Feb 212012

IBB strapless sequin bra, black.

Haute couture for itty bitties.

For small-busted size AA and A-cup women, a truly glamorous bra is a rare find. There’s nothing wrong with sheer lace bralettes, but when you want to hide the headlights you need something with a bit more substance.

Fortunately, Itty Bitty Bra has come up with an ideal solution for the petite style-obsessed and curve-challenged among us: a stunning sequined strapless number, shown here in black.

This on-trend, high-style piece by Itty Bitty Bra designer Jane Hodgdon is built from the same prototype as her original strapless bra, which has been widely praised for its excellent fit. This innovative design features a U-shaped wire at the center gore. The contour cups are lightly padded for structure, coverage and support.

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Jan 132012

Itty Bitty Bra - Wire-Free ConvertibleOne of the top brands for petite lingerie in the United States, Itty Bitty Bra, has come out with a new convertible model. This is great news for those of us who struggle with slipping straps.

The IBB convertible strap bra is a wire-free style with triangle-shaped contoured cups and a narrow band. It closes in back with a single row of hooks (like the classic Itty Bitty Signature Bra). The straps are detachable and can be worn cross-back, halter-style or classic.

The description of this bra on the IBB website does not mention the fact that it is a wire-free style. I would have preferred an underwire, because with the narrow band and only one row of hooks in back, there isn’t much support.

If you’re between band sizes, definitely order the smaller size — otherwise it will ride up (a common problem with wire-free bras). Sizes come in Extra Small (32), Small (34), Medium (36), and Large (38). Cup sizes are all AA/A; I would not recommend this bra for B cups.

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Oct 282011
Barely AA? IBB to the rescue!

Not Charis. :)

Editor’s note: Charis contacted me for advice on sizing. According to her measurements she needs a 34AA, but is on the smaller end of an AA cup; as a result, she’d had trouble finding bras in this size that did not gap. I suggested Itty Bitty Bra in a 34A, because this brand runs very shallow in the cup and relatively true to size in the band compared to more exclusively petite labels like The Little Bra Company. Here’s what Charis has to say about the Itty Bitty Signature Bra and its sister style, which features removable inserts for optional enhancement.

I could hug Jane Hodgdon. Hodgdon is the creator and lead designer of the Itty Bitty Bra – which has changed my life. That might sound hyperbolic, but it’s coming from roughly 15 years of frustrated bra shopping. Before I tried the IBB, I settled on ill-fitting bras (ranging from not quite fitting properly to really not fitting at all) as I didn’t think there was any alternative. And shopping for specialty bras (like strapless, etc.)? Forget about it. As I’m sure Hodgdon (and her IBB customers) will tell you, the market is not a kind place for us small girls. Even with my better-fitting bras (and I’ve tried on many), I’m tugging and adjusting throughout the day.

But no more! I feel like the Itty Bitty Bra was custom-made for me. It fits. The most amazing part is the cup fit: the cups lay flat against my chest (yay!). There is absolutely no gapping and no weird puckering (yay again!). The 2-hook back closure secures the fit, and the shoulder straps are sturdy, adjustable, and very comfortable.

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Jul 112011

New from Itty Bitty Bra: Flatter Me, 40 - 48 AA - B

Finally, a size AA bra for larger women!

Jane Hodgdon, designer of Itty Bitty Bra, has a new bra collection featuring larger band sizes and wide-set, shallow cups. The line is called Flatter Me, and the bras are now available for purchase online. Sizes range from 40AA – 48B.

I was excited to share this news with you guys, but first I had a few questions for Jane about the design behind Flatter Me. As usual, her answers were very helpful and thorough.

Got an athletic build, with a wide back and small breasts? Read on to find out whether Flatter Me could be THE bra you’ve been searching for!

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May 072011

Did you know that Victoria’s Secret was founded by a man? The guy wanted a place where men could feel comfortable shopping with their wives for lingerie. Years later, he sold the franchise rights and then jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge. Today there are over 1,000 stores and after more than 30 years, I still don’t feel comfortable walking into one of their stores (let alone walking around the mall with one of those bags). And thanks to the internet, I don’t have to.

The problem, however,  with online shopping is that you never really know what you’re going to get until it arrives and due to the “intimate nature” of intimate apparel, many online retailers (or eBay sellers) don’t take returns. As a result, I have a few small things for sale.

Check out the listings here: http://bit.ly/mOSO6I. Photos after the jump.

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Mar 252011

Available in white, nude, black and pink.

And voila! You're an A cup.

One thing about the Itty Bitty Bra I can certainly vouch for–the name is very appropriate! This is one seriously small bra.

Most bra size calculators tell me that I am a size 34AA. This seems about right. Whenever I try size 34A “grownup” bras (sized for women, not teens), I always have some space left over in the cups. The band is usually about right.

When I tried to figure out my size using the Itty Bitty Bra fit instructions, I got a bit confused.

  1. First, they have you add six inches to the band measurement. OK, so that’s 36 for me.
  2. Then, take the full bust measurement, which is 34 inches for me.
  3. The final step is to take the difference between the two measurements
  4. –BUT they don’t say which number to subract from which.

Usually, you subtract the band measurement from the full bust measurement. In which case, I measure a negative two! If it’s the other way–the full bust from the band–then I am a two, which means in their fit guidelines, I am an A cup.

Quick aside — why can’t we agree on a fitting method for bras? Wouldn’t it be a dream to walk into a store, buy any bra that’s your size, and know that it will fit without having to try it on? Why is that so hard? Why can’t we size women’s clothing like men’s? Guys never have to try on underwear.

OK, meanwhile, back at the review…

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Mar 182011

Itty bitty sizes, huge style!

Itty Bitty Bra and The Little Bra Company have one thing in common: both are petite lingerie brands designed to fit small-boned, slender women with tiny breasts.

But that’s pretty much where the similarities end. While The Little Bra Company (TLBC) specializes in push-up styles and hard-to-find band sizes, Itty Bitty Bra (IBB) is all about celebrating the small-cup figure.

The IBB look is sleek, smooth and minimal. Padding is either very light (Itty Bitty Signature Bra), or optional (Removable Pad Bra).

In this review I’ll focus on one of IBB’s latest, as of spring 2011: the H-pattern bra with removable pads (above).

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May 282010

Baby ZebraThe title of this post was my first thought when I came across Zee Bra, a new product made for small-busted women.

Yes: women. Turns out it’s not for zebras, nor is it available in the almost-too-trendy zebra print design that I’m actually getting tired of anyway. I mean, did you see that giraffe bra in the Cosabella sale at Rue La La? Kinda bizarre. This animal print lingerie thing is maybe getting a little out of hand.

But I digress. Zee Bra appears to be a very new product; the website describes it as a bra for AA and A cups, but there is no size AA in the “Buy Now” menu. So I wrote to the designer, Lynn Saussy, to see what the deal is with sizing.

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May 102010

Update: As of 5/18, I have sold all of the IBBs I had available. More coming soon, I hope — stay tuned. Thanks everyone!

If you wear a 32AA or 32 nearly A in US standard sizing, it might make sense to size up. The Signature bra in a 32AA is very tight on me in the band and definitely too small in the cups… but the 34 fits well. My dress size is 0-2, which should give you a sense of how very tiny these bras really are.

If you want the last itty bitty bra, please contact me before you pay for it. Send an email to info@32aabra.com with “Gimme Last IBB” in the subject line.

Oddly enough, nobody has jumped on the size 32AA mesh dot Itty Bitty Couture Bra yet. It’s a little retro, and a lot sexy.

The fit is the same as the Signature Bra in cup and band size, but it shows off a little more skin at the sides. The fabric is a soft, sleek mesh — but not sheer. Tell your nipples not to worry, they won’t show in this bra.

And, aside from the one currently listed on eBay, I have a nude IBB Signature Bra still available in size 34AA.

You can snag either of these little beauties right here, and get free shipping. They are priced at $19.99 each — a savings of $30 off retail. Email me for updates on availability.

May 052010

So, I’m sure lots of you saw this coming… I’ve been talking about the Itty Bitty Bra Company for months now. It’s about freaking time for me to offer you guys a few of their bras on sale, right?

Well, if you insist! Here’s what I’ve got in the classic IBB Signature Bra: 34AA — nude, black; 32AA — pink. I also have the polka dot mesh Couture Bra in a 32AA.

Itty Bitty Bra Company Couture Bra

IBB runs very small, especially in the cup… we’re talking major spillage potential. That’s what happened to me with the 32AA, but fortunately the 34AA is a good fit.

So here’s the secret sequel part: I’m going to set one itty bitty bra in each size aside and offer these exclusively to my readers for sale. I could do this as an auction, or at fixed price.

If you want to score a brand new Itty Bitty Bra at a savings of at least 50% off retail, reply to this post in a comment or email me at info@32aabra.com with your size (32AA or 34AA) and the color you want.

If lots of people want these, I may set up a couple of auctions and let you all fight it out starting at $9.99. But please, girls, this is not a tug of war… respect the IBBs.