Small, 95% Rayon, 5% Spandex

This nightgown is absolutely beautiful.

Yes, I am partial to purple, as it has been my favorite color since I was 7 years old and realized that pink was overrated.

But this nightgown truly exudes royalty and sophistication.

It hits right above my knee. The fabric is very soft and perfect for  summer nights (which is nearly every night as I live in Florida!)

With its lace straps and cute bow in the middle, I feel so feminine when wearing it.

It has adjustable straps which I wear on the smallest option–being so small-chested, it supports me perfectly and provides a very nice shape.

It’s vital that I mention the hook and eye closure feature of this nightgown. I wear it on the smallest hook and it is very comfortable.

I am so grateful that the nightgown has this option! My petite frame normally drowns in anything that is labeled size “small,” and many times even “extra small.”

This nightgown, however, was made for me. (That’s how I feel when I wear it!)

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Jun 212011

So… remember yesterday when I said these deals don’t happen every day? As fate would have it, the universe is messing with me again and I was apparently mistaken. Here are today’s members-only deals…

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Jun 202011
Libertine Bra In Black on sale for 54.99

This Libertine Bra, normally $75, is on sale for $54.99 at Beyond The Rack

I’m poor but I still love to shower my wife with lavish gifts, so I’m always on the lookout for a great deal. I’d like to do a regular Deal of the Day type thing, but these deals don’t happen every day. Instead, I’ll post them as soon as I see them and hopefully you can take advantage. Also, I’ll try to focus on good stuff – not “Buy one get one free Hanes bra at Kmart!” You can find that stuff on your own. Rather, I’ll put up the stuff you might miss.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned a deal on Between the Sheets at Zulily. That deal is unfortunately gone, but Zulily has come through again with up to 60% off Sophie B and while they don’t go smaller than a full A-cup bra, they do have some nice cute-sexy chemises and undies.

The other tiny deal today is at Beyond the Rack with bras and panties sets by Chantelle and Passionata. Bra sizes range from 32AA to 36H and undies stretch from XS to 5XL! The discount range varies from product to product but panties are less than $35 (normally $50) and the most expensive bra is $65 (usually $90). I’m kind of partial to the stripey bra to the left, but that’s just me.

Admin edit: Here's my favorite. --Amanda

Again, please note that both of these sites are members-only, but registration is free and no real personal information is collected until checkout. Also, these sales are VERY limited time only or until stock runs out.

Jun 182011

Wacoal Petite Bra 75823 Lace Back

The latest petite bra by Wacoal.

With the introduction of their new convertible lace T-back petite bra, Wacoal has won back my undying love. Not that they ever really lost it, but I was a bit put off when they discontinued my beloved 75317 petite padded t-back. Why am I so quick to forgive? Because this new t-back bra is very similar to my old favorite, only better!

As my regular readers know (thanks for listening to me complain about this yet again!), I’m terminally cursed with uneven shoulders due to scoliosis. The classic bra strap style causes me no end of problems: either the straps won’t stay up, or they are too tight and I can’t raise my arms without the band of the bra riding up.

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