Nov 282012

Model featured in the A-B cup section of Women's Health bra article.

I do not look like this.

Recently I discovered that one of the first web pages returned in a search for “32B” was an article from Women’s Health Magazine called The Best Bras for Your Size. The piece claims to offer information on the best-fitting bras for women across the spectrum, from size AA to DD+.

I have no doubt that author Kara Wahlgren means well, but her advice has obvious limitations: she mentions only one style that comes in cup sizes above G (the beautiful Arabella plunge bra by Freya). The vast majority of the bras Wahlgren recommends won’t fit anyone larger than a DD cup. Since the article fails to meet the needs of hard-to-fit women on the curvy end of the spectrum, I was skeptical about how useful Wahlgren’s suggestions would be for those of us seeking petite lingerie and/or small cup sizes.

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Feb 012012

Petite racerback bra by Lula Lu.

Wear the straps classic or cross-back.

When I first saw the convertible racerback by petite lingerie label Lula Lu, I had no idea what a miracle it would turn out to be. It’s a practical, no-frills bra that is designed for everyday wear, not as a beautiful boudoir piece.

The magic happened when I put it on, glanced at myself in the mirror and nearly gasped in surprise: it fit… perfectly. Like Cinderella’s glass slipper, but on my very own barely-there boobs. OMFG, hell YES (this is what Cinderella says in some version of the story, I’m sure).

I spent the next ten minutes posing in various model-like positions, feeling gorgeous and sexy. The whole time, no matter how I twisted and turned and stretched my arms in every possible direction, the bra did not shift or gap. It stayed right where it was supposed to be, like a loyal friend.

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Apr 202011

Bullet-proof sensuality.

Not to get too graphic, but one of the things I like about lingerie is how it feels to me on her. And I’d like her to be able to feel me feeling her. While comic book proportioned padding  which adds two cup sizes may serve a purpose (to stop a bullet?), for me, it takes away from the sensuality of the piece.

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Jul 142010

A bra to fit the tiniest AAA-cup breasts.For all my frustration with the lingerie market and its failure to make a decent variety of bras in my size, I suppose I should concede one thing: it’s even worse for all the lovely little AAA-cup women and girls out there.

Fortunately, Lula Lu has made big progress in designing tiny bras. Their latest work of genius: Desiree, a stunning fuschia mesh demi embellished with an intricate black lace overlay. This style is available in both AA and AAA cups (band sizes 32, 34, 36… no 38 yet).

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Dec 132009

You don’t need to hide your size AA or A breasts under a mega-padded, gravity-defying torture device. Sure, a little enhancement can be great under some circumstances (I wear padded bras under suit jackets and tailored tops, otherwise they gap and sag). But there’s a refreshing new trend beginning to catch on among stylish, confident, beautiful women of all sizes: lingerie that celebrates us and our bodies, just as we are. Continue reading »