Jan 292012
Editor’s note: I am pleased to bring you this update on American Eagle Aerie bras, written by guest author Mallory K. She found our page on Facebook, and it only took one conversation with Mallory for me to recognize how well she was going to fit in (literally; she’s a 30A) with our itty bitty tribe here at 32aa Bra. Aerie fans, this one’s for you; enjoy. –Amanda

I work for American Eagle Aerie, and I wanted to update you guys on some of the new Aerie bras that have been released over the past year. Finding bras online that fit just right is tough, and sometimes bras even vary in size within the same brand — so we’d love to have you stop by an Aerie store for a personalized fitting. Check our website to find one in your area.

Drew: “The Party Girl”

American Eagle Aerie Bras: Drew

Double Whoa!

Coming in as a Double Whoa, Drew is the most push up that Aerie offers in a bra. She adds two cup sizes! Drew is very similar to the VS Miraculous bra, but in my experience it’s a lot softer and more comfortable to wear.

Drew does start at a 32AA; however, like the Aerie Emma bra, this one can be an awkward fit in the smaller cup sizes. There is so much padding that even on full A-cup breasts, it tends to gap at the tops of the cups.

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Dec 162011

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to discover bralettes.  The bralette is the perfect in-between solution to a proper (e.g. underwire) bra and going without (which is never acceptable outside the house in my book.  But don’t get me started on that).  Or actually, I should say, the padded bralette is the solution. Because really, what’s the point of an unpadded bralette for the AA-contingent?  There are, of course, lined bralettes.  But since they offer nothing in support, they’re again sort of pointless for us small girls.

Anyway, getting off track…  Back on track now!  Enter: the Coobie Seamless Bralette.  The Coobie website describes their seamless bralette as “…simply the most amazing bra you’ll ever buy. Ultra comfortable, supportive, and inexpensive – it’s the perfect combination.”  From my experience, this is accurate.  The bra is ridiculously comfortable and its removable pads are substantial, so it rivals regular bras in support.  Also, it is “one size fits most” and that includes 34AA (it fits me perfectly).

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Jun 212011

So… remember yesterday when I said these deals don’t happen every day? As fate would have it, the universe is messing with me again and I was apparently mistaken. Here are today’s members-only deals…

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Jun 052011

After reading through a few older articles here a while back, I discovered that members-only sites like Ideeli are great resources for saving money on high-end stuff. I immediately sought out and signed up for as many of these sites as I could. (I even found some clothes for myself.) So when I wrote that I was looking for summer birthday gift ideas, Amanda suggested Between the Sheets. Lo and behold, in today’s email, Zulilly, which typically features 90% baby/kids stuff has Between the Sheets lingerie on sale in their Womens section. If you’re not familiar with Between the Sheets, check out Amanda’s article here.

It is worth noting: Registration is required to take advantage of these sites, but registration is free and they don’t ask for any credit card info until you actually buy something.

Apr 202011

Bullet-proof sensuality.

Not to get too graphic, but one of the things I like about lingerie is how it feels to me on her. And I’d like her to be able to feel me feeling her. While comic book proportioned padding  which adds two cup sizes may serve a purpose (to stop a bullet?), for me, it takes away from the sensuality of the piece.

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Jul 252010

Flower Child Mesh Bra - Fits PetitesOn sale at ideeli right now: Lucky Brand bras, panties, camisoles, lingerie and loungewear in playful, pretty colors and prints.

I’ve always liked Lucky jeans for their laid-back, straightforward styles and a fit that actually accommodates real women’s curves (like many of us, I’ve got a bit more going on in the back than up top).

I have not tried their bras or panties, but the camis fit true to size. Since these are lightweight bralettes, I’m guessing they will fit petite A-B cups…. not sure about size AA.

Anyone who buys one of the bras, please report back to let us know how it fits? Thanks! I’m going for a pair of $7 panties, myself.

If you aren’t a member of ideeli, you can join from the link in this post.

Jun 072010

zee bra by Lynn SaussyHere it is, finally: my review of the Zee Bra, Lynn Saussy’s new product for small-busted women. Apologies to Lynn for the delay.

Review summary: highly recommended wire-free bra, especially for band sizes 34 and larger. If you are a petite AA, order one band size smaller than your usual.

I’ve rated the Zee Bra on a five-star scale in three key criteria: fit, comfort, and style. Read my full written review after the jump.

  • Fit:
    Rating = 3 out of 5 stars.
  • Comfort:
    Rating = 5 out of 5 stars.
  • Style:
    Rating = 4 out of 5 stars

I received this exciting new small-cup bra in a 32AA/A (all Zee Bras are designed to fit size AA through A cups). It pulls on over the head like a bralette… but that’s pretty much where the similarities end.

Unlike most bralettes, this product has removable pads, adjustable straps and a wide band (it comes down about an inch below the sternum on me). Above the band and just below the bustline, there is a seam that adds a bit of structure and helps keep the pads in place inside the bra cups.

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Jun 022010

T-Box is a line of simple, summery beach wear in bright colors and happy prints. I get all bouncy just looking at their pretty little bikinis, cover-ups and skinny-strap bralettes. All of these are very reasonably priced already, and right now they are on sale for 50% off at ideeli. The bras are just $7 each! It’s only on for one more day, but there’s still plenty left as I’m writing this.

T-Box Beach Cover-upI’ve got more bras and bikini tops than I know what to do with already, so I decided to go for the strapless swim cover-up in white (pictured at left) with butterflies and berries on it. Delicious.

T-Box sizing is quite small, and their triangle bikini tops will fit just about anyone (among the itty bitty titty committee, anyway — I wouldn’t recommend these for curvy girls). Same deal with the bra tops. Haven’t tried their undies so I don’t know how those fit, but they come in 3-packs with several different styles included… so keep whatever fits and give the rest to your sister.

May 112010

Update, May 11: The Cosabella sale is disappointing. They have a few pretty camisoles, but no wire-free bras or bralettes… and nothing in the petite size. Sadface.

Is this a giraffe? Who cares, it's on sale.Designer lingerie by Cosabella is on sale at Rue La La starting tomorrow (May 11, 2010) at 11am ET.

This brand is not for everyone. The underwire bras use Italian sizes, which run from 1 to 5. Size one is supposed to fit a 32A, but the push-up bra I tried on had even more extra room in the cups than I expected. The band fit well, but seemed to run a little tight.

If you are a small A or AA cup, don’t bother trying any of Cosabella’s underwire bras unless you are a fan of silicone inserts (chicken fillets).

And, honestly, I don’t think anyone should be doing the bust-enhancing bra insert thing during the summer. Those things do not allow the skin to breathe. You could end up with a serious case of athlete’s boob (is it possible to grow fungus on one’s breasts? Probably not, but sweat trapped under a layer of silicone is still gross).

Anyway. Cosabella also makes wire-free bralettes and soft-cup bras, and these come in four sizes: petite, small, medium and large. If you are a 30A or 32AA, the petite should fit you.