Sep 212012

Finding a sports bra that is flattering rather than flattening persists as a challenge for the petite and those endowed with a delicate décolletage.

Aerie Low Impact Padded Sports Bra


Some months ago I scoured stores for affordable, tiny sports bras (affordable and tiny? Sounds like an oxymoron). I navigated deep waters in Old Navy, Target, T.J. Maxx, and Marshalls, struggling to stay afloat in sports bras cut on a non-petite scale. A bralette/training bra contraption in the children’s section at Walmart hugged my tiny rib cage well; but after examining myself from all possible angles in the fitting room, I left feeling defeated.



During my exodus to the Walmart parking lot, I lamented that I would likely have to succumb to looking like a prepubescent eight year old in my adult ballet class. I experienced an epiphany, however, as the Florida sunshine infused my brain with rays of hope: “Aerie carries sports bras!”

While the smallest band size that Aerie offers in push-up styles is too large for me, I hoped XXS in sports bras might fit. I ordered three of Aerie’s Low Impact Sports Bras, which feature removable padding and adjustable straps.

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Feb 012012

Petite racerback bra by Lula Lu.

Wear the straps classic or cross-back.

When I first saw the convertible racerback by petite lingerie label Lula Lu, I had no idea what a miracle it would turn out to be. It’s a practical, no-frills bra that is designed for everyday wear, not as a beautiful boudoir piece.

The magic happened when I put it on, glanced at myself in the mirror and nearly gasped in surprise: it fit… perfectly. Like Cinderella’s glass slipper, but on my very own barely-there boobs. OMFG, hell YES (this is what Cinderella says in some version of the story, I’m sure).

I spent the next ten minutes posing in various model-like positions, feeling gorgeous and sexy. The whole time, no matter how I twisted and turned and stretched my arms in every possible direction, the bra did not shift or gap. It stayed right where it was supposed to be, like a loyal friend.

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Jan 162012

Felina Bra, Style 4975 I got the Felina Victoria balconette contour bra from my boyfriend for Christmas, and it’s a winner. Unfortunately, it also seems to have been discontinued… that figures. Why must this happen with so many of the bras I love? Can’t a curve-challenged chick get a break? The good news: I did find this bra still available and on sale in sizes 32A and 32B.

It’s a lovely, elegant demi-cup style with lightweight underwires that don’t come up too far at the sides — perfect if you’ve got a short torso and perky, high-set breasts. (Yes, that would be me). The balcony cut means the cups are set a bit farther apart than they are on other Felina bras, which I like; it makes for a much more comfortable fit.

Find out where to buy this style after the jump.
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Dec 162011

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to discover bralettes.  The bralette is the perfect in-between solution to a proper (e.g. underwire) bra and going without (which is never acceptable outside the house in my book.  But don’t get me started on that).  Or actually, I should say, the padded bralette is the solution. Because really, what’s the point of an unpadded bralette for the AA-contingent?  There are, of course, lined bralettes.  But since they offer nothing in support, they’re again sort of pointless for us small girls.

Anyway, getting off track…  Back on track now!  Enter: the Coobie Seamless Bralette.  The Coobie website describes their seamless bralette as “…simply the most amazing bra you’ll ever buy. Ultra comfortable, supportive, and inexpensive – it’s the perfect combination.”  From my experience, this is accurate.  The bra is ridiculously comfortable and its removable pads are substantial, so it rivals regular bras in support.  Also, it is “one size fits most” and that includes 34AA (it fits me perfectly).

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Oct 282011
Barely AA? IBB to the rescue!

Not Charis. :)

Editor’s note: Charis contacted me for advice on sizing. According to her measurements she needs a 34AA, but is on the smaller end of an AA cup; as a result, she’d had trouble finding bras in this size that did not gap. I suggested Itty Bitty Bra in a 34A, because this brand runs very shallow in the cup and relatively true to size in the band compared to more exclusively petite labels like The Little Bra Company. Here’s what Charis has to say about the Itty Bitty Signature Bra and its sister style, which features removable inserts for optional enhancement.

I could hug Jane Hodgdon. Hodgdon is the creator and lead designer of the Itty Bitty Bra – which has changed my life. That might sound hyperbolic, but it’s coming from roughly 15 years of frustrated bra shopping. Before I tried the IBB, I settled on ill-fitting bras (ranging from not quite fitting properly to really not fitting at all) as I didn’t think there was any alternative. And shopping for specialty bras (like strapless, etc.)? Forget about it. As I’m sure Hodgdon (and her IBB customers) will tell you, the market is not a kind place for us small girls. Even with my better-fitting bras (and I’ve tried on many), I’m tugging and adjusting throughout the day.

But no more! I feel like the Itty Bitty Bra was custom-made for me. It fits. The most amazing part is the cup fit: the cups lay flat against my chest (yay!). There is absolutely no gapping and no weird puckering (yay again!). The 2-hook back closure secures the fit, and the shoulder straps are sturdy, adjustable, and very comfortable.

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Oct 112011

I am so thankful for the Little Bra Company. Finally, there is a brand that actually fits my petite frame!

I wear the Ethel in size 28 A. The band (set of 3 double hook & eye closures) runs larger than the Angela, and the straps are longer (I wear size 30 A in the Angela).

I’m partial to the Ethel not only because it’s purple, has lace, and has a pearl in the middle. It’s also very comfortable and provides nice lift and shape.

The demi cups have convenient removable pads. I always wear it with the extra padding.

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Sep 102011

The Zee Bra! by Lynn Saussy - Nude

The new Zee Bra in nude.

Lynn Saussy, the fabulous designer behind the Zee Bra, recently contacted me with great news: her incredibly comfortable and flattering wire-free bra has been updated!

It now comes in nude as well as black and white, and Lynn has made several key improvements to the design. Specifically, she and her team have changed the following details:

  1. Lengthened the straps by two inches, and changed the adjusters so they lay flatter against the back.
  2. Made the pockets inside the cups wider so it’s easier to insert your own breast forms/pads if you want.
  3. Doubled up the front panel in the white and nude Zee Bras! so you can’t see the pads through it.
  4. Changed the design of the outside pad — it now has tapered edges.
  5. Moved the tag inside the pocket.

Check out my review of the new Zee Bra after the jump.

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Jun 182011

Wacoal Petite Bra 75823 Lace Back

The latest petite bra by Wacoal.

With the introduction of their new convertible lace T-back petite bra, Wacoal has won back my undying love. Not that they ever really lost it, but I was a bit put off when they discontinued my beloved 75317 petite padded t-back. Why am I so quick to forgive? Because this new t-back bra is very similar to my old favorite, only better!

As my regular readers know (thanks for listening to me complain about this yet again!), I’m terminally cursed with uneven shoulders due to scoliosis. The classic bra strap style causes me no end of problems: either the straps won’t stay up, or they are too tight and I can’t raise my arms without the band of the bra riding up.

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Mar 182011

Itty bitty sizes, huge style!

Itty Bitty Bra and The Little Bra Company have one thing in common: both are petite lingerie brands designed to fit small-boned, slender women with tiny breasts.

But that’s pretty much where the similarities end. While The Little Bra Company (TLBC) specializes in push-up styles and hard-to-find band sizes, Itty Bitty Bra (IBB) is all about celebrating the small-cup figure.

The IBB look is sleek, smooth and minimal. Padding is either very light (Itty Bitty Signature Bra), or optional (Removable Pad Bra).

In this review I’ll focus on one of IBB’s latest, as of spring 2011: the H-pattern bra with removable pads (above).

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Jun 072010

zee bra by Lynn SaussyHere it is, finally: my review of the Zee Bra, Lynn Saussy’s new product for small-busted women. Apologies to Lynn for the delay.

Review summary: highly recommended wire-free bra, especially for band sizes 34 and larger. If you are a petite AA, order one band size smaller than your usual.

I’ve rated the Zee Bra on a five-star scale in three key criteria: fit, comfort, and style. Read my full written review after the jump.

  • Fit:
    Rating = 3 out of 5 stars.
  • Comfort:
    Rating = 5 out of 5 stars.
  • Style:
    Rating = 4 out of 5 stars

I received this exciting new small-cup bra in a 32AA/A (all Zee Bras are designed to fit size AA through A cups). It pulls on over the head like a bralette… but that’s pretty much where the similarities end.

Unlike most bralettes, this product has removable pads, adjustable straps and a wide band (it comes down about an inch below the sternum on me). Above the band and just below the bustline, there is a seam that adds a bit of structure and helps keep the pads in place inside the bra cups.

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