Jul 142012

Breathable lace bralette by Cosabella.

I do not like to wear underwire bras during the summer. In cooler weather, I like the support and shaping that wires provide, but when it’s ninety degrees in the shade… no thanks.

What is it, exactly, that the world fears will happen if our breasts are left to their own devices… without a harness or a gag? Are our womanly parts really so threatening that the lingerie market can’t even stand to acknowledge us? How sad. They’d profit more if they could adopt a more open-minded perspective.

I think my top choice for staying cool and dry is cotton. However, there are drawbacks to this sturdy natural fabric. For one thing, it doesn’t stretch or flex very well.

A bra made of rayon or nylon/spandex microfiber can be just as comfortable and cool, as long as it is lightweight and free of foam lining. One example is the Cosabella “Never Say Never Sweetie” lace bralette, shown at top left.

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Sep 102011

The Zee Bra! by Lynn Saussy - Nude

The new Zee Bra in nude.

Lynn Saussy, the fabulous designer behind the Zee Bra, recently contacted me with great news: her incredibly comfortable and flattering wire-free bra has been updated!

It now comes in nude as well as black and white, and Lynn has made several key improvements to the design. Specifically, she and her team have changed the following details:

  1. Lengthened the straps by two inches, and changed the adjusters so they lay flatter against the back.
  2. Made the pockets inside the cups wider so it’s easier to insert your own breast forms/pads if you want.
  3. Doubled up the front panel in the white and nude Zee Bras! so you can’t see the pads through it.
  4. Changed the design of the outside pad — it now has tapered edges.
  5. Moved the tag inside the pocket.

Check out my review of the new Zee Bra after the jump.

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Feb 182010

Honeydew Intimates Ruffle Mesh Bra, size 28-30 AAYikes. I’d never tried a Honeydew bralette before, but had heard good things… so I was pleased when I managed to get one new with tags at an online sample sale for a fraction of the retail price. Well, girls, to be perfectly honest: this bra does not travel well.

I had high hopes, but it arrived all mashed up in a tiny plastic bag. Total nightmare! It should have been sent in a box with tissue paper, attached to a hanger. The tag says “do not iron,” so all I can do is wait for it to sort itself out in the closet… but until then, I think I have at least a tentative sense of the correct size (after spending about twenty minutes coaxing the unfinished edges and vertical seams into place).

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Jan 192010

Biatta BraMy latest lingerie purchase: a Biatta soft-cup bralette with removable pads. Sizing: S (32-34) / M (36) / L (38); all will fit AA, A and B cups.

It comes in white (shown here), black, nude, and several other pretty colors. I ordered the black in a size small. I’ll probably cut off the little bow, if possible, for a smoother fit under tight T-shirts.

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