Mar 082011

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Layla la Lingerista

In celebration of International Women’s Day, I’d like to use today’s post to highlight a personal heroine of mine in the lingerie business.

Layla L’obatti, designer of the luxury label
Between The Sheets Lingerie, is a major force of energy and ambition in a laid-back, feminine package. Her personal power suit is a flattering set of modal intimates and lounge wear that hugs every curve.

I met Layla on Twitter and we clicked right away. I was thrilled to discover such a clever, funny, friendly and gracious person — one who clearly shared my interest in lingerie that women wear just for themselves.

That’s the principle behind Layla’s designs: they are conceived by a woman, for other women, because we are the ones who know our bodies best.

I was already a huge Layla fan by the time I got to try one of her lingerie sets, but still I somehow didn’t expect to be so completely blown away. Silly me!

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