Apr 112011

Not me.

What is a man doing writing for a lingerie blog? The simple answer is that I am a fan of the product. I love almost every facet of the stuff. I love the way it looks on a woman as well as the way it can make a woman look. Furthermore, I like the way it feels on a woman and I like the way it can make a woman feel. I’d rather see a woman in a more conservatively cut silky bra and cute boy-shorts than in the skimpiest swimsuit. I’m not sure exactly why, but seeing a woman’s intimate apparel or unmentionables gives me such a thrill.

So why is a man writing for this lingerie blog? Having fallen in love with a petite woman more than ten years ago has given me a new appreciation for lingerie that fits and flatters. When we first starting dating (at ages 17 and 19 respectively), I did not understand that what looked good on Rebecca Romijn in a catalog might not look the same on my girlfriend. Many, many, many lingerie-buying mishaps later, I now understand that my wife will likely never be on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, but that does not mean she can’t be sexy.

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