Oct 092013

This past holiday season, American Eagle Outfitters Inc.’s Marketing Coordinator for Social Media contacted me after finding my 32aabra review of Aerie sports bras. She told me that they are fans of 32aabra at the American Eagle headquarters, and graciously sent me merchandise from Aerie’s limited edition holiday line to review. Incidentally, I have not been able to complete the review until now due to personal reasons. I am nevertheless honored to publish my review of the beautiful merchandise that I received from my Aerie (Faerie) Godmother.

I received four bra and panty sets, as well as additional panties that I will also review. The particular bra styles that I received are Emma and Maddie, both classified as “Woah” according to the Aerie push-up scale. I received two Emmas and two Maddies, but as all of the bras look very different from one another in spite of sharing the same fit prototypes, I have given them additional titles for clarity. I received all bras in size 32AA, and all underwear in size XS. (For reference, my go-to bra is the Little Bra Company’s Angela in size 30A.)

As you will see, I fully unleashed my creative juices in this review, which I prelude with a Spenserian sonnet (rhyme scheme abab bcbc cdcd ee, iambic pentameter). I really had fun writing this sonnet, and if you’re a literary nerd like me, feel free to dissect my verse form (I went a little rogue with the iambic pentameter in some lines).

And for those of you who just want to get on to the review already—I’m warning you, it is rather long by virtue of my having so much cool merchandise to review, so if you’re a tl;dr sort of reader, you can also scroll down to read the recap at the end of the review.

Without further ado, I introduce you to my sonnet about Aerie Godmother and the Aerie Faeries. Aerie Godmother, seeing that I have not bought myself anything pretty in a very long time, compassionately commissioned the Aerie Faeries to create these brilliant limited edition bra and panty sets and to deliver them to little me.

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Mar 032011

The Aerie Hierarchy of Push-Up Bras

Aerie Bras: Levels of Pushup PaddingI stumbled on this photo while lurking on Facebook. It inspired me to make a post about all of the above listed Aerie push-up bras, because it just so happens that I have tried all of the above listed (except for the Ella Gel).

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Jan 142011

New Aerie Bra, 2011: Katie with Cherries I adore cherry prints. Unfortunately, cherries seem to show up mostly on dresses that are cut in the classic 1940s hourglass shape… not such a flattering style on petite slender women.

What’s a flat-chested wannabe pin-up girl to do?

So as soon as I saw this new version of the Aerie Katie bra, I pounced. It’s definitely more sweet than sexy, and I’ll never be mistaken for a ’40s vixen wearing this. My boyfriend laughed when he saw it, actually… and then he went “awww.”

Not quite the reaction you want from a guy when he sees your bra, right? “Aww” is what people say when they see pictures of kittens and baby ducks.

Oh well. I’ll settle for cute when I have to, especially when there is lace trim involved. But the matching bikini seems like overkill. I’ll wear it with my sheer black OnGossamer tanga instead, just to remind myself (and my boyfriend) how old I really am.

Aug 132010

I’m pleased to report that two of my favorite brands that make bras in size AA have been venturing into more sophisticated style territory lately. They now come in a greater variety of on-trend colors, prints and materials.

The Aerie Ella Gel, a comfy push-up bra in very soft microfiber, has been looking rather runway-inspired in her most recent incarnations. I love the black-and-white prints in particular.
Aerie Ella demi gel push-up bras
For those who prefer simple solids, Ella also comes in a collection of desaturated, understated colors that you don’t often see in bras made for teens.

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Jul 032010

I don’t know how the weather is over by you, but here in Boston we are well aware that summer has arrived… and it’s getting out of hand. It’s not the heat I mind so much as the humidity — the sweaty/sticky factor that makes you want to rip all of your clothes off, all the time.

So I’m kind of on a mission to see how little I can get away with wearing out in public. I’m doing the bra-as-crop-top thing on a regular basis, as well as the girl-boxers-as-real-shorts thing. This is a nice advantage of being small-busted: it’s pretty hard for a body like mine to shock anyone, no matter how inappropriate or skimpy my attire.

Anyway. So here’s what I look for in summer bras: breathable fabrics (cotton, mesh nylon, silk); a range of blissful summery colors, from basic solids to playful prints; and simple, lightweight styles with minimal padding and other such nonsense.

That’s why I’m all about these two Aerie bras, soon to be added in the store:

American Eagle Katie Bra, 34AA

Aerie Katie polka dot bra in aqua/orange

American Eagle Cotton Demi Bra, size 32AA

Aerie Hannah Cotton Bra

Both are sold out in size AA on the AE website. The Katie bra is simply delicious in aqua and white, with just a bit of orange lace trim and a delicate, sheer center bow. Hannah in basic navy cotton is a nice alternative to black microfiber for hot weather — it’s a bit softer, more breathable, and less formal.

May 212010

Because I can’t wait for summer, and I love these colors. Maybe someone artistic will take pity on my total lack of graphic design talent and, like, make me a little bra blog logo?… :)

Summertime, and...
Summertime, and… by amandapants
May 182010

It’s small bra savings time on VS and American Eagle Aerie! The more size AA bras I can sell directly to my readers, the more I can save on eBay fees… plus I honestly love selling to you guys. Every time I get an awesome email from a petite reader who has been desperately seeking bras that fit, it totally makes my day.

Aerie Hannah cotton dot bra, size 34 AA.

So, here’s what I’ve got for you now:

  • Victoria’s Secret Pink cotton t-shirt bras, size 32AA – black
  • …and…

  • American Eagle Aerie cotton bras, Paige push-up or Hannah racerback, size 32AA or 34AA.
  • All bras mentioned in this post are $16.99 each, with free shipping… or $30 for two.

Interested? Contact me at info@32aabra.com to buy.

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Apr 292010

If your bra cup size is AA, keep an eye out for my latest petite lingerie on sale this week. I’ll be listing several AE Aerie bras in 32AA and 34AA.  All are current 2010 styles, new with tags and still sealed in American Eagle branded packaging.

American Eagle Aerie Hannah Cotton Denim BraAmerican Eagle AE Aerie Katie Black/Pink Leopard BraAerie Emma Push-Up Removable Pad Bra

Also, I have just one Aerie 32AA Hannah black mesh lace demi left… so if you’ve had your eye on this beauty, this is your last chance to get it! Bid now for a chance to pay just $9.99.

Feb 232010

I forgot to post this week’s small bra savings! But there’s still time. These are for the two American Eagle Aerie everyday bras I have on sale. If you win the auction for either Sasha or Hannah, send the code in the subject of an email to info@32aabra.com for a free gift… hint: designer lingerie by Jezebel. Codes after the jump…

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