Oct 092013

This past holiday season, American Eagle Outfitters Inc.’s Marketing Coordinator for Social Media contacted me after finding my 32aabra review of Aerie sports bras. She told me that they are fans of 32aabra at the American Eagle headquarters, and graciously sent me merchandise from Aerie’s limited edition holiday line to review. Incidentally, I have not been able to complete the review until now due to personal reasons. I am nevertheless honored to publish my review of the beautiful merchandise that I received from my Aerie (Faerie) Godmother.

I received four bra and panty sets, as well as additional panties that I will also review. The particular bra styles that I received are Emma and Maddie, both classified as “Woah” according to the Aerie push-up scale. I received two Emmas and two Maddies, but as all of the bras look very different from one another in spite of sharing the same fit prototypes, I have given them additional titles for clarity. I received all bras in size 32AA, and all underwear in size XS. (For reference, my go-to bra is the Little Bra Company’s Angela in size 30A.)

As you will see, I fully unleashed my creative juices in this review, which I prelude with a Spenserian sonnet (rhyme scheme abab bcbc cdcd ee, iambic pentameter). I really had fun writing this sonnet, and if you’re a literary nerd like me, feel free to dissect my verse form (I went a little rogue with the iambic pentameter in some lines).

And for those of you who just want to get on to the review already—I’m warning you, it is rather long by virtue of my having so much cool merchandise to review, so if you’re a tl;dr sort of reader, you can also scroll down to read the recap at the end of the review.

Without further ado, I introduce you to my sonnet about Aerie Godmother and the Aerie Faeries. Aerie Godmother, seeing that I have not bought myself anything pretty in a very long time, compassionately commissioned the Aerie Faeries to create these brilliant limited edition bra and panty sets and to deliver them to little me.

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Apr 142012
Aerie Mia lace trim braThe lovely Mallory K. is with us once again to review the latest bra from American Eagle Aerie: the Mia, a convertible push-up style. Those of you who have been looking for a strapless bra with some padding should certainly give Mia a try. If you wear a size AA, you may need to order it from the company website, as many Aerie stores don’t carry anything under an A cup. Fortunately, the Mia is currently 40% off with free shipping! Have fun. And now, over to Mallory.

I am very excited to tell you a bit about Aerie’s new bra from firsthand experience.

The Mia is a multi-way push-up bra that mixes all the best elements of the Emma and Abigail. Mia features convertible straps that can go 8 different ways: classic, strapless, racer back, halter, v-front halter, v-front classic, 1 cross-strap, and 1 shoulder. Like the Emma, Mia also has removable air pads which give you a “Whoa” level of push (the second-heaviest level of padding that Aerie offers).

My previous favorite bra at Aerie – and the only one I used to be able to wear – was the Abigail. Then we launched the Mia a couple weeks ago. I didn’t think I was going to like it because of the air pads. But I tried it on so I would be able to give customers a good idea of how it fits. This bra fits snug. When I tried on the 32AA (the sister size to my ideal 30A), I actually got that dreaded double-bubble I constantly warn customers about! I don’t think I can accurately convey the ecstasy I felt. I haven’t spilled out of a cup my entire life!

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Dec 132011

TLBC Mercedes bra, pinkWendy and I each tried on a different size in The Little Bra Company’s Mercedes bra, so we decided to review it together.

Wendy: I really love the overall style and color of the bra, even before I put it on. I got size 30B in the gorgeous dusty pink. It’s a great color! But I’m partial to pink.

Amanda: I got a 32A in the slate gray, and it’s really beautiful. And I feel the same way about the style… elegant, well-made, high-quality fabrics.

Wendy: How did you do size-wise?

Amanda: It seems to run smaller in the cup than I expected. The fit in the band is great. In the cups, it almost works but I notice a slight quad-boob thing going on. Also, I am spilling out the sides a little. Not sure if I’ll find the B cup too large, though. I may be between cup sizes in this brand.

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Oct 202011

Citing major interest and ‘fantastic success’ at the CurveNY and CurveNV trade shows, UK intimate apparel maker Royce Lingerie is exploring the American market. If things pan out and their American presence reflects that of their British market, this will be great news for the stateside petite population. Continue reading »

Sep 102011

The Zee Bra! by Lynn Saussy - Nude

The new Zee Bra in nude.

Lynn Saussy, the fabulous designer behind the Zee Bra, recently contacted me with great news: her incredibly comfortable and flattering wire-free bra has been updated!

It now comes in nude as well as black and white, and Lynn has made several key improvements to the design. Specifically, she and her team have changed the following details:

  1. Lengthened the straps by two inches, and changed the adjusters so they lay flatter against the back.
  2. Made the pockets inside the cups wider so it’s easier to insert your own breast forms/pads if you want.
  3. Doubled up the front panel in the white and nude Zee Bras! so you can’t see the pads through it.
  4. Changed the design of the outside pad — it now has tapered edges.
  5. Moved the tag inside the pocket.

Check out my review of the new Zee Bra after the jump.

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Aug 242010

Panache Atlantis T-Shirt Gel Bra 5946The latest trend in petite lingerie: bras that make you look two sizes larger. Victoria’s Secret went so far as to advertise their Miraculous mega-padded monster on TV with the “Hello, Bombshell” campaign, which is enough to make even the most confident small-busted woman feel inadequate.

And UK brand Panache now offers the 5946 Atlantis Solutions Ultimate Gel bra, which also claims to boost the bust by two cups. The original Panache Atlantis liquid-filled 1044 t-shirt style makes size AA breasts look at least one cup size larger — but apparently that’s just not enough anymore.

Am I tempted by these magical feats of bust-enhancing fakery? Sure. It’s fun to experiment with different looks from time to time. There’s still a part of me that longs for a voluptuous, dramatic hourglass figure like Marilyn Monroe’s (although, unlike most current designer lingerie models, she also had hips and thighs).

But my radical feminist side is telling me to beware: the heavier the padding in my bras, the more I will have to struggle to love my body.

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Aug 132010

I’m pleased to report that two of my favorite brands that make bras in size AA have been venturing into more sophisticated style territory lately. They now come in a greater variety of on-trend colors, prints and materials.

The Aerie Ella Gel, a comfy push-up bra in very soft microfiber, has been looking rather runway-inspired in her most recent incarnations. I love the black-and-white prints in particular.
Aerie Ella demi gel push-up bras
For those who prefer simple solids, Ella also comes in a collection of desaturated, understated colors that you don’t often see in bras made for teens.

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Mar 082010

Panache Acacia pink padded gel bra. The sexy pink Panache Atlantis Acacia gel padded bra is the very definition of romance. I’ve only been able to find it from one UK seller, and she sent me the wrong size — so I’ve only got the Acacia in a 34B. There is no way I could get this bra to fit my AA bust.

Lucky break for all of you B-cup babes who want to be a perfect size C: it’s on sale now. Go up a cup in one of the prettiest gel bras ever.

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Mar 022010

Push-Up Strapless Bra with Removable Pads

20% off with code: WOMEN25

Leonisa is the Victoria’s Secret of South America. Their juniors line for teen girls and young women features a handful of smaller-sized underwire padded bras, like this pink sweetie on my left.

She’s a versatile demi push-up in lightweight microfiber, with removable pads and convertible straps. I think she needs a name, otherwise this is going to get awkward. Ok… on 32aabra.com this is the Elena bra.

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