Jan 152013

“If you don’t like what is being said, then change the conversation.”
–Don Draper

UK designer Megan Leung does’t like what is being said to women, so she is changing the conversation with her new label Meg at Midnight. Inspired by a friend who felt it was “embarrassing wearing a training bra and frustrating wearing an adult bra,” Ms. Leung saw a niche that was not properly being filled. Where other brands pack on the padding to disguise an inadequacy, Meg at Midnight celebrates the small with sexy, sheer, and pad-free pieces specifically designed to accentuate the slight figure.

Ms. Leung says: “Meg at Midnight is a designer intimatewear specializing in, but not limited to, the smaller busted woman. Our garments are carefully structured to fit and flatter rather than enhance small breasts. This is done by using a specific underwire (which makes the bras look more “grown up” as compared to a soft bra that often looks like a training bra). The materials as we use at the moment are delicate, which would not be ideal for supporting bigger and heavier busts.”

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Jun 132012

Mary Phelps Jacob revolutionized the undergarment world in 1913 when she combined two silk handkerchiefs and some string to create the first “modern” brassiere. Since then, countless designers, manufacturers, and retailers have claimed to revolutionize Ms. Jacob’s invention. From synthetic fabrics and underwires to retail hanging racks and personal fittings, the bra experience is still evolving and is still a long way from perfect. Today, a handful of new tech-savvy lingerie startups aim to take your bra experience one step closer to perfection.

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Nov 172011

Adore Me While I am (arguably) adorable, that is not a command. Adore Me is the latest website to toss its hat garter into the ring of private sale sites. It’s not a flash- or sample-sale site, though, where you have to jump on the deal right away or you lose it. Rather, they offer a personalized selection of bra/panty sets, tights and stockings, and an “accessory” section which consists of less-than-practical evening wear. Overall, the site has a lot of potential. There are some great features, but there are also plenty of pitfalls. We’ll nit-pick the hell out the site but first let’s take a look at how it works. Continue reading »

Oct 202011

Citing major interest and ‘fantastic success’ at the CurveNY and CurveNV trade shows, UK intimate apparel maker Royce Lingerie is exploring the American market. If things pan out and their American presence reflects that of their British market, this will be great news for the stateside petite population. Continue reading »

Jun 212011

So… remember yesterday when I said these deals don’t happen every day? As fate would have it, the universe is messing with me again and I was apparently mistaken. Here are today’s members-only deals…

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Jun 202011
Libertine Bra In Black on sale for 54.99

This Libertine Bra, normally $75, is on sale for $54.99 at Beyond The Rack

I’m poor but I still love to shower my wife with lavish gifts, so I’m always on the lookout for a great deal. I’d like to do a regular Deal of the Day type thing, but these deals don’t happen every day. Instead, I’ll post them as soon as I see them and hopefully you can take advantage. Also, I’ll try to focus on good stuff – not “Buy one get one free Hanes bra at Kmart!” You can find that stuff on your own. Rather, I’ll put up the stuff you might miss.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned a deal on Between the Sheets at Zulily. That deal is unfortunately gone, but Zulily has come through again with up to 60% off Sophie B and while they don’t go smaller than a full A-cup bra, they do have some nice cute-sexy chemises and undies.

The other tiny deal today is at Beyond the Rack with bras and panties sets by Chantelle and Passionata. Bra sizes range from 32AA to 36H and undies stretch from XS to 5XL! The discount range varies from product to product but panties are less than $35 (normally $50) and the most expensive bra is $65 (usually $90). I’m kind of partial to the stripey bra to the left, but that’s just me.

Admin edit: Here's my favorite. --Amanda

Again, please note that both of these sites are members-only, but registration is free and no real personal information is collected until checkout. Also, these sales are VERY limited time only or until stock runs out.

May 292011

So the little woman has a summer birthday coming up and I was thinking of an intimate gift that balances sexy, practical, and luxurious. Since she works mostly outdoors in a job that does not allow shorts and makes skirts simply impractical, I was thinking silk undies. So, ladies, what kind of silky treasures would you want for your summer birthday? Leave your suggestions in the comments section. Keep in mind two things: a swimming pool is out of the question and I’m working on a tight budget.

Mar 112010

I’m in the process of creating a separate small bra savings RSS feed for my auction listings. I want to shift the main focus of this site a bit to include more detailed reviews of petite sized designer lingerie and everyday A-cup intimates. Current listings of bras I have on sale will be displayed in the sidebar. For now, view all of my lingerie auctions here.

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Jan 102010

Wacoal Petite Push-Up Convertible Bra size AAI’m still mad at Wacoal for discontinuing the best little bra ever (see earlier posts). But I must say, this convertible style with optional lace straps and flattering details is a serious contender for my new favorite.

I got it in black as a Christmas gift from my boy. After the disappointment of the Isabel balconette from AE Aerie, I am thrilled to have such a lovely consolation prize. Continue reading »

Dec 212009

Sleek, simple, sexy: the little black dress of bras. If you’re scrambling to get all your holiday shopping done, gift certificates are a quick and easy last-minute solution. Just make sure to give it a personal touch — something to let the recipient know you spent some time thinking about what she would like.

My suggestion: get your wife or girlfriend a gift card from a designer lingerie boutique, and offer to go with her to pick out a luscious little indulgence or two. If she’s not the type to go for ruffles and lace, find a place that stocks elegant, classic bra sets from labels like On Gossamer, Chantelle, Lejaby, Huit, and Simone Perele. These high-end luxury brands make figure-flattering intimates in styles featuring sleek, clean lines and the simple beauty of a perfect fit.