Apr 182012
"Fleur" bikini by Panache

Here are a few great links to visit for the latest in lingerie: news, deals and more.

Starting tomorrow (April 19), Figleaves is offering free shipping on all orders. Enter code: SHIPPING at checkout. This promotion lasts through April 23.

Figleaves is one of my favorite places to shop for bras online. They carry lots of brands you can’t find in stores, and the sizes start at 28AA. Check out the Double Boost gel bra by After Eden — available sizes include 30 – 36 AA, A and B. This is a very pretty, well-made push-up bra with smooth cups. I love the fact that it looks natural and doesn’t show through my clothes, even while providing a substantial boost in size (in the 32A, I look like a full 32B).

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Feb 142012

Love... petite-style!

I heart you.

Valentine’s Day is almost as big a deal as Christmas when you sell (or market, or write about) bras and lingerie. I feel like it has been February 14, 2012 for the past two months. To be perfectly honest, I’m sick to death of it.

But please don’t think this means I don’t love you guys. Hence the impossibly cute picture of little animals cuddling. If this photo doesn’t make you feel all warm inside, you probably have no soul. (But please don’t think this means I… right. Let’s move on, shall we?)

Whether you celebrate the Hallmark holiday or not, have fun. Don’t forget to get yourself a present! Then, come see us over at 32aa Bra’s Facebook page and tell us what you got.

Can’t think of anything you want? Lame. (No, not really. I’m just jealous because I never have this problem.) Here’s an idea: Aerie bras are on sale for 40 percent off today. Take this opportunity to try the new Maddie, their latest push-up. You’ll find a quick review of the Aerie Maddie bra after the jump.

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Jan 162012

Felina Bra, Style 4975 I got the Felina Victoria balconette contour bra from my boyfriend for Christmas, and it’s a winner. Unfortunately, it also seems to have been discontinued… that figures. Why must this happen with so many of the bras I love? Can’t a curve-challenged chick get a break? The good news: I did find this bra still available and on sale in sizes 32A and 32B.

It’s a lovely, elegant demi-cup style with lightweight underwires that don’t come up too far at the sides — perfect if you’ve got a short torso and perky, high-set breasts. (Yes, that would be me). The balcony cut means the cups are set a bit farther apart than they are on other Felina bras, which I like; it makes for a much more comfortable fit.

Find out where to buy this style after the jump.
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Aug 142011

Front-snap breastfeeding bra, by Melinda G

Melinda G bra: cups run small.

Dawn of Mommy Gear has offered us an exclusive discount code in response to my post highlighting the need for more nursing bras that fit small breasts. Mommy Gear carries several nursing and maternity bras in petite and small-cup sizes, starting at 32A.

To save 10%, use discount coupon code 32aaBra at checkout. The coupon is good through September 30, 2011 on any nursing bra you order online at MommyGear, including bras on sale and clearance.

Below, you’ll find more information from Dawn about what her site has in stock for small-busted women who are pregnant or currently breastfeeding.

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Jun 212011

So… remember yesterday when I said these deals don’t happen every day? As fate would have it, the universe is messing with me again and I was apparently mistaken. Here are today’s members-only deals…

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Jun 202011
Libertine Bra In Black on sale for 54.99

This Libertine Bra, normally $75, is on sale for $54.99 at Beyond The Rack

I’m poor but I still love to shower my wife with lavish gifts, so I’m always on the lookout for a great deal. I’d like to do a regular Deal of the Day type thing, but these deals don’t happen every day. Instead, I’ll post them as soon as I see them and hopefully you can take advantage. Also, I’ll try to focus on good stuff – not “Buy one get one free Hanes bra at Kmart!” You can find that stuff on your own. Rather, I’ll put up the stuff you might miss.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned a deal on Between the Sheets at Zulily. That deal is unfortunately gone, but Zulily has come through again with up to 60% off Sophie B and while they don’t go smaller than a full A-cup bra, they do have some nice cute-sexy chemises and undies.

The other tiny deal today is at Beyond the Rack with bras and panties sets by Chantelle and Passionata. Bra sizes range from 32AA to 36H and undies stretch from XS to 5XL! The discount range varies from product to product but panties are less than $35 (normally $50) and the most expensive bra is $65 (usually $90). I’m kind of partial to the stripey bra to the left, but that’s just me.

Admin edit: Here's my favorite. --Amanda

Again, please note that both of these sites are members-only, but registration is free and no real personal information is collected until checkout. Also, these sales are VERY limited time only or until stock runs out.

Jun 052011

After reading through a few older articles here a while back, I discovered that members-only sites like Ideeli are great resources for saving money on high-end stuff. I immediately sought out and signed up for as many of these sites as I could. (I even found some clothes for myself.) So when I wrote that I was looking for summer birthday gift ideas, Amanda suggested Between the Sheets. Lo and behold, in today’s email, Zulilly, which typically features 90% baby/kids stuff has Between the Sheets lingerie on sale in their Womens section. If you’re not familiar with Between the Sheets, check out Amanda’s article here.

It is worth noting: Registration is required to take advantage of these sites, but registration is free and they don’t ask for any credit card info until you actually buy something.

May 122011

Natori Feathers Bra

10% off petite bras at Avec L'amour with coupon.

Our latest exclusive small bra savings offer is a discount code for 10% off online at Avec L’amour. This is a beautifully designed, stylish boutique with a great selection of bras in small cup sizes.

Use coupon code Lamour32AA at checkout.

I exchanged several emails with Avec L’amour owner Lisa Rozycki. She’s extremely articulate, enthusiastic, and skilled at communicating with customers. But what really makes Lisa stand out is her extensive knowledge of bra fitting, styles and brands.

Based on my underbust and fullest bust measurements, Lisa estimated my bra size at 32A (right on!) and recommended several of her favorites. One was the Natori Feathers bra (photo above), which I’d already had my eye on and wondered about.

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Feb 262011

Sugarchilli is an Australian site specializing in petite push-up bras and padded bikini tops. These secret discount codes are for the first 50 customers only, so you better be quick… go get yourself some cleavage, already!

If you can’t quite bring yourself to buy a bathing suit while it’s still winter, they’ve also got some bras on sale right now.

The itsy bitsy bras, bikinis and tankinis start at 8AA (30AA in US sizing). I’ll add to this post later today with more information about the products.

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Jan 232011

Petite / teen girls pink balconet bra, by Gilly Hicks. Update, 01/28/2011

I still need reviewers for the following GH bras: Caitlyn, 34AA (pushup plunge) and Maren, 34AA (balconette – shown in photo). All bras in size 32AA are covered. See the end of this post for available colors.

Readers of 32aabra have brought my attention to Gilly Hicks, a brand that carries AA-cup bras. So far I have only seen these in band sizes 32 and 34… but if you wear a 36AA, it’s worth trying the 34AA with a band extender.

Want to write a review of a Gilly Hicks bra for this blog? If you wear a 32AA or 34AA and are a fan of the Aerie collection, the fit of GH is similar. Check them out at gillyhicks.com.

Here’s the deal…

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